Using Adaptil Spray for Dogs

Adaptil Spray

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Adaptil is the brand name for the leading canine pheromone product on the market. Formerly called DAP for "dog appeasing pheromone," Adaptil is a non-toxic synthetic dog pheromone designed to send calming messages to dogs. It is available as a travel spray, a collar, and a plug-in diffuser. Adaptil is recommended to calm anxious and fearful dogs and to boost confidence.

What Does Adaptil Spray Do? 

Dogs release chemicals called pheromones to send messages to other dogs. In some cases, these messages are intended to have a calming, comforting effect on dogs or puppies. For example, a mother dog releases comforting pheromones to communicate with her puppies. The synthetic pheromones in Adaptil mimic these natural pheromones, sending a calming message to dogs.

For many dogs, the calming effect present at birth and early puppyhood remains through life, creating a sense of calm and confidence in stressful or fearful situations. A dog under stress may experience calming effects and a boost in confidence after detecting the scent of calming pheromones.

How Adaptil Spray Can Help Dogs

When dogs are under stress, they have trouble learning new things and adjusting to changes in their environments. Anxiety can lead to a variety of behavioral problems and even some health issues. If your dog has issues with fear or anxiety, it's best to first consult your vet for advice. Adaptil may not be enough; some dogs will need medications to cope with fear and anxiety.

There are several situations in which Adaptil can help calm dogs and boost their confidence.

How to Use Adaptil Spray

You can use Adaptil spray on most porous materials, but you may want to test a small area if you are concerned about the fabric.

Adaptil Travel spray comes in a small pump bottle. Each pump releases a fine mist of liquid. Only a few pumps of spray are needed; items do not need to be soaked.

After applying Adaptil, the spray should be dry before your dog comes into contact with it. Wait for about ten minutes before letting your dog come in contact with the area you have sprayed.

Spray a mist of Adaptil on your dog's bed, crate bedding, car upholstery, and other materials your dog comes into contact with. You can spray a bandanna and tie it around your dog's neck for ongoing effects as your dog moves around. You can also spray it on your clothes if you will be handling an anxious dog.

Do not spray Adaptil directly on dogs, humans, or other animals. Although the product is non-toxic, it is ineffective when used directly on living things. Plus, being sprayed directly can be annoying to the animal, contradicting the potential benefits of the pheromones.

Adaptil spray is generally effective for about four to five hours. Areas can be re-sprayed at this time. For longer-lasting effects, consider using the Adaptil collar or diffuser. All Adaptil products can be used together.

Side Effects of Adaptil Spray Use

There are no known side effects of Adaptil use. The liquid is odorless and non-toxic. It is not detectable by any species other than dogs, though other mammals have their own species-specific version of this type of pheromone.

Adaptil does not react with medications and supplements, so it makes a great additional tool for dogs on calming supplements or anti-anxiety medications. Just be sure to always follow your vet's advice when it comes to your dog's wellness.

Considerations Before Using Adaptil Spray for Dogs

Adaptil is not right for all situations. It will not help animals with problems related to hyperactivity or boredom. It is not recommended for use in cases of aggression towards humans, dogs, and other animals. It's best to consult with your vet in cases of aggression; a behaviorist or trainer may also be able to help.

Adaptil will not help with behavioral issues that are directly related to health problems. If your dog develops a new behavioral issue, the first step is to visit the vet to rule out health problems.

As with any product you use on your dogs, ask your veterinarian for advice about the best ways to use Adaptil.

  • Works quickly to calm dogs

  • Non-toxic; may be used with other therapies

  • Does not stain or affect clothing or material

  • Expensive

  • Caution needed for glass container