The 7 Best Dog Doors to Buy in 2018

Let your pup relieve himself with these convenient options

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A dog brings endless joy and companionship, but becoming a dog parent is definitely a big responsibility—and one that should never be taken lightly. With that said, a dog door is one way to make you and your pup’s life a little easier: It gives him the freedom to relieve himself whenever he needs (given you have a safe, fenced-in yard) without your being around. They also give your dog the opportunity to get exercise and stretch his legs when you’re at work, warding off boredom that can cause destructive behavior.

From sliding glass to durable all-weather doors you can have installed in a wall, we’ve rounded up the best dog doors for every need. Trust us, Fido will thank you.


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    Best Overall: PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Pet Door for Dogs

    PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Pet Door for Dogs
    Courtesy of Amazon

    The PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Pet Door is a great choice for most families (and most dogs). This durable dog door works for exterior doors up to two inches thick​ and is made from durable plastic with a heavy-duty aluminum lining to keep bad weather out. The door comes in four different sizes, each one with a strong vinyl flap that features a magnetic enclosure to secure the entryway. The small size works well for dogs up to 15 pounds, while the x-large is perfect for dogs up to 220 pounds. Before you buy, measure your pup’s shoulder length to ensure an exact fit.

    This PetSafe door comes with detailed instructions so you can install it yourself, but the company offers a customer service line to answer any questions you may have during the process. Amazon reviewers say the PetSafe aluminum door holds up well over time and is secure enough to keep other pets, such as too-smart cats, away.

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    Best Sensor: High Tech Pet Electronic Door

    High Tech Pet Electronic Door
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    Though all dog doors do their very best to keep unwanted pests out, the High Tech Pet Electronic Door is by far the best choice if you’re worried about unwanted animal friends dropping by for a visit. This sensor-triggered dog door uses a lithium battery-operated collar to trigger the door and let your dog out when he’s ready to do his business. The directional operation is created to open only when your dog is directly approaching the door, not when he is sleeping or nosing around nearby. The door measures 12” x 16” and works for dogs up to 100 pounds. The four-way access control allows you to switch modes from in-only, out-only, both ways or fully locked as needed.

    Though this electronic dog door has a higher price tag than the standard doors on our list, owners say it’s easy to install and well worth the cost for the security it offers.

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    Best for Sliding Glass: PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Patio Panel Door

    If you don’t want to pick up a drill or a saw, the PetSafe Freedom Aluminum Patio Panel Sliding Dog Door is for you. This offering is made for sliding glass doors and works by fitting into the existing track. The door is available in heights of either 81” or 96” height and four width options from small to x-large, depending on the size of your pup. You can also pick from white, satin or bronze, so the dog door blends in with the rest. Meanwhile, the aluminum frame and weather stripping do a good job of keeping bad weather out.

    Amazon reviewers love the freedom the PetSafe door offers their pup. Many reviewers mention how easy it to install and how effective it is at protecting from inclement weather.

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    Best for Cold Weather: Ideal Pet Ruff Weather Framed Pet Door

    Ideal Pet Ruff Weather Framed Pet Door
    Courtesy of Home Depot

    One of the biggest concerns for pet owners when considering a dog door is whether cold air will seep inside, especially during the harsh winter months. The Ideal Pet Ruff Weather Framed Pet Door is a great choice for colder climates and harsh conditions. This dog door is installed in a wall rather than an exterior door, and comes with detailed instructions so you can find the very best wall space for your door. This dog door features a double flap design for maximum energy efficiency and a magnetic closure to keep the entryway closed when in use. It’s 15” by 23.5” and fits dogs up to 150 pounds.

    Even though a wall-installed door may sound intimidating, reviewers say the instructions are easy to follow, even for the non-handyman. Dog lovers say the Ideal Pet Ruff Weather Door is perfect for all temperatures and works for dogs of all sizes.

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    Best for Large Dogs: PetSafe Plastic Pet Door Extra-Large

    The PetSafe Plastic Pet Door comes in a wide variety of sizes, but the extra-large is perfect if your dog is more “bear” than “bunny.” It fits dogs up to 220 pounds, 13” wide and 23” in height. This simple dog door features a durable plastic frame that can be installed in doors up to 2” thick. This moderate-use door is ideal for single pet homes. The white frame is easily paintable so you can match it to your door. The snap closure allows you to secure the door when you don't want your dog using it.

    PetSafe owners say this dog door is easy to install—and though it’s more lightweight than some of the other options on our list, it’s effective at keeping Fido’s other animal friends out.

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    Best for Small Dogs: Dog Mate Small Dog Door

    Smaller dogs often can’t hold their bladders as long as their larger counterparts, and a dog door can be a lifesaver for those long days. The Dog Mate Small Dog Door is perfect for dogs up to 14 inches in height. This plastic door offers a four-way locking system with a brush sealed, draft-proof flap.

    Amazon reviewers love the Dog Mate Small Dog Door for their teacup and miniature pups. Installation is clear and takes only 20 minutes, and owners say the door is weatherproof, even against harsh winter cold.

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    Best Screen: Apalus Magnetic Screen Door

    The Apalus Magnetic Screen Door is an installation-free alternative to a traditional dog door. This screen flap is perfect for those summer nights when you entertain friends but want to give your pup the freedom to come and go as he pleases. This screen is 36” by 83” and closes via extra-strength magnets. It’s the perfect solution for hot days when you want to keep the door open without inviting bugs into your home.

    The Apalus Magnetic Screen Door is not specifically made for dogs, but owners say it’s a wonderful dog door. The screen closes automatically and it won’t tear when your dog bumbles through it.