The 7 Best Dog Food Delivery Services of 2022

Get your pup's meals sent straight to your door.

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Your dog is a part of your family, and just like trying to find the best food for yourself, you also want to feed your dog the very best. However, trying to decide on what food to feed your dog can feel like an overwhelming task. We gathered a list of our top picks for dog food delivery services. Keep reading to learn more.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: The Farmer’s Dog

Best Guarantee: Nom Nom

Best Dry Food: Spot & Tango

Best Subscription-Optional: A Pup Above

Best Natural: Ollie

Best Ready-to-Serve: PetPlate

Best Commercial Delivery: Chewy

Best Overall: The Farmer’s Dog

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The Farmer’s Dog

The Farmer’s Dog offers human-grade meals using real meat and vegetables that wouldn’t look out of place on your own dinner plate. The focus is on fresh ingredients, delivering all the nutrients your dog needs with no preservatives and less processing than traditional dog food.

Each plan is customized based on a questionnaire about your dog’s age, lifestyle, health, and dietary habits. After filling it out, you can further choose by protein to specify the recipes you do or do not want to be included in your plan. The service starts at around $2 per day but can go up to about $12 per day for a larger, more active breed.

Meals from The Farmer’s Dog ship free to any of the lower 48 states and arrive frozen. It’s simple to make changes to your plan as needed, including the timing of deliveries and food quantity. The Farmer's Dog is a winner for a daily meal service that features some of the highest-quality ingredients available.

Best Guarantee: Nom Nom

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Nom Nom

It’s no secret that natural dog food has a lot of health benefits for your pup. We love Nom Nom dog food because the company guarantees that you’ll see a change in your furry friend within 30 days, or you’ll get your money back.

Each pre-portioned meal is made from fresh, natural ingredients, and you can pick from four flavors (beef, chicken, pork, or turkey) based on your dog’s nutritional needs. Nom Nom’s in-house veterinarian creates the recipes to ensure your dog gets all of the nutrients he or she needs. Start a two-week trial with meals custom portioned for your dog. After that, choose from shipments every two or four weeks based on what works best with your schedule.

Prices vary based on your dog’s size and nutritional needs, but you can calculate your personal quote on their site. If your pup is a picky eater, you can even rotate recipes every week for an additional fee, making it easier to entice your dog with new flavors. Nom Nom also offers a variety pack for $15 that allows you to sample a recipe in each of their four flavors.

Best Dry Food: Spot & Tango

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Spot & Tango

Use SPRUCE50 to take 50% off your first Spot & Tango order. Afterward, the subscription will revert to full price for the next scheduled delivery. Try their Yam Yum and Chicken Munchies Snacks, as these single-ingredient snacks are to be delivered with each Fresh or UnKibble shipment and switch at any time.

While many dog food subscriptions put an emphasis on frozen meals, Spot & Tango's "UnKibble" provides the benefits of fresh food in an easy-to-serve, dry form. Make no mistake—the service's fresh meals are excellent, with choices like turkey with red quinoa or lamb and brown rice. But the option of ordering specialized dry food is what truly sets it apart.

Like its fresh meals, Spot & Tango's dry food is made with human-grade ingredients and is free of artificial preservatives, fillers, or additives. You can customize the dry foods in your plan, and all items (fresh and dry) are appropriate for both puppies and adult dogs.

Spot & Tango's "UnKibble" plans start at around $7 per week, and fresh meal plans start at about $15 per week. Costs vary based on your dog's age, weight, and other factors. The service offers free two-day shipping within the contiguous U.S., and it's easy to modify, pause, or cancel your subscription. You can also start off your subscription with a two-week trial under the Happy Pup Guarantee, and if you're not satisfied with the food, they will refund your trial order.

Best Subscription-Optional: A Pup Above

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A Pup Above

While A Pup Above is primarily a subscription service, it also gives you the option of ordering individual bags of its four main recipes: turkey, beef, chicken, and pork. Each one contains loads of non-GMO veggies, is free of added antibiotics or growth hormones, and costs about $35 for a 3lb bag.

Another distinguishing factor is the service’s use of sous-vide, preparing food via water circulation that preserves the nutrients in each ingredient. (Upscale restaurants tend to use it, so why shouldn’t your dog reap the benefits, too?)

A sampler pack—including of all four flavors of A Pup Above’s fresh 3lb dog food bags—costs around $130, and its subscription service (which uses the same recipes) starts as low as approximately $3 per day ($16 per week) for the smallest breeds. You can choose from delivery schedules of two, four, six, or eight weeks. A Pup Above also gives you the option of choosing between a half plan (3lb bags) and full plan (7lb bags), making it easy to customize the service to fit your budget.

Best Natural: Ollie

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Many dog food delivery services market their use of great ingredients, but Ollie's recipes stands out for its high-quality meat and complete lack of artificial flavors, by-products, or preservatives.

Ollie offers four different recipes (beef, lamb, turkey, and chicken), each balancing minimally processed protein with nutritious fruits and vegetables. The meals are human-grade and free of fillers of any kind.

You'll start by creating a profile for your dog; then, Ollie will create a customized recipe plan based on your pets needs. Meals arrive on a regular schedule, but it's easy to make adjustments when needed. The food can go straight into the freezer until you're ready to thaw.

Plans start at about $4 per day for small breeds who are only fed Ollie meals. Partial meal plans are also available.

As with most dog food subscription services, creating a profile with your pet's information is the best way to get a sense of overall costs.

Best Ready-to-Serve: PetPlate



For delivery dog food, we love the subscription service PetPlate. The site’s customizable plans feature chicken, beef, lamb, and turkey recipes, which are freshly cooked and loaded with quality ingredients (with no by-products, artificial preservatives, or rendered meats).

Each meal is flash-frozen for freshness and can be thawed in your refrigerator or defrosted immediately in a microwave. Your plan will be tailored based on your dog's particular breed group, allergies (if any), and other factors. The site even features a "topper" plan for customers who want to use PetPlate meals on top of regular dry food.

Plans with PetPlate start at just under $3 per day and can go up from there. Setting up a topper plan can make the service more budget-friendly, but we suggest first building a profile for your dog with information about their age, health, and breed to get a more accurate sense of cost.

Best Commercial Delivery: Chewy

Chewy blue font logo on white background


Not into the subscription model? There Not into the subscription model? There are plenty of standard pet supply sites and major retailers that ship dog food.

Our favorite of the bunch is Chewy, which has one of the largest commercial dog food selections. The site's design makes it easy to filter by type of food (wet, dry, raw, and human-grade are just the beginning), as well as brand, life-stage, breed, and a host of other factors.

Like a subscription plan, Chewy offers the option of automatically refilling your favorite dog food using its auto-ship option. By selecting this feature, you can determine a shipping schedule so you'll never have to remember to place an order. It gives you the ability to make adjustments easily or cancel.

Most of the dog food brands available on Chewy can be purchased via auto-ship, and many offer a 5% discount when you use the feature (Chewy will also give you 35% of your first auto-fill order). Since there's such a wide selection, prices vary depending on the brand of food.

How Much Does Dog Food Delivery Cost? 

Depending on the type of food you need for your dog, prices can be the same or sometimes cheaper than purchasing dog food at your local store. On average, the cost ranges from $45 to $140 per month. Raw dog food is often more expensive than traditional hard food, but it can be well worth the price for many pups. Some dog food delivery companies offer plans based on weekly or monthly subscriptions. Your final price will depend on the size of your dog and its dietary needs.  

Why Order Dog Food Delivery? 

Dog food delivery helps ensure that you never forget to have dog food on hand, and it can be an excellent value for higher quality ingredients. Many dog food delivery companies offer homemade meals with ingredients picked specifically for your pup’s dietary needs. In some cases, you can customize your dog’s meal plans so you can get the particular nutrients that your pooch needs every month. 

Does My Dog Need Raw Food?

A raw food diet can be a very healthy choice for many dogs, but it may not be right for every dog. Talk to your veterinarian before switching to a raw food diet. Raw dog food can eliminate calorie-laden carbohydrates from your pup’s diet, which is great if the dog needs to maintain a healthy weight. It can also be a suitable choice for pets with gastrointestinal issues or allergies since raw food doesn’t have the same additives as commercial dog food.


We reviewed every dog food delivery subscription service out there and picked our favorites based on price, selection, and quality of food. All of our picks are made with all-natural ingredients and support your dog's overall health. We gave bonus points to any service that allowed for customization for pets with allergies or picky eaters. For instance, we chose Ollie for its natural ingredients and The Farmer's Dog for its human-grade meals.

These services have an excellent reputation, offer high-quality food options, and include flexible shipping and delivery options. Great customer service and money-back guarantees were also essential in our selection process.