Amy Bender

Amy Bender learned to whistle for her dog, Brandy, long before she learned to talk. This was just the beginning of her lifelong love of dogs. She has now spent over a decade working with dogs professionally.


While in college, Amy took a job as a receptionist at a no-kill animal shelter. Her duties included walking several of the shelter dogs each day. She was hooked. Over the next few years, she learned as much as she could about all aspects of dog care, and found she had a real passion for dog training. Amy's job grew to include doing behavioral assessments of the shelter dogs, educating the public about dog behavior, conducting dog obedience classes, and implementing pet therapy and humane education programs. Amy was also the owner of her own dog training business.

Amy is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. She has also written a number of articles about dogs for both print and the web.

Amy counts as part of her family two rescue dogs: Maggie, an Australian Shepherd/Coonhound mix, and Toby, a true mutt.

Amy Bender

Having a dog is a lot like having a foreign exchange student living in your home. The language barrier and cultural differences may make things bumpy at first, but the more you learn to speak the other's language, the better it gets. I find the more time I spend training my dogs, the better we communicate, and the deeper the bond between us grows. I'm looking forward to providing information and ideas that will help open up the lines of communication between people and their dogs, so the dogs can become happy and healthy family members.

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