The 10 Best Christmas Gifts to Buy Your Dog in 2018

Surprise your fury friend with a new treat for the holidays

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Christmas is all about spending time with family and surprising them with that perfect, sought-after gift. But while you’re shopping around for your loved ones, why not pick out a treat that’s sure to delight another, hairier member of the family—your dog?

There’s a huge variety of dog gifts on the market, ranging from sweaters custom made for Fido to luxurious dog beds that’ll have them happily snoozing away (while adding a stylish touch to your home). Not sure where to start? We’ve rounded up the best Christmas gifts for dogs, with options for every taste and budget (not to mention breed).

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    Best Dog Bowl: Loges and Lily Personalized Dog Bowl


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    Give your pup’s mealtimes a personalized touch with these ceramic bowls lovingly emblazoned with their name. They’re fully customizable, giving you the flexibility to choose a font that reflects your dog’s personality—the seller will even send proofs of the final design before it goes into production. Measuring 7” in diameter and 2.75” in height, each bowl holds up to six cups of kibble or water and can be hand-washed (dishwashers may cause the vinyl name decal to deteriorate). The seller, Loges and Lily, also offers smaller bowls designed for tinier breeds.

    Customers rave that these personalized bowls were adored by dogs and owners alike, and the quality of the work is high—and sturdy enough to hold up to puppy-level bursts of energy.

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    Best Dog Sweater: Lanyar Holiday Sweater for Dogs

    Ah, the classic dog sweater. It’s undoubtedly one of the go-to Christmas gifts for pups, and with good reason: They’re adorable. We especially love this one from Lanyar, which has a holiday-ready pattern featuring reindeer and snowflakes against a bright red that all but shouts “Christmas!” Available in sizes from extra small to extra large, it’s easy to find the right fit for your dog (just follow the measurements on the listing). Made of 100% acrylic fiber, it has a wool-like feel that’s sure to keep your pooch warm all winter long.

    Buyers say the Lanyar Holiday Sweater is both adorable and comfortable, with the material that doesn’t cause itchiness. Just be sure to take your dog’s measurements carefully—if you’re unsure, air on the side of ordering a size larger (some say it runs slightly small).

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    Best Collar: AOLOVE Basic Classic Padded Leather Collar

    Getting your pup a leather collar for Christmas is the equivalent of getting him a fancy new watch, adding a subtle hint of luxury to his daily outings. This collar from AOLOVE comes in ten colors, including fun ones like rose and purple, and made from high-quality leather and attractive, nickel-plated hardware. There’s a size for every breed, so your pup can spend the holidays in style whether you have a B ichon ​Frise or a Great Dane (just measure their neck to determine the correct size).

    Customers say the AOLOVE collar looks terrific for being so affordable. It’s attractive, durable and adds an undeniable classiness to daily walks.

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    Best Toy: ONSON Interactive Dog Toy

    Turn normal meals into an exciting challenge with this interactive toy from ONSON, which encourages positive play and healthy eating. Simply drop your dog’s dry food into the toy’s egg-shaped frame, and watch as your dog pushes and prods to release kibble through the holes in the top or bottom (and get a tasty reward). Let’s be honest—some of our dogs have a tendency to gorge, and this gift is the perfect way to keep them entertained while curbing unhealthy eating habits.

    Customers recommend this toy highly for dogs with a tendency to eat too quickly, or struggle with appetite issues unless they’re otherwise engaged. They love that it’s adjustable to make room for treats of different sizes, adding that their dogs have gotten weeks of enjoyment out of it, often for hours at a time.

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    Best Chew Toy: KONG Tires Extreme Dog Toy

    KONG is one of the best-known brands out there for chew toys. They’re especially known for their classic, bulbous design, which is often filled with peanut butter or other treats. This one is a little bit different. Shaped like a tire, it’s perfect for games of fetch and tug-of-war. Available in two sizes (small and medium/large), it’s great for any breed—and sure to become a favorite toy.

    Owners say the KONG tire toy great for even powerful chewers, although some have found that dogs with especially strong jaws still manage to do a number on it. Still, it’s a smart buy for pups who love to chew and need a fun, tire-shaped outlet for their urges.

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    Best Treat: Jerky Treats Tender Beef Strips Dog Snacks

    Sometimes, the best gifts are the ones you can eat. This principle is as true for dogs as it is for people, so why not fill your pup’s Christmas stocking with some delicious jerky? These beefy treats come in a 60-oz container and contain 15 vitamins, as well as minerals, calcium and Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.

    Customers say that dogs go crazy for these snacks, and the jerky stays fresh as long as you keep the lid tightly closed. They’re also easily torn into smaller pieces, a plus for pups on the tiny side.

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    Best Bone: Pet 'n Shape Beef Bone Natural Dog Treat

    Where dogs are concerned, you can’t go wrong with a bone. This all-natural beef bone from Pet ’n Shape is sure to please, even if it looks a bit morbid under the tree. It’s ideal for larger dogs, especially those with a slightly aggressive chew, and is completely digestible. With no artificial additives and plenty of protein (but little fat), it’s a healthy treat owners say is a big hit with big pups.

    One note—if you have carpet, don’t place the bone directly on the floor. Put a paper towel beneath it, otherwise it might leave a stain.

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    Best Dog Bed: Majestic Pet Chevron Sherpa Bagel Dog Bed


    Courtesy of Amazon

    Another can’t-miss: A stylish and comfortable dog bed. We love this one’s chevron design and plush material—and since the fabric is treated, it’s ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Available in a slew of different colors and sizes, it’s sure to be appreciated by dogs who could use a comfy place to nap (and owners who are tired of looking at a soggy old dog bed).

    Measuring 7" by 23" by 32", it’s ideal for medium-sized breeds.

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    Best for Working Dog Parents: Furbo Dog Camera

    The Furbo Dog Camera will quickly become you and your dog’s best friend. This is a great gift for your pup–or the pup parent who hates leaving Fido home alone. This two-way 1080p camera allows you to not only check in on your dog when you’re away at work, but also toss him a treat to keep him engaged. It features night vision and a bark sensor which will send an alert straight to your phone whenever your dog is getting a little rowdy. All it requires is WiFi and a power source to get started.

    Amazon reviewers say the Furbo is easy to set up and use. Many love the notification feature, but a few reviewers say it can be slightly glitchy. If you’re a tech-obsessed dog owner, the Furbo is the best gift for your pup this year. Just make sure you save room on your phone for those endless dog selfies you can take with the Furbo camera.  

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    Best for Catch Lovers: Chuckit Ball

    If yours is the type of dog that can’t sit still, a hearty game of fetch is just what the doctor (er, veterinarian) ordered, and the Chuckit ball is a great upgrade from your ratty tennis balls. This unique fetch toy comes in small and large sizes, with color options of either glow-in-the-dark green or bright orange, but the basics remain the same. Made from canvas, rubber and foam, the Chuckit has a grooved design that is both aerodynamic and allows your dog to easily pick it up and bring it right back to you. It floats in water and rolls as well.

    Dog owners say the Chuckit is such a well-loved item in their home that they buy again and again (even though they far outlast standard balls). One owner jokes that the toy has become an addiction for his dog. Throw a bow on this toy, and you’ll have the happiest pup at the Christmas tree.