The 6 Best Dog Cake Mixes of 2023

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Long-haired brown dog wearing a birthday hat and bib

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The real MVP of your family is your dog, so when their birthday comes around, don’t they deserve a party too? We think so.

But traditional cake—the human kind—has lots of unhealthy ingredients in it for dogs, like sugar and fats. Some can even be downright toxic if they have chocolate. So if you’re making a cake for your dog, you need a specialized cake mix with ingredients that are safe for dogs.

Enter dog cake mixes. Just like the boxes of cake mix you'd find at a grocery store, the best dog cake mixes are easy to make, with clear instructions, and require as few extra ingredients as possible.

Here are the best dog cake mixes for your pooch's next party.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall

Pooch Cake Cake Mix (Peanut Butter)

Pooch Cake Cake Mix (Peanut Butter)


What We Like
  • Multiple flavors available

  • Makes one cake or cupcakes

  • Includes frosting mix

  • Easy to make in oven or microwave

  • All-natural, dog safe ingredients

  • Wheat-free flavors available

What We Don't Like
  • Frosting can get watery

  • Smaller cake than you might expect

Pooch Cake Cake Mix uses minimal ingredients—the wheat-free peanut butter version includes white rice flour, sugar, peanuts, baking powder, and salt, with a frosting made of tapioca starch, yogurt, and olive oil—to create a cake that's fully safe for your dog to eat. Plus, it's surprisingly high in protein.

To make Pooch Cake, all you'll need is 2/3 cup water, 2 tablespoons oil, and a single egg. The instructions are straightforward, letting you bake a cake in about half an hour. Or you can use the microwave for a doggy birthday cake ready in less than five minutes. The only tricky part is the mixing, which can be done by hand but would be much more efficient with a mixer.

Pooch Cake Cake Mix is also versatile since you can opt to make either eight dog-friendly cupcakes, or a single 6-inch, double-layer cake. While suitable for any breed of dog, Pooch Cake suggests serving sizes based on your dog's weight.

Pooch Cake offers three different flavors—banana, pumpkin-spice, and peanut butter—with two also available in wheat-free versions. Pooch Cake also offers a starter kit that includes a box of cake mix, a carton of dog-friendly ice cream, and a bone-shaped silicone mold.

Flavor(s): Banana, pumpkin-spice, peanut butter︱Servings Per Package: 6-inch cake or 8 cupcakes︱Additional Ingredients Needed: Egg, oil, water

Best Flavors

Puppy Cake Cake Mix for Dogs (Birthday Cake with Sprinkles)

Puppy Cake Cake Mix for Dogs Birthday Cake with Sprinkles


What We Like
  • Safe ingredients

  • Six flavors to choose from

  • Includes frosting mix

  • Lasts five days in the refrigerator

  • Wheat-free flavors available

  • Easy to make in oven or microwave

What We Don't Like
  • Cake doesn’t rise as much as a human cake

  • 6-inch cake is a little small

Puppy Cake is very similar to Pooch Cake, with similar ingredients, directions, and serving sizes. But what it offers over other dog cake mixes is a wide variety of flavors, including banana, carob, peanut butter, pumpkin, red velvet, and a birthday cake with sprinkles. Puppy Cake also offers ice cream, cupcakes, and even doggy party supplies.

You may have seen Puppy Cake on Shark Tank, where it was the butt of jokes from incredulous sharks who didn't believe anyone would want to bake a cake for their dog. Of course, people love celebrating their dogs, and specialized cake mix has become one way to give them something they'll love on a memorable day.

Flavor(s): Banana, carob, peanut butter, pumpkin, red velvet, vanilla-sprinkle︱Servings Per Package: 6-inch cake︱Additional Ingredients: egg, water, vegetable oil

Best Egg-Free

The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. Bake-at-Home Vanilla Birthday Cake Mix

Lazy Dog Cookie Co. Birthday Cake Mix


What We Like
  • Only need water and oil to bake

  • Comes with frosting and icing

  • Natural, safe ingredients

  • Super easy to bake

  • Attractive cake look

What We Don't Like
  • Hard texture

  • Frosting consistency is difficult to get right

  • Need oven to bake

  • Only one flavor

Unlike our top two picks, the Bake-At-Home Vanilla Birthday Cake Mix from The Lazy Dog Cookie Co. doesn't call for the addition of an egg. Plus, the Bake-At-Home Birthday Cake Mix is wheat-, soy-, and corn-free. Instead, it uses ingredients like oats, vanilla, and flaxseed, while the yogurt frosting uses molasses for sweetening.

While The Lazy Dog Cookie Co.'s cake mix uses fewer additional ingredients and has similar baking instructions to our other picks, it does not come packaged with microwave instructions.

Flavor(s): Vanilla︱Servings Per Package: 8-inch cake︱Additional Ingredients: Water, olive oil

Best Wheat-Free

Whisk & Wag Dog Treat Mix

Whisk & Wag Dog Treat Mix


What We Like
  • Wheat, corn, soy, and preservative-free

  • Nutrient-packed for digestion, immune, and bone health

  • Family-owned business

What We Don't Like
  • Have to roll out the dough

  • No frosting included

Whisk & Wag Dog Treat Mix makes treats instead of a single cake, but the wheat-free dough results in a toothsome dessert, with a result that seemed closer to miniature cakes than cookies to us. This dog treat mix uses a combination of oat flour and canola meal instead of wheat, soy, or corn. Apple powder and cinnamon provide flavor, while the addition of brewer's yeast aids in digestion.

The mix makes a dough that does have to be rolled out, but the advantage is that you won’t need a mold to make your dog mini cakes with this mix. Plus, you only need to add water and oil to the dough. Still, it's a little more complicated than other dog cake mixes we've recommended, making it a better pick for more experienced bakers.

Whisk & Wag Dog Treat Mix is available in the Apple & Cinnamon flavor and a Honey & Oats variety. Each container of mix makes 25 treats.

Flavor(s): Honey & oats; apple & cinnamon︱Servings Per Package: 25 treats︱Additional Ingredients: Water, oil

Best Splurge

Bark Bistro Company Pooch Pancakes (Pumpkin Flavor)

Bark Bistro Company Pooch Pancakes, Pumpkin Flavor


What We Like
  • Only need water

  • Made with four, natural ingredients

  • Woman-owned company

  • No sugar, preservatives, or artificial ingredients

  • Comes in a resealable bag

  • Four flavors available

  • Makes dog waffles too

What We Don't Like
  • Makes pancakes rather than birthday cake

  • Pricier than most items on this list

  • Baking instructions aren’t the clearest

Why not skip the traditional frosted cake and make your dog some birthday pancakes instead? (We don’t think it’s cheating—pancakes have the word “cake" in them, after all). With only four ingredients (and zero preservatives), these mixes are all-natural, safe, and come in five dog-friendly flavors. Plus, since you’re making pancakes, the cakes are foldable, so you can wrap them around pills—a handy trick that your pup won’t even mind when it comes time for medicine. Best of all: You only need water to bake these pancakes.

Flavor(s): Pumpkin, banana, apple, berry, bacon︱Servings Per Package: Not listed︱Additional Ingredients: Water

Best Decorations

PetCakes Birthday Cake Kit for Dogs

PetCakes Birthday Cake Kit for Dogs


What We Like
  • Baked in the microwave

  • Ready in three minutes

  • Just add water

  • Comes with pan, frosting, and candle

  • Vet-approved ingredients

  • Wheat, soy, salt, sugar, and preservative-free

What We Don't Like
  • Difficult to get out of the mold

  • Cake mold is very small

  • Doesn’t smell pleasant to humans

If you want to bake your dog a cake, but you don’t want to find a special pan or preheat the oven, this cake mix is just what you’re looking for. It comes with the bone-shaped pan you need to make a cute dog cake, as well as frosting mix and a candle. The cake only takes 3 minutes to bake, so you can make your dog a cake super fast and super easy. Best of all? You don’t need any extra ingredients besides water.

Flavor(s): Carob︱Servings Per Package: 6-inch cake︱Additional Ingredients: Water

Final Verdict

Our top pick for dog cake mixes is the Pooch Cake Mixes. These mixes come in three dog favorite flavors—including wheat-free peanut butter and pumpkin. They do require an egg and some oil from your kitchen, but they’re very easy to make and come with doggy-safe frosting mix too. But if you want to skip the oven and the eggs from your fridge, you might prefer PetCakes Birthday Cake Kit. It comes with a mold, candle, and frosting mix and can be baked in your microwave in just three minutes.

What to Look for in a Dog Cake Mix


Even if the mix is marketed for dogs, you’ll want to give the ingredients a quick look to make sure they’re things you recognize, like rice flour, peanuts, pumpkin, etc. The best mixes will be comprised of all-natural, simple ingredients so that your dog can digest them more easily. You’ll also want to avoid ingredients you know your dog struggles with or is allergic to. 

What Extra Ingredients You Need

Some cake mixes require eggs or oils, while others just need water to make. Additional ingredients cost a little more money (or a stocked kitchen!), so make sure to consider what you might need before ordering your dog cake mix. 

How Easy the Cake Is to Make

Some recipes not only require extra ingredients from your kitchen, but they also require an oven to cook, molds, and extra baking time. Others, meanwhile, come with everything you need (including molds) and cook right in your microwave in just a few minutes. Make sure you consider how much time you want to spend on your cake before picking a mix. 


While all dog cake mixes are made in flavors that dogs like, that doesn’t mean your dog will like it. Make sure you consider your dog’s individual tastes and pick a flavor that’s going to make them drool. This will avoid you putting a bunch of work into making a cake only for your dog to turn their nose up at it.

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