Spring Is Finally Here—Celebrate With a New Walk Kit from Archie & Alfred

You and your pup made it through winter!

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Spring Is Finally Here—Celebrate With a New Walk Kit from Archie & Alfred

The Spruce Pets / Alli Waataja

Today is March 20 and Spring is—officially—back, so it's finally time to venture outside again with your dog. You'll want to look smart doing it, and what better way than with a matching walk kit?

The Complete Everyday Dog Walking Kit from archie & alfred is now available for $89, and you get it all: harness, collar, poop-bag dispenser, and leash, all in pale-green matcha coloring. The only thing you'll need for your upcoming walk is your phone and maybe a few treats.

The kit is even on sale right now, down from the usual $110. You can also earn an extra $10 off if it's your first purchase as well as free shipping because it's a product over $45.

It's time to get out there and finally enjoy the warmer temperatures.

Complete Everyday Dog Walking Kit

Complete Everyday Dog Walking Kit

Archie and Alfred

"Complete" in this case really means it. Not all walk kits include a collar, which your dog still needs for his ID tags even if he is wearing a harness. Archie & alfred's wide neoprene collar is reinforced with nylon, so it should last you well through spring.

Then we have the harness, also, of course, in matcha. It's made from a similar material as the collar with three leash attachment points. There's even a large nylon strap on the back of the harness in case you need to hold onto your dog closely. Finally, there's the pièce de résistance: a pouch that attaches to the front of the harness—your dog's chest—that can hold treats.

(If your pup doesn't like the pouch—or is driven nuts by smelling treats right under his nose while being unable to access them—you can remove it.)

The leash is also made from nylon and coated in neoprene, and it comes with a poop-bag holder that snaps onto the leash for easy access when your dog has to do his business.

Be sure to check your dog's sizing before purchasing. The harnesses and collars come in small, medium, and large.

With your new walk kit on the way, it's nearly time to start getting those steps in. You're on your way to a happy Spring.