Aquarium Mini Heaters

Small tanks or fish bowls can be a real challenge to heat properly.  Fortunately, there are small heaters are available in a variety of types.  Check out these ​heaters specifically designed for mini aquariums or bowls.

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    Hydor Mini Heater

    Hydor Mini Heater
    Hydor Mini Heater. PriceGrabber

    Available in 7.5 and 15-watt sizes, this flat, fully submersible heater is a great choice for a small tank. It fits flat against the side of the tank, or better yet, under the gravel bed. The price is also fairly low and the smaller version is perfect for a Betta tank or bowl.

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    Zoo Med Betta Therm

    Zoo Med Betta Therm
    Zoo Med Betta Therm. PriceGrabber

    Zoo Med specializes in reptile needs, which require a variety of heater products. They bring that expertise to the Betta Therm, which is a flat round heater, designed specifically for the bottom of a Betta Bowl

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    Marineland Mini Heater

    Marineland Mini Heater
    Marineland Mini Heater. PriceGrabber

    Marineland makes solid products, and this one is no exception.  It is a mere 5 inches long, shatterproof, preset to 78 degrees, and has an automatic safety shut-off if not submerged in water.  Costs a bit more than the flat heaters, but it's a quality product.

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    Deep Blue Bettastik Heater

    Bettastik. PriceGrabber

    A relative newcomer, this pre-set heater has been well received by owners. At a mere 7.5 watts, it doesn't put out a lot of heat, but for most Betta bowls, it's perfect. The price won't destroy your bank account, either.

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    Cobalt Mini Heater

    Cobalt Mini-Therm Heater
    Cobalt Mini-Therm Heater. PriceGrabber

    Available in 5, 10 and 20 watt versions, the Cobalt is fully submersible and shatterproof. Like other mini heaters, there are no adjustments. A bit more expensive than some models, but it also is more durable.

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