Adrienne Kruzer, BS, RVT, LVT

Adrienne Kruzer, RVT, LVT

Adrienne Kruzer is a Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT), Licensed Veterinary Technician (LVT), and Level 2 Fear Free Certified professional who has worked with opossums, skunks, ferrets, hedgehogs, chinchillas, pot-bellied pigs, and more for over a decade.

She currently lives with a pomeranian (Abby), a rescued leopard gecko (Cosmina), and a rescued Bengal cat (Calypso), along with her husband, in South Carolina.


  • Credentialed Veterinary Technician since 2007
  • 15+ years experience working professionally with pets
  • Contributed pet health content to The Spruce and other sources for 10+ years 
  • Fear Free Level 2 Certified professional
  • R.A.C.E. approved presenter
  • Published articles in the NAVTA Journal and Finnish Herpetological Society Journal
  • South Carolina Association of Veterinary Technicians District Representative


Adrienne has worked at several multi-doctor, AAHA-accredited, modern animal hospitals over the course of 15+ years fulfilling many roles, including management, trainer, head tech, and more. She has also worked with a veterinary pharmaceutical company, educating animal clinics on how to use anesthetic drugs safely. She currently works for a veterinary nutritional supplement company, training staff, consumers, and veterinary professionals around the country on pet nutrition.

Adrienne lectures on various pet topics, especially nutrition and exotic pet care, and has presented around the country. She is even a R.A.C.E.-approved presenter for veterinary technicians and veterinarians so she is able to offer continuing education credits at her presentations to these veterinary professionals.


Adrienne is licensed as a Registered Veterinary Technician in the state of Ohio, North Carolina, and South Carolina in 2019, and completes several hours of continuing education courses each year to stay up-to-date on medical advancements. In 2016, she became a Fear Free Certified professional, and in 2017, she became a Level 2 Fear Free Certified professional. In 2021, she earned her Bachelors of Science in Business Administration.

Awards and Publications

  • Contributed tips and photos to the Veterinary Technician magazine
  • Authored an article titled "Psittacine Self-Mutilation" that was published in the 2009 winter issue of the NAVTA Journal
  • Authored an article titled "Reptiles in the Veterinary Office" that was published in the January 2013 Finnish Herpetological Society's journal
  • Authored an article titled "Supplementing Your Pet with Supplements" that was published in the August 2019 NAVTA Journal
  • Authored an article titled "Exocrine Pancreatic Tissue Atrophy and Nodular Hyperplasia in a Striped Skunk (Mephitis mephitis)" that was published in the April 2015 NAVTA Journal
  • Selected as a case report finalist with NAVTA in 2015
Expertise: Domestic and exotic animal care
Education: Baker College, Cuyahoga Community College
Location: Fort Mill, South Carolina
Title: Senior Veterinary Product Technical Specialist

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