Alyson Kalhagen

Alyson Kalhagen acquired her first bird, a Budgie named Rambo, when she was 7 and has been infatuated with all things avian ever since. She has worked with birds professionally for nearly 10 years.


No stranger to the animal business, Alyson spent three years working as a veterinary technician. She also managed a chain of successful pet stores and served as a pet counselor, focusing on avian behavior and socialization. She has been featured in Bird Talk magazine and is currently owned by Loco, an 8-year-old Sun Conure; Oliver, a 4-year-old Indian Ringneck Parakeet; and Skipper, a 4-year-old Yellow Collared Macaw.

Alyson Kalhagen

Birds represent many things to us: peace, wisdom, freedom. In fact, I think it's a bird's freedom and independence that intrigues us as humans. That something powerful enough to fly above the highest mountaintops accepts us people as family members is exciting indeed. I look forward to offering information, tips, and ideas to help people make the most out of the relationship they have with their feathered friends.

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