Best Cat Food Delivery Services

Cat Person is the best choice for cat food delivery

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Best Cat Food Delivery Services

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Meal delivery services and subscription boxes have changed the game for home cooks everywhere, so why shouldn’t the same go for the food we feed our pets?

Cat food delivery services are not only a convenient way to skip an extra trip to the supermarket, but they’re also perfect for pet owners seeking higher-quality formulations, fresh or raw foods, and other options that provide all the nutritional value of a home-cooked meal (without any of the prep work). Whether you’re looking for a better wet food or kibble that’s a cut above, we’ve rounded up the best cat food delivery services that’ll make you and your furry friend happy.

Best Cat Food Delivery Services of 2022

Best Overall: Cat Person

Cat Person

Cat Person

Why We Chose It: Cat Person has wet food, dry food and treats (along with monthly meal plans), but balances its wide variety of options with a consistent commitment to filler-free, high-protein recipes.

  • Offers both wet and dry foods

  • Ability to create custom meal plans

  • Each recipe contains only 1-2 animal proteins

  • Only grain-free recipes

  • Can't filter by dietary need

Cat Person is a relatively new player in the pet food delivery world, but it's doing a lot of things right. The company is dedicated to providing low-carb foods with at least 50 percent more quality animal protein than you’ll typically find. Whether you’re buying one of its wet or dry foods (there are multiple recipes for each), that’s a good thing for your cat’s overall digestion. Each formulation contains no more than two animal protein sources, and it’s easy to track down complete nutrition information on the brand’s website.

While Cat Person only offers grain-free foods, we love the consistently high quality across its dry, pâté, and shredded options, as well as the ability to build customized monthly meal plans tailored to your cat’s needs. Pâté foods are $7.25 for a pack of five, 2.75-ounce cups, while dry foods cost $11 for a 2-pound bag. Meal plan costs vary (you’ll save 10 percent on each order), but begin with a $20 starter box to help you transition your cat to their new food. Orders of $40 or more also ship free.

Best Value: JustFood



Why We Chose It: While JustFood is primarily a dog food provider, it also features a great wet food for cats that’s more affordable than many other delivery-based options.

  • High in protein and free of preservatives

  • Affordable price point compared to other brands

  • Formulation helps keep cats hydrated

  • Only one cat food

JustFood is better known as a dog food delivery service, but it’s branching out into the cat world with its fresh fish and chicken recipe for felines. This wet food is gluten-free, grain-free, and doesn’t include any preservatives. It also has moisture-retaining yucca root in its formulation to help keep your cat hydrated throughout the day and is lightly cooked to preserve the nutritional value of its ingredients. The food is also is 100 percent human-grade.

At $13.95 for an 18-ounce package, JustFood for cats is more affordable than many of the delivery cat foods out there. The main drawback is the lack of variety (the fish and chicken recipe is the only option), although the brand also offers a salmon bark snack that’s healthier than your average cat treat.

Best for Fresh Food: Smalls



Why We Chose It: Smalls offers human-grade fresh food (as well as raw options) in three proteins and two textures, with high-protein formulations that are free of preservatives, fillers, and other questionable ingredients.

  • Multiple protein and texture options

  • Clear labeling practices

  • Raw and freeze-dried foods also available

  • Must click through multiple pages to see pricing details

  • Only offers subscription plans

Smalls’ fresh cat foods are packed with high-quality animal protein and none of the fillers or preservatives you’d rather keep out of their diet. It offers both fresh foods and freeze-dried raw options, and the fresh foods are a real standout—choose from chicken, turkey, and, beef recipes in two “mouthfeels” (ground and pâté). By answering a few questions about your cat’s needs, you’ll be able to quickly create a meal plan consisting of entirely fresh foods or a combination of fresh and freeze-dried raw.

Prices will vary substantially based on your specific plan, and if we have one complaint, it’s that it can be difficult to compare different options without going through the site’s questionnaire repeatedly.

Smalls will start you off with a two-week sampler, with a typical one costing $45. From there, your cat will receive food every four weeks (the down-the-middle plan we created came to $3.86 per day).

Best for Raw Food: Savage Cat Food

Savage Cat Food

Savage Cat Food

Why We Chose It: Savage Cat Food is an exclusively raw-based food provider, with plenty of options available for pet owners looking to transition their cat to a raw diet.

  • Focus on raw foods means more options than other brands

  • Clear, upfront pricing

  • No subscription requirement

  • More expensive than most high-end cat foods

  • Must keep product frozen until ready to use

While some cat food delivery services offer one or two raw-based options, Savage Cat Foods is fully focused on providing a raw diet for your feline. The brand’s options include chicken, rabbit, and duck in both diced and pâté-like textures, along with a variety of snacks that are a bit more naturalistic than the typical cat treat (think a whole quail, feathers and all).

We like that each meal can be purchased a la carte in various sizes or in a subscription plan that ships from every two weeks up to every eight weeks in frequency. Just bear in mind that this raw brand is more expensive than your average cat food, even a premium brand—two, 12-ounce tubs of ground chicken cost $20, and subscription plans can run as high as $180 per order.

Best for Cats on Special Diets: Chewy



Why We Chose It: Chewy is a marketplace for pet supplies, but its subscription service allows you to pick whatever food works best for your cat and have it delivered every month.

  • Thousands of food options

  • Discounts for subscriptions

  • Free shipping over $49

  • Few raw or organic options

  • No custom offerings

Chewy is an online marketplace filled with nearly any pet product you could ask for. For cats on special diets, it's a great choice because you can find nearly any type of food imaginable. With nearly 3,000 wet and dry options, Chewy is the best choice if your vet has specified a certain diet for your cat.

Shipping is free over $49 and will arrive within one to three business days. You can purchase over-the-counter pet food options or prescription-only cat foods which allow your vet to send in a script so you can get a veterinarian diet delivered directly to your door. Prices will vary based on the food you select, but Chewy offers economical options as well as higher-end selections.

Best for Kibble: Open Farm

Open Farm

Open Farm

Why We Chose It: Open Farm’s high-quality kibbles are rich in protein and don’t include fillers like grain, corn, wheat, and soy. They can be purchased individually or as part of a subscription plan.

  • Protein-packed meals free of undesirable ingredients

  • Subscriptions available but not required

  • Ability to filter foods based on dietary sensitivities

  • Expensive compared to mass-market dry foods

  • Could use a few more options

Open Farm provides both wet and dry foods that focus on using quality, ethically raised ingredients. Its kibble is a standout, with protein-rich formulations made of meat that’s free of antibiotics and growth hormones.

Options for dry food include salmon, whitefish, lamb, and a turkey/chicken blend, each of which can be purchased in a 4- or 8-pound bag. While we wish there were a few more types of kibble, we like that each includes “superfood” ingredients (like coconut oil and pumpkin) that contribute to digestive health and help your cat’s coat shine.

Best for Delivery Personalization: Raised Right

Raised Right

Raised Right

Why We Chose It: Raised Right is a human-grade cat food delivery service that allows you to customize your delivery specifically for your cat.

  • High-quality, human-grade ingredients for your cat

  • No added preservatives

  • Vet formulated

  • Expensive compared to other cat food options

  • Only two options for cat food

Raised Right is a customizable cat food delivery service that features human-grade ingredients formulated with help from renowned veterinarian Dr. Karen Becker. When you sign up, you provide details about your cat (its weight, activity level and dietary needs), and they will offer you three options for your cat. The most expensive choice is 100 percent Raised Right food; the middle price point is made with 50 percent Raised Right; while the cheapest option is a mix of 25 percent Raised Right and 75 percent of the cat food of your choice. Within those, you can pick from turkey or chicken.

Raise Right does not include any added preservatives and features clean, healthy ingredients. You can adjust the delivery frequency, but the company will provide its suggestion based on your cat’s dietary preferences. Prices will vary depending on your cat’s weight, activity level and weight requirements, but on average, expect to pay upward of $100 per month for the standard meal plan.

Final Verdict

There are plenty of stellar cat food delivery services out there, each with its own unique spin—whatever your feline friend’s needs, there’s a delivery service out there for you. However, Cat Person stands out from the pack thanks to its wide range of high-quality options and the ability to create customized meal plans (without forcing customers into a subscription).

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Cat Food Delivery Services Work?

Most cat food delivery services allow you to customize your pet’s food choices based on weight, age, and dietary needs. You then receive your pet’s food directly to your doorstep at a regular interval. Depending on what your cat needs, you can find a delivery service that offers raw, organic, wet, dry, human-grade food, and more.

Are Cat Food Delivery Services Better Than Shopping in Pet Stores?

A cat food delivery service will save you the time and stress of shopping in-person at a pet store and can also provide much higher-quality food for your beloved feline. If you’re hunting for customizable cat food to suit your cat’s needs, a cat food delivery service can be a great option.

That said, most cat food delivery services are more expensive than buying a bag of cat food at your local big box store. For a more affordable option, some pet owners supplement their name-brand cat food with a fresh cat food delivered to their door.

What Types of Food Can I Order Through a Cat Food Delivery Service?

There are many types of cat food delivery services available. Whether you’re hunting for organic wet food, a homemade kibble, or a customizable human-grade option, you can find it at most delivery services. You can also choose your favorite brand of cat food and have it delivered to your door through a service such as Chewy, which offers a subscription so you never have to remember to pick up your cat’s food.


We took a somewhat broad view of cat food delivery services, including both subscription-based brands as well as more general providers and producers that will ship cat food to your door. Our top picks were companies that use great ingredients, whether they offer a broad range of products or cater to a specific niche (like raw food), and offer the ability to set regular delivery dates. We also considered whether it was easy to find a brand’s nutritional and pricing information, as well as the ability to purchase foods a la carte rather than exclusively within a subscription plan.