12 Baby Animals Who Are Excited for Winter

red panda in the snow

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Sure, winter has its downsides, like shorter days, chillier temperatures and, depending on where you live, shoveling snow. But this snowy season has its perks, too! From snow days that cancel work and school, to cozying up with a good movie and hot cocoa on the couch, to getting back into your favorite winter sports, there's a lot to love about winter. 

Celebrate the season with these 12 baby animals who love winter just as much–and maybe even a little bit more!–than we do. 

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    Baby Animals Love Catching Snowflakes

    baby elephant with snow on his trunk

    Emergency Elephants / Twitter

    Seeing the first snowflakes of the season (and attempting to catch a few on your tongue) literally never gets old. Not only do they signal the start of the season, but they bring with them the potential for snow days curled up on the couch or playing outside, too. 

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    Baby Animals Love Snow Day Speculating

    baby penguins
    Avalon Public Library

    Remember the thrill of speculating whether or not school would be canceled for a snow day? No matter your age or method of contacting all your friends to deliberate (AOL Instant Messenger, anyone?), the excitement of a potential snow day was never lost on anyone. Especially not on these baby penguins.  

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    Baby Animals Love Snow Day Activities

    piglets in winter

    And of course, if you did have a snow day, you made plans to meet your crew at the top of the tallest hill in the neighborhood, first thing in the morning. With sleds, saucers, toboggans and even baking sheets (which actually make excellent makeshift sleds!). 

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    Baby Animals Love Winter Sports

    dog snowboarding
    Snow Bunny Magazine

    No more jogging or biking in hot weather or swimming laps in the pool. Winter sports are back. Whether you prefer to snowshoe, cross-country ski or shred sick powder like this radical snowboarding pup, there's nothing better than doing your workout against a beautiful, snowy backdrop. 

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    Baby Animals Love Just Playing in the Snow

    baby seal sleeping in snow

    If you're like us and aren't coordinated enough to go skiing or snowboarding, just getting dressed in cold weather gear (there are so many layers, it takes an eternity) and playing in the snow is probably enough to get your heart pumping. 

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    Baby Animals Love Just Admiring the Snow, Too

    monkey swinging in winter

    Not into hitting the slopes or just getting cold and wet? Take a cue from this baby monkey: Sitting on your kids' swing set and admiring the freshly fallen snow can be fun (and relaxing), too. Especially if you bring a hot cocoa or hot toddy with you. 

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    Baby Animals Love Wintery Recipes

    baby polar bear licking snow off his face
    PC Wall Art

    Extra cheesy grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup, hearty chili and warm chocolate chip cookies all make for the best cold weather eating. And so does fresh snow, according to this baby polar bear. 

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    Baby Animals Love Warming Up by the Fire

    cat sleeping by fireplace

    There's nothing like warming up and relaxing next to a nice fire – or maxed out radiator, if you're a renter – after a long day of romping in the snow, shoveling the driveway or spending time with family at a holiday party.  

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    Baby Animals Love Their Sweaters

    goat wearing sweater

    Everything Goats / Twitter

    The best part of winter? Retiring your warm-weather wardrobe and bringing back your favorite boots, sweaters, and coats. Not only does a winter wardrobe keep you warm and cozy, but it'll conceal any pounds you packed on eating holiday cookies, too. That's a win-win.

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    Baby Animals Love Their Beanies

    bunny wearing bunny ears

    @koume_tan / Instagram

    Lousy weather? Put a beanie on. Bad hare day? Cover it up with your favorite beanie. Feeling a little extra hip today? Beanies are  the headwear for all cool kids. Want some extra street cred? Try to DIY your own beanie on your next snow day. 

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    Baby Animals Just Love All Winter Fashion

    shiba inu dog wearing scarf in snow

    If donning your favorite scarf and taking a few dramatic selfies against a snow-covered tree doesn't make you feel like a Norwegian model that just got off the slopes like this Shiba Inu, we don't know what will. 

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    Baby Animals Love the Holidays

    hamsters wearing winter hats
    Wallpaper Up

    'Tis the reason for the season! Although the holidays require lots of time spent with extended family members, there's some good stuff, too. Specifically, holiday cookies and cocktails, festive parties, twinkly lights, holiday movie marathons, and that warm and cozy feeling you get during the holiday season.