The 7 Best Dog Collars to Buy in 2018

Protect your pet and keep them comfortable with these selections

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Keeping your dog safe and happy is one of the most important things you can do as a pet parent, and finding the right collar is key to keeping your dog secure. If you’re lost as far as where to start, the American Kennel Club or your veterinarian are great resources for figuring out what type of collar your dog needs. If your dog tends to walk well on a leash, a standard collar will do the trick (if he’s a bit wild, you may want to consider a harness instead).

Once you’ve decided what your dog’s needs are, the next step is to measure him. Buying an ill-fitting collar is not only dangerous, but also uncomfortable for both you and your pup. Whether your dog is a growing pup or a small-but-mighty adult, we’ve rounded up the best dog collars in every size and fit, so that you and Fido can spend more time adventuring and less time shopping.


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    Best Overall: Lupine 3/4-inch Adjustable Dog Collar

    Dogs come in many shapes and sizes, so finding a perfect collar fit can be difficult. But the Lupine ¾" adjustable collar is the perfect size for nearly every dog. While strong, large breeds may benefit from a collar over one-inch, ¾" wide is a great width that works for nearly every dog. The Lupine beats out the competition for best collar because it’s easy on the wallet, has a lifetime warranty against wear (including chewing!) and each size adjusts up to 10 inches, which is great if your dog tends to shed weight during warmer months.

    We are partial to the “rain song” design, but the Lupine comes in over 18 different styles — so your whole canine brood can have different patterns. Reviewers say it is long lasting, durable and true-to-size, making it a great low-cost choice for nearly every dog.

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    Best Runner-Up: Kurgo Muck Collar Waterproof Dog Collar

    The Kurgo Muck collar is a great choice for active pups who spend most of their time rolling around in mud and jumping in lakes. It’s made from PVC-free plastic-coated nylon that’s flexible and waterproof, making it easy to wipe clean after a day of messy adventure. It comes in three sizes, ranging from 10" to 25" We love the fun patterns, and with nine different choices you’re sure to find a style that fits your dog’s personality. The Kurgo collar even comes with a bottle opener, which you’ll appreciate next time you’re on a long hike with your furry friend, but be aware that owners say it sticks out a bit.

    Reviewers add that it’s easy to size the collar to individual dogs, and claim it has no smell after years of wear. If you’re looking for a collar for an active pup, the Kurgo Muck is a great choice.

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    Best for Large Dogs: EzyDog Neo Classic Collar

    A sturdy, secure collar is a must-have for larger, heavier dogs with a lot of strength. The EzyDog Neo Classic Collar is 1 ¾ inches wide, which is only suitable for large necks (think Labrador or bigger) and made from rubber-like, non-porous neoprene that’s durable enough for extremely active dogs. It comes in four sizes (large through xxx-large) and four different colors.

    Reviewers say the collar does a great job of distributing weight and won’t choke strong dogs during walks. They also rave about the material, stating that the neoprene stays clean and odor-free.

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    Best for Small Dogs: Pupteck Basic Nylon Dog Collar

    Small dogs will benefit from a thinner, but still durable collar that will stay secure on smaller necks without the added bulk. The Pupteck nylon collar comes in XS and Small, which ranges from 7" to 16" long and only 2/5"to  3/5", which is ideal for very small necks. It comes in six simple but attractive colors, and reviewers say the nylon material is long lasting. This collar won’t hold up to excessive pulling, but if your pup is more lap dog than the sporting type, it’s a great choice. Owners also state it fits tiny pups when other brands missed the mark.

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    Best for Puppies: Pawtitas Dog Collar

    The Pawtitas soft training collar is ideal for growing pups who could benefit from a more gentle grip. Made from thin, soft nylon, the Pawtitas is extremely flexible and comes in four sizes. Puppies, especially those in the early training stages, may not need the bulk and strength of a larger collar, and the Pawtitas is a great way to keep them safe without getting in their way. The 13 colors also come with a reflective strip that is designed to reflect ambient light at night or in low-light conditions.

    Owners note that you should add a few centimeters to the length to adjust for growing pups.

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    Best Leather: Soft Touch Leather Collar

    Leather collars are long lasting, durable and attractive. If you’re ready to upgrade your nylon or rubber collar to a stylish leather version, the Soft Touch collar beats out its competition. For under $25, the Soft Touch looks far more expensive than it is, and even comes with a lifetime warranty. It’s made from real leather with brass rings and comes in four sizes, though we recommend leather collars mostly for larger pups with wider necks. Since leather collars are meant to be less flexible and slightly harder, you’ll want to make sure your dog isn’t sensitive to collars before trying a leather version.

    Owners rave about how attractive the Soft Touch leather collar is, saying it looks spiffy in any setting. If you want to give your pup a bit of well-made luxury, the Soft Touch is the perfect leather dog collar.

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    Best for Pulling: PetSafe Gentle Leader Collar

    If your well-meaning pup drags you down the street every time you go for a walk, the Pet Safe Gentle Leader collar is a safe way to curb their pulling habit. While a harness may be better for some pulling pups, it’s important to find a solution that works for your specific pet — and a gentle leader is a great training tool for many dogs. It’s meant to curb excessive pulling, tugging and barking, and is only used while your dog is learning the right way to walk on a leash. It comes in five sizes and eight colors, and includes a training video to help owners learn the best way to use a leader.

    The PetSafe leader has many enthusiastic fans that claim it’s the first product that made their walks more pleasant. It’s also a great choice for fearful or aggressive dogs; owners say it helps them easily control lunging and barking. We love the PetSafe Gentle Leader because it’s effective without rubbing or chafing, and utilizes a two-loop design (looping around the neck and the nose), which allows for maximum control with very strong dogs. The PetSafe leader is a great training collar that will provide a much more pleasant walking experience.