Barbara Nefer

Barb Nefer
Barb Nefer and her cat, Stitch. Barb Nefer

Barb Nefer is a freelance writer specializing in pet-related topics. She currently owns four cats, a dog, a Quaker parrot, two guinea pigs, two bettas, and an Appaloosa horse and has owned various species throughout her life. Email her at hypeorlandoblogger (at)


Barb is a lifelong animal lover and pet owner. She has owned cats, dogs, horses, birds, freshwater fish, hamsters, and guinea pigs and has trained horses, competed in horse shows, and instructed students in English and Western riding. Barb has also volunteered at animal shelters, helping cats, dogs, and pocket pets find forever families, and participated in large animal rescue.

Barb has:

  • Written professionally about companion animals since the 1980s, with articles appearing in Horse Illustrated, Horse & Rider, Equus, Bird Talk, I Love Cats, Grit, Miniature Donkey Talk, Animal Wellness, and Feline Wellness magazines. Her articles cover everything from animal behavior to rescue groups to pet care and product reviews.
  • Coordinated holiday pet food drives with animal shelters, pet supply stores, and veterinarians' offices to collect food, toys, and treats for needy dogs and cats. She works on behalf of animal rights and is an outspoken spay/neuter advocate.

Barbara Nefer

I currently share our lives with four cats, two guinea pigs, an Appaloosa gelding, and a Quaker Parrot. My animals are family members, and I take care to select the best products for them (and, of course, to spoil them). Once I even traveled to five different pet stores in one day to find my cats' favorite scratching post style!

I love browsing in pet stores and tack shops, shopping for animal-related items online, and attending pet shows and conventions whenever they come to town. I can talk about animals for hours and can't imagine ever being without a menagerie of spoiled pets. I enjoy passing along my knowledge and experience to help other animal guardians make informed choices when buying everything from necessities like food to fun things like toys and treats. If you'd like to get in touch with me, my email is hypeorlandoblogger (at)

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