The Advantages of Buying From a Dog Breeder

Puppies in wooden basket
Hillary Kladke / Getty Images

Buying a puppy, or even an older dog from a breeder does not make you evil and against rescue. It makes you an individual, and even though rescuing a dog is seen as the true dog lover's way of acquisition, the fact remains that buying from a responsible breeder is a personal choice and not a reflection on a dog owner's morals. responsible dog breeders do not cause pet overpopulation. Irresponsible dog owners do, whether they breed their dogs deliberately, or don't bother to neuter their dogs in the first place.

Researching and selecting a dog breeder after deciding on a purebred dog is a lot of work, but generally, pays off in the end. While no future is written in stone, a good breeder has done the work to ensure that his puppies are as free from disease and undesirable temperament traits as possible. Interacting with a breeder's dogs can give a fairly clear picture of how your dog will turn out in the future (providing you put in the effort to train him).


  • Your purebred puppy, whether a pet or a show prospect, should include these things:
  • A pedigree of three generations or more
  • Titled Champions within the first two generations listed (parents or grandparents)
  • OFA certified hips and elbows (a score of "Good" or "Excellent" on both parents)
  • Eyes have been CERFed and free of genetic abnormalities
  • A guarantee that your dog is free from inheritable diseases and conditions, with replacement (not exchange) or refund terms, should something happen
  • Right of first refusal should you need to relinquish the dog for any reason
  • Care and grooming information
  • A good, even temperament, usually well-matched to the family/home he is being placed into (keeping in mind that individual dogs may vary, and personality can be hard to determine at a young age)
  • A healthy, well-socialized puppy who should adjust easily
  • A mentor if you are planning to show, work, or breed your new dog.

Selecting from working lines, or show lines, your new puppy will be well-equipped for whatever you require of it in a professional environment.