The 8 Best Catnips

Meet your cat's new favorite treat

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If you're tired of feeding your cat the same old treats, mix it up with catnip. Catnip is a dried herb that elicits a strong response from most cats when inhaled. It's the chemical compound found inside the leaves and stem of the herb, called nepetalactone, that causes cats to go wild. However, when it's consumed (in the form of a treat or chew) it acts more like a sedative than a stimulant.

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An affordable, organic, and appealing catnip.
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A great budget option that you won’t have to replenish often.
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Great for spraying the inside of cat carriers or blankets.
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These mice-shaped soft toys spiked with catnip are gentle on the teeth.
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This non-addictive catnip is perfect for stuffing in toys.
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These treats are infused with catnip to make your kitty go wild.
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Will help your cat pare down their claws and work off energy.
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These chews are made from branches of silver vine, a plant that has a similar effect to catnip.
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Best Overall: Yeowww! Organic Catnip

For an all-around great catnip that your feline is sure to love, look no further than Yeowww! Organic Catnip. This organically grown treat contains just leaves and flower tops, which provides a strong and appealing aroma. It’s grown without chemicals or pesticides and comes in a 1-ounce bag or 2-ounce resealable plastic tub. If you're not sure how to use loose catnip, it can be sprinkled on scratchers to encourage exercise or stuffed in toys for a fun surprise during playtime.

Customers say that when it comes to a product that cats love, Yeowww! Organic Catnip takes the cake. If you want an affordable, organic, and appealing catnip, definitely give this brand a try.

Best Budget: Our Pets Premium Cosmic Catnip

Our Pets Premium Cosmic Catnip comes in multiple sized containers, all at a lower price than most other products on the market. A 2.25-ounce canister costs less than $10 and the tantalizing aroma will be irresistible to your cat! This 100 percent natural catnip is loose and perfect for sprinkling on cat beds or cat toys. Some cat owners also suggest sealing cat toys in a plastic bag with some catnip overnight to absorb the smell. The air-safe plastic jar will keep the treats fresh and potent for months, making it a great budget-friendly option that you won’t have to replenish often.

The blend is slightly coarse and does contain some larger pieces, but it’s great for sprinkling on surfaces that you want your cat to play on (think cat trees or scratching posts) so they won't destroy your furniture. If you have a cat that is a bit reluctant to exercise, sprinkling this on their favorite toy or play area can help increase their activity level.

Best Spray: KONG Naturals Catnip Spray for Cats

A catnip spray is a less messy way to entice your feline to play with their scratching post or cat tree if they tend to hang out on your furniture. For a top-rated spray that your cat is sure to love, we recommend KONG Naturals Catnip Spray. It's a potent, catnip-infused oil that can be safely sprayed on a wide variety of surfaces and toys. Each bottle contains 1-ounce of product and dries clear. It’s also great for spraying the inside of cat carriers or blankets to help calm anxious kitties during vet visits (hint: you can also try a calming aid specifically designed for cats to help resolve anxious or stressed behavior).

If you don't like the idea of scattering loose catnip around your home, this spray is a great alternative. A single bottle lasts about 1.5 months and needs to be sprayed weekly on scratchers or toys to be effective.

Best Catnip Toy: SmartyKat Skitter Critters Catnip Cat Toys

Smarty Kat Skitter Critters

For another alternative to loose catnip, consider a catnip-infused cat toy that will excite your kitty and make playtime even more exciting. SmartyKat Skitter Critters Catnip Cat Toys are mice-shaped soft toys spiked with catnip. Each package contains three toys that will last about six months from opening. The soft plush toys are gentle on cat teeth, and a chasing string makes for even more fun. Plus, the catnip is made without pesticides or chemicals so it's safe for them to consume.

SmartyKat Skitter Critters Catnip Cat Toy are affordable and economical. However, the effects wear off a little quicker than with pure catnip. 

Best Natural: Holistic Blend Organic Catnip for Cats

Holistic Blend Organic Catnip for Cats

Holistic Blend Organic Catnip for Cats is an organic loose catnip without artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives—but has the familiar stimulating effect that sends your kitty into a frenzy of play and activity. It’s grown without pesticides, and each bag contains 1.23 ounces of product. This catnip is perfect for stuffing in toys to keep your feline interested in play, especially on those lazy afternoons. It’s made mostly of stems and has a very strong aroma that appeals to cats.

Customers say they feel good about giving Holistic Blend Organic Catnip to their cats—but more importantly, their cats love it. The blend has larger pieces than some other options, so it’s better for stuffing toys than sprinkling on surfaces. However, if finer or more powdery catnips tend to make your cat sneeze, the chunkier texture of this brand may work better.

Best Treats: Temptations Classic Treats for Cats

Want to reward your cat with a treat they'll go crazy for? Temptations Classic Treats for Cats are infused with catnip powder to make your kitty go wild. These pocket-shaped treats are hard on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside. Each treat contains fewer than two calories, and you can feed cats up to ten treats per 10 pounds of weight.

You get 16 ounces of treats in each purchase, in an air-safe container that snaps closed for freshness. Each treat consists of 30 percent protein, 17 percent fat, 4.5 percent fat and 12 percent water. For less than $10, these treats are a great way to help train and reward your favorite furry friend.

Best Scratcher: Catit Cat Scratcher Board with Catnip

This corrugated cardboard scratcher will help your cat pare down their claws and work off energy (not to mention give your furniture a break), and when you work catnip into its nooks and crannies it becomes even more appealing to your kitty. The scratcher measures 19.5 inches and comes with enough catnip to coax your feline friend when it’s introduced, though you’ll want to buy an additional bag if you want to fill it with catnip on a regular basis.

Cats are quickly drawn to the Catit Style Scratcher after sprinkling some catnip into its crevices. It satisfies their natural urge to scratch, and also makes the perfect spot to stretch out for an afternoon nap. When the scratcher starts to be worn down on one side, it can simply be flipped over and reused—just reapply catnip if needed.

Best Chew: VANVENE Deyace Catnip Sticks

If your cat has a tendency to chew on things they shouldn’t chew, give Deyace Catnip Sticks a shot. These chews are made from branches of silver vine, a plant that has a similar effect to catnip. The sticks are safe to use and free of any additives or preservatives—just peel off the outer bark for the most effective results. The effect is the same as standard catnip, inducing a sense of calm and playfulness that lasts from five to 30 minutes. Each purchase includes 40 sticks, which measure around 4.7 inches each.

The Deyace Catnip Sticks are a budget-friendly option as well since the sticks can be continuously peeled back as your cats chew them to keep the outer layer potent. If your cat has an urge to chew, or you haven’t had success using traditional catnip, these silver vine sticks are a great alternative.

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