Alyson Kalhagen

Alyson Kalhagen is a freelance writer and has worked professionally with birds for over 10 years, as a veterinary technician and a pet store manager.

  • 10+ years professional experience with birds
  • 8+ years experience writing bird content for The Spruce Pets
  • 3+ years experience working as a veterinary technician


Alyson Kalhagen is a former writer for The Spruce, contributing articles for over eight years. She has worked with birds professionally for over 10 years, with over three years working as a veterinary technician. She also managed a chain of successful pet stores and served as a pet counselor, focusing on avian behavior and socialization. She owns several birds and has been featured in Bird Talk magazine.

Expertise: Veterinary technician, vet counseling, avian behavior
Title: Freelance writer

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