The Best Cat Litter Subscriptions of 2022

These companies offer convenience for cat owners

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The Best Cat Litter Subscriptions of 2022

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The Best Cat Litter Subscriptions of 2022

You love your cat, but dealing with the litter box is probably not your favorite part of pet ownership. The good news is that buying cat litter doesn’t have to be another chore on your list. Instead, you can find a great litter for your cat that not only keeps your pet (and your home) clean but also arrives at your doorstep every time you need it.

Here, we’ve found some of the best cat litter subscriptions you can sign up for so you never have to remember to buy litter again. The options work for every type of cat (and cat owner), so you can find one that fits your budget and lifestyle.

Best Overall: Kitty Poo Club

Kitty Poo Club

Kitty Poo Club

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Why We Chose It: Kitty Poo Club makes buying cat litter incredibly easy, with a disposable, pre-filled cat litter box that arrives at your door every 30 days.

What We Like
  • Simple and easy-to-use website

  • Litter boxes come filled with litter

  • Easy cancelation policy

  • Five litter options

What We Don't Like
  • Limited options if your cat has special needs

  • A bit pricier than some other options

Kitty Poo Club is a cat litter subscription box that arrives at your doorstep every 30 days. It is incredibly easy to use—in fact, you don’t even have to set it up. Every month you receive a disposable litter box pre-filled with your cat’s litter so you don’t have to lug a heavy box from the store. You can pick from clay, silica, diatomite, fine-grain litter, or organic soy litter, and most boxes cost $20.24 per month. Alternatively, they have litter bags available for about $22.99 per month. You can also pick from a variety of add-ons each month such as litter box scoops or mats as well as cat toys and treats.

Kitty Poo Club is our overall pick because it makes cat ownership easy—just one subscription can provide almost everything you need for your cat. And it’s perfect for small spaces where you don’t have room to store boxes of litter.

Best Health Monitoring: PrettyLitter



Why We Chose It: PrettyLitter is a color-changing cat litter that can help you monitor common health issues in your cat such as UTIs, bladder stones, and more.

What We Like
  • Tracks your cat’s health so you know when to call the vet

  • Customizable for multi-cat households

  • Easy to set up a 30-day supply to deliver right to your door

What We Don't Like
  • Only one litter option

  • Cats may take time to adjust to Silica Gel litter

Your cat can’t tell you when it needs to see a vet, but PrettyLitter may be able to. The subscription service features a monthly supply of litter that changes colors based on the presence of certain urinary elements such as acid, alkaline, and blood. This makes monitoring your cat’s health a bit easier so you know when something is off. PrettyLitter is made from silica gel, which is lightweight and extremely absorbent. That said, some cats can be picky, and transitioning a stubborn kitty to a Silica Gel litter may take time.

PrettyLitter regularly promotes a 30-day free trial so you can see whether it’s right for your cat. One cat’s supply costs $22 per month while two will run you $40. Prices continue up from there depending on how many cats you have.

Best Natural: Skoon Cat Litter

Skoon Cat Litter

Skoon Cat Litter

Why We Chose It: Skoon Cat Litter is a 100 percent natural option that is eco-friendly and non-toxic.

What We Like
  • Pick from a bag of litter or a pre-filled box

  • Hypoallergenic litter is safe for your cat 

  • Non-clumping formula requires no scooping

What We Don't Like
  • Only a single litter option for pre-filled boxes

  • Nutrition supplements are the only add-on

Skoon Cat Litter is an all-natural litter made from diatom pebbles. This sponge-like material is eco-friendly and traps urine and feces odors without clumping. The litter is totally biodegradable and free of chemicals, so it’s safe for even the most sensitive cats. Each month you can opt for a bag of cat litter or a pre-filled box delivered right to your door. With bagged litter, you can choose between either Skoon's original diatom pebbles or a fine-grain litter.

Like many new things, Skoon may take some getting used to for your cat. Because of that, the company offers a risk-free trial so you can get your money back if it simply doesn’t work for your feline friend. If your cat has allergies or health concerns, Skoon is a great organic option for your pet.

Best for Sustainability: Catalyst Pet

Catalyst Pet

Catalyst Pet

Why We Chose It: If you want to take care of your cat and save the planet at the same time, Catalyst Pet offers a renewable and sustainable litter option.

What We Like
  • Earth-friendly ingredients

  • Options for single and multi-cat households

  • Dust-free litter for low tracking

What We Don't Like
  • Litter is not compatible with automatic litter boxes

  • Only three options for litter

What’s better than caring for your cat? Doing so and saving the planet at the same time. Catalyst Pet is a litter made from upcycled soft wood fiber that would have otherwise been waste. The company offers three types of litter: Unscented, Healthy Cat, and Multi-cat. The healthy cat option has a light pine scent, while the Multi-cat version uses a natural oil clumping agent that allows you to easily clean your box every week.

A monthly subscription costs $20 for a single cat and arrives at your door every 30 days. You can also try the litter without a subscription for $22.99 a bag.

Best Lightweight: Boxiecat



Why We Chose It: Boxiecat is one of the lightest cat litter formulas on the market, so it’s great for city dwellers who don’t want to lug heavy litter.

What We Like
  • Incredibly lightweight

  • Clumping litter so you can easily clean the box as needed

  • All litter options are 99.9 percent dust free

  • 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee

What We Don't Like
  • Pricier option than some competitors

  • No free trial period

Boxiecat is an online cat litter company offering premium litter that you can have delivered right to your door. There are two groups of litter to choose from: Boxiecat Lightweight and Boxiecat Premium Clay. Each version has four types: BoxiePro (a probiotic litter that helps break down bacteria, which prevents your cat from spreading germs around your house after it steps out of the box), Boxiecat Extra Strength, Boxiecat Scent-Free, and Boxiecat Gentle Scented.

All of the litters clump, so you can scoop away messes as needed. You can either buy a bag as a one-time purchase or subscribe to deliveries at an interval of your choosing—delivery schedules run the gamut from every day to every 15 months. You can also add the company's BoxiePro Litter Extender to your order, which helps to reduce contamination and makes your litter last longer. Prices range from $19.99 to $30.99, depending on the amount and type of litter you choose.

Best for New Cat Owners:



Why We Chose It: If you just adopted a cat, makes a great starter kit to give to yourself or as a gift to a friend.

What We Like
  • Offers cat litter and cat subscription boxes

  • Subscription customizable for multiple cats

  • Litter is all-natural and clumping

What We Don't Like
  • Only one litter available

  • No risk-free option offers a quarterly subscription of its clay-based clumping litter that you can have delivered to your door every three months for $25 per month per cat. On top of that, the company sells a monthly cat box subscription that comes with treats, toys, and more. This makes a great gift for the new cat owner in your life or as a monthly surprise for your furry friend.

There is no risk-free option, but you can cancel or change your plan anytime. The company's cat litter is low-dust and all-natural, so it feels similar to many of the brands your cat may already be familiar with. This makes it a great choice for picky cats that may not be comfortable with new textures.

Final Verdict

Setting up a cat litter subscription can make pet ownership a little easier every month. There are endless options out there, but our favorites offered chemical-free litter choices and the flexibility to pick the right product for your cat. If you want a premium litter, companies such as Boxiecat or PrettyLitter offer innovative options. Companies such as Kitty Poo Club sell litters that are convenient for every cat owner.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Pounds of Cat Litter Do You Need Every Month? 

The amount of cat litter you need will vary based on your cat and its individual habits. That said, one cat will typically use 28 to 40 pounds of litter every month. A subscription will typically provide the litter you need for 30 days.

How Often Should You Change Litter? 

How often you need to change your cat’s litter box will depend on the type of litter you use. A clumping litter may only need to be changed every two to three weeks, as long as you clean out the clumps every day. Other brands, such as Kitty Poo Club, are designed to be tossed every 30 days and use odor-eliminating technology to extend the litter’s life.

Is a Cat Litter Subscription More Expensive? 

In general, cat litter subscriptions are priced competitively to popular store-bought litters. That said, most subscription services offer higher quality ingredients and newer cat litter technologies, so you may pay a few dollars more per month for your litter. Most companies have free delivery and some even give discounts for multi-cat households.

How We Chose the Best Cat Litter Subscriptions 

We looked at all of the cat litter subscriptions on the market and focused on those that offered safe, highly rated litter solutions for your cat. Beyond that, we searched for companies that made ordering cat litter easy, such as Kitty Poo Club, and those that offered other products, such as, to make buying your cat’s necessities easier.

Companies that offered innovative solutions to cat litter such as PrettyLitter’s health-monitoring technology rated high on our list because their product truly is one of a kind. Additionally, because cat litter can be bad for the environment and even for your cat, natural and sustainable brands such as Skoon Cat Litter made our list for their health-conscious options.

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