The 8 Best Chew Toys to Buy for Puppies in 2018

Keep your furry friend entertained for hours

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Puppies love to play, chase, and chew their way from one day into the next—so the challenge is to channel all this energy and curiosity in the right direction! Keep your precious ball of fur entertained, and away from your table legs and shoes, by providing them with a safe and engaging chew toy. Allowing your puppy to chew on something safe will also help keep their teeth clean, and will lessen any feelings of boredom or anxiety. 

There are so many chew toys for puppies available, and what is a hit with one dog may be a dud for the next. Some dogs will only stay interested in edible chew toys or a puzzle chew toy that holds a tasty treat inside. Other puppies prefer chew toys like antler chews or knotted ropes that allow them to chew, pull, and chomp. No matter which toy you choose for your puppy, make sure that you supervise them closely and take away any object that becomes a choking hazard or doesn’t agree with your pet’s tummy.

We rounded up the top chew toys for puppies on the market, so save your sanity and give your furry friend a chew toy that will keep them engaged and occupied for hours!


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    Best Overall: KONG PUPPY Durable Rubber Chew and Treat Toy

    KONG PUPPY Durable Rubber Chew and Treat Toy

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    One of the most versatile puppy chew toys on the market is the KONG. The puppy-specific version is our top pick for a chew toy that will keep your furry friend occupied and entertained.

    The KONG Puppy is made with a softer rubber that won’t damage your puppy’s teeth. In addition, it’s available in a wide range of sizes—including a teeny tiny XS KONG that is perfect even for the smallest breeds of puppy.

    Aside from the durability of this puppy chew toy, it earns a top spot on our list for its versatility. While many dogs will chew on the KONG itself, it’s also easy to stuff it with treats, kibble, and more. Seal the ends with peanut butter and let your puppy work to figure out how to get the tasty reward. You can even fill the KONG and then freeze it for an extra challenge. While the KONG has earned widespread praise for being an excellent puppy chew toy, some people have expressed concern over what the rubber material of the KONG is made from, since the label and website don’t give much detail. However, the majority of readers absolutely love this chew toy. 

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    Best Budget: Multipet Nuts for Knots Ball Dog Toy

    Multipet Nuts for Knots Ball Dog Toy

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    Pets are pricey, but your puppy’s chew toys don’t have to be. There are plenty of budget-friendly chew toys for your dog to chomp on, like the Multipet Nuts for Knots Ball.

    This ball, made from knotted rope, will give your puppy a long-lasting chew toy for just a few dollars. While it doesn’t have squeakers and isn’t bacon-flavored, many dogs love to chew on knotted rope. In addition to providing a good release of pent-up energy, the fibers in the rope can massage gums that are sore from teething while also cleaning tarter build-up from chewing surfaces.

    This Nuts for Knots Ball Dog Toy is also considered by some to be a better rope toy than a knotted bar rope, since those can quickly turn into tug-of-war games—which isn’t necessarily recommended for young puppies. Most people were very satisfied with the longevity of this cheap puppy chew toy, but if your puppy is an avid shredder, it may not last as long for you.

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    Best for Teething: Nylabone Just for Puppies Key Ring Bone

    Teething puppies can be a real test of patience—and the strength of your table legs, shoes, and other objects that your puppy decides to gnaw on. If your puppy is in this stage of life, choose a chew toy for teething puppies that will save your sanity and your belongings.

    The Nylabone Just for Puppies Key Ring Bone is made to give teething puppies a satisfying object to chew. The keys are textured and feature different grooves and nubs to soothe aching gums as your teething puppy chomps down. The shape of the keys allows your dog to get a good grip on the toy and provides a healthy chewing outlet.

    As with most chew toys for puppies, you’ll want to keep an eye on your dog during playtime. A small number of people have had the keys break, leaving small pieces of plastic that could be easily ingested on the floor. So inspect this chew toy regularly and throw it away if it becomes too worn or if small fragments are breaking off.

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    Best Edible: Himalayan Dog Chew

    An edible chew toy can keep your puppy occupied for a long time, thanks to the tasty reward of each bite. The key is to find an edible chew toy that isn’t too quickly consumed, which makes the Himalayan Dog Chew our top choice.

    This long-lasting and natural edible chew toy is made from yak and cow milk, salt, and lime juice. It’s essentially a very hard cheese that doesn’t spoil and is safe for dogs! Originally a traditional Himalayan snack, this version has been adapted to be pooch-friendly and it's formulated without grains, gluten, binders, or preservatives. The slightly smoky scent will have your dog licking his chops from the moment you pull out this edible chew toy.

    Your dog will have to diligently chew on the Himalayan Dog Snack to soften the end and be able to nibble off a piece. It’s rare to have a chew that splinters, but it does happen occasionally, so watch your dog closely as they play with this toy. Also, ingesting too much of any treat can cause tummy trouble, so watch your puppy to make sure you’re not overdoing it with this tempting edible toy.

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    Best Natural: Jim Hodges Dog Training Elk Antler Chews

    If you are looking for a natural chew toy for puppies, one of the most popular options is elk or deer antlers. We recommend the Jim Hodges Dog Training Elk Antlers, as they received rave reviews from pet owners.

    Antlers make a great chew toy for puppies since they contain a lot of naturally-occurring minerals and have a built-in treat waiting: marrow. We also like these for puppies since they’re available as split antlers, which are smaller and easier for little puppy jaws to work on compared to larger antlers.

    Elk or deer antlers for dogs are cleaner than some other puppy chew toy alternatives, like bully sticks or rawhide. As a natural material, they are also safer to ingest than plastic chew toys—but you’ll still want to keep an eye on your dog as he enjoys an antler. Some antler chew toys have been known to split into ​small fragments. 

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    Best for Lab Puppies: West Paw Tux Dog Chew

    Labs are notorious for being insatiable chewers. Chew toys that would keep other dogs occupied for weeks can be destroyed in mere minutes by labs or other powerful chewers. The West Paw Tux Dog Toy has what it takes to stand up to persistent chewing and tough gnawing—and that makes it our top choice as a chew toy for a lab puppy.

    The West Paw Tux Dog Chew is made from BPA-and-Phthalate-free material and is non-toxic, so you can rest assured that it's safe for your pup. You can either stuff the center with treats or use it to play fetch. It floats, too—so toss it in the pool or lake if your dog is an avid swimmer. Many people are pleasantly surprised to find that their puppy loves chewing on the toy, whether it has treats stuffed inside or not.

    The real value of this chew toy for labs is the fact that over a thousand pet parents have vouched for the durability of this product. People that own labs, pit bulls, boxers, and more have been surprised and delighted that this toy has lasted past the first day—and most people say it has lasted for months. In fact, West Paw is so sure that this durable chew toy will last that it backs it with a replacement guarantee. 

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    Best for Small Breeds: Nylabone Healthy Edibles Dog Bone Treats

    Nylabone Healthy Edibles Lamb & Apple Flavor Dog Bone Treats

    Courtesy of Chewy

    If you’re looking for a chew toy for a small breed puppy, the Healthy Edibles line from Nylabone is a great option. Somewhere between a chew toy and a treat, these dense but digestible treats will keep your puppy entertained as they gnaw away at the petite bone-shaped chew.

    Larger puppies will likely devour the small bone in no time at all, but it’s a great choice as a chew toy for smaller breeds since they will have to work harder on the bone. The Lamb & Apple flavor is a popular choice for most pet parents, especially since the sweet potato flavor may stain carpeting or your pet’s fur.

    How fast your puppy devours these will depend on their chewing habits. Some people have been disappointed to see they disappear in a matter of minutes; this is the main reason we recommend it as a chew toy for small breed puppies. Most puppies enjoy these bones for several hours, and it can easily be stored away in between chew sessions. 

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    Best Multi-Pack: Nylabone Puppy Starter Pack

    Not sure which chew toy your pooch will like best? Try a multi-pack, like this popular Nylabone Puppy Starter Pack.

    With three types of bone-shaped chew toys inside, the Nylabone Puppy Stater Pack will give your dog plenty to gnaw on. There is an edible chew toy that provides a tasty, savory treat and two chew toys for teething. One is a long-lasting DuraChew and the other is a nubby teething bone that will soothe gums during this puppy phase.

    Though the plastic bones aren’t totally indestructible and aren’t meant to be ingested, with proper supervision they make a good chewing outlet for your canine friend. Pick up a multi-pack of chew toys for puppies and see which type your furry friend likes the best!