Dr. Alison Gardner, DVM, MS, DACVS-LA, DACVECC-LA

Dr Alison Gardner

Dr. Alison Gardner is a veterinarian specialist in equine surgery and critical care, as well as a life-long horse owner. She currently works as an emergency surgeon for horses and an associate professor for veterinary students. She is passionate about educating students and owners about the best care and medical practices for horses.


  • Over 10 years of experience as a clinician in an equine hospital and as a veterinary educator
  • Author or co-author to over 10 scientific journal articles and six book chapters
  • Contributor to horse health podcasts, webinars, and magazines such as "The Horse" and "Equimanagement"


Dr. Alison Gardner is a Colorado native and current Ohio resident who never grew out of wanting to be a pony doctor. While she is passionate about providing the best care to her hospitalized patients, Dr. Gardner is also an award-winning teacher of veterinary medicine with an emphasis on life-long learning. She has authored or co-authored articles that have appeared in Veterinary Surgery, Equine Veterinary Education, and The Veterinary Journal.


  • Colorado State University Bachelors of Science, Biology 2006
  • Colorado State University Masters of Science, Biomedical Sciences 2007
  • Colorado State University Doctor of Veterinary Medicine 2011
  • The Ohio State University Masters of Science, Veterinary Medicine 2015
  • American College of Veterinary Surgeons-Large Animal 2016
  • American College of Emergency and Critical Care-Large Animal 2017
Expertise: Equine Care, Equine Veterinary Medicine
Education: Colorado State University, The Ohio State University
Location: Columbus, OH
Title: Equine Surgeon and Criticalist

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