The 7 Best Dog Frisbees

The Chuckit! Paraflight Frisbee is best for dogs who love this game of fetch

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The Chuckit! Paraflight Frisbee is our top pick. If you want an affordable multipack of frisbees, the Hyper Pet Flippy Flopper Frisbee is the best option.

If your dog loves chasing frisbees, it's important to buy one that's made for dogs, rather than repurposing a frisbee intended for humans. This can protect your dog from injury to their head, teeth, and gums.

When shopping for a dog disc, look for one made of rubber or nylon. Nylon frisbees will be lighter but might not be as durable in the long run. Keep size in mind, because small or young dogs will benefit from a smaller disc diameter that is easier to catch and won't drag on the ground. Depending on how you plan to use a frisbee with your dog, you can also shop for other features like LED lights for better visibility, or handles to make the frisbee a tugging toy, too.

Challenge your pet with one of these best dog frisbees.

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Best Overall: Chuckit! Paraflight Frisbee

Chuckit! Paraflight Frisbee

Courtesy of Chewy

The Chuckit! Paraflight Flyer is the perfect toy for endless games of fetch. Designed to last for many play sessions, the Chuckit! is aerodynamic and developed for long-distance flight. This frisbee is made from nylon and rubber and is incredibly buoyant in water, so you can take it to the beach or the lake. It comes in two sizes, small (7 inches) and large (10 inches), so it’s great for breeds of all sizes. It’s also lightweight, so it’s comfortable for carrying and fetching, making it our top overall pick.

The Chuckit! is easy to toss, and gets a lot of distance without requiring much effort. It may not hold up to the most aggressive chewing, but replacements are low-cost and worth it. If you are hunting for a great all-around frisbee for hours of play, you’ll love the Chuckit!

Best for Chewers: KONG Classic Flyer Frisbee Dog Toy

Courtesy of Chewy.

If you’re the dog parent to an intense chewer, you probably know the pain of splurging on a new dog toy only to find it ripped to shreds a few days later. The KONG Classic Flyer is one of the most durable frisbees on the market, designed to hold up against even the most aggressive chewers. Even if your four-legged friend has managed to chew through every other plastic toy, the KONG is up for the challenge. Made from KONG’s classic non-toxic rubber, this disc is strong but still flexible enough to be comfortable for all-day play. The large frisbee is 9 inches around and the small size is 7 inches.

Not only are KONG toys popular, but they provide endless exercise and bonding, and you won’t have to replace it after a month or two of use.

Best for Small Dogs: UpDog Products Dog Frisbee

UpDog Products Dog Frisbee

Courtesy of Amazon

Dogs of all sizes enjoy a good game of fetch, but large frisbees can be unwieldy for smaller breeds. We love the UpDog frisbee for smaller pups because it’s only 6 inches but still durable enough for chewers. Made from soft, flexible rubber, the UpDog frisbee comes in five different bright colors, making it easy to spot in high grass and low light. The smaller size fits well in tiny and medium breeds’ mouths, and the curved edge makes for comfortable carrying. Free of harsh chemical rubber smells, the UpDog is non-toxic and safe for your dog.

Dog owners say the UpDog is a great frisbee for their miniature canines. The soft rubber is durable and holds up well time after time. A couple of owners note that the frisbee is heavier than others, making it difficult to throw long distances.

Best for Large Dogs: Chuckit! Flying Squirrel Dog Toy

Chuckit! Flying Squirrel Dog Toy

Courtesy of Amazon

If you have a large pup who loves running and jumping, you need an easy-to-toss frisbee that will soar through the skies. The Chuckit! Flying Squirrel is designed with your runner in mind, built to fly through the sky for yard after yard. Made from durable nylon and rubber, this toy is unlike any other flying disc. It’s shaped like a flying squirrel and comes in three sizes. The large size is 11 inches and perfect for large and extra-large breeds. It floats in water and is easy to clean after a long day at the park.

The Flying Squirrel can take a little bit of getting used to, but once you get the toss down just right it truly flies through the sky, leading to hours and hours of fun.

Best for Night: Nite Ize Dog Discuit Disco LED Light-Up Flying Disc

Nite Ize Dog Discuit Disco LED Light-Up Flying Disc

Courtesy of Amazon

Just because the sun’s gone down doesn’t mean your pup’s excess energy has as well. The Nite Ize Flashflight Dog Discuit LED Flying Disc is filled with bright LED lights, so you and your dog can see the toy, even in the dark. The lights change colors as the disc soars, creating an entertaining color spectrum in the air. It’s important to note that the frisbee takes two lithium batteries (included) which are protected with a dog-safe cover. Each disc is just over 8 inches and made from a hard plastic that’s lightweight and easy to throw. Each product comes with a replacement guarantee if you’re unsatisfied with the product for any reason.

If you want to play fetch at night, the Nite Ize a great buy. It doesn’t hold up to aggressive chewers as well as other flexible rubber toys, but it’s a fun novelty product that’s well worth the price tag.

Best with Squeaker: KONG Squeezz Ring Dog Toy

Courtesy of Chewy.

Make your next game of frisbee an unexpected feast for your dog’s ears with the KONG Squeezz Ring Toy. They’ll love the victorious squeak when they make a catch, adding a whole new dimension to games of fetch. The toy can either be tossed or bounced, with an erratic style that keeps pups engaged. It’s made of durable, non-toxic material, and the hidden squeakers will continue working even if your dog punctures one part of the toy. It’s sold in both medium and large sizes and comes in a variety of fun jewel tones (the color is randomly selected upon shipment).

Customers write that dogs love their newly squeaky games of frisbee thanks to the KONG Squeezz Ring Toy. While it’s not made for long, gliding tosses like a traditional frisbee, it’s great for games of fetch, and the squeakers generally hold up even with aggressive chewers (although they’re not indestructible).

Best Multipack: Hyper Pet Flippy Flopper Dog Frisbee

Hyper Pet Flippy Flopper Dog Frisbee

Courtesy of Chewy

If you’ve got multiple dogs (or just want a backup frisbee on hand), it's easy to buy frisbees by the pack, saving you a repeat trip to the store in the future. The Hyper Pet Flippy Flopper Frisbee is popular on its own, and it’s also sold in packs of five. Each one is made with soft rubber and durable nylon, which is both safe for your dog’s teeth while holding up over extended use. The frisbees are lightweight and float in the water, making them great for a day at the beach—or a multi-dog pool party, for that matter.

Each Hyper Pet Flippy Flopper Frisbee is 9 inches in diameter, and customers rave about these lightweight, easy to toss discs after testing them out with their pups. While the cloth-covered rubber isn’t going to be as strong as a KONG product, for example, the nylon is sturdier than you’d expect (and anyway, you’ll be getting a pack of five of them).

Final Verdict

The Chuckit! Paraflight Frisbee is our top pick because it's lightweight and comfortable for your dog to catch and carry. It's available in two different sizes, which makes it a great option for large or small breed dogs. If you're looking for an affordable multipack of frisbees, the Hyper Pet Flippy Flopper Frisbee is the best option. You can buy two at a time or a pack of five. Made from a combination of rubber and nylon, these frisbees are lightweight and float in the water.

What to Look For


Check that the frisbee is made from dog-safe materials. Discs for dogs are usually made from rubber, nylon, or a combination of materials. The material of the frisbee will impact its weight, affecting how far it flies and how heavy it is for your dog to carry back to you. What the frisbee is made of also determines its durability. If you have a powerful chewer, choose a frisbee made from dense (but dog-safe) rubber that can stand up to chomping.


Frisbees aren't one-size-fits-all. Small breed dogs will need a disc with a smaller diameter, usually around 6 inches. Bigger dogs can catch and carry a larger frisbee, up to 11 inches or so in size. If you start training your young dog to play with a frisbee, you may need to start with a smaller size and graduate to a larger disc as your dog grows.

Other Features

Frisbees for dogs come with a variety of features to add variety to your playtime. For example, some frisbees are designed to provide various play opportunities, including a quick game of tug-of-war when your dog returns from the chase. Other features include lights for better visibility at night or a donut-shaped disc to help your dog better grasp the disc.

  • Are frisbees safe for dogs?

    Frisbees designed specifically for dogs should be used over discs made for humans. Dog-specific frisbees typically have rounded edges and are made of less dense material to avoid hurting your dog's teeth or hitting them too hard in the gums or head.

  • How do I train my dog to catch a frisbee?

    The first step in training a dog to catch a frisbee is to give your dog a reason to want the frisbee—this is known as drive. Some dogs may be interested in the frisbee from day one, but other dogs will need the frisbee to be associated with good things. You may try spreading peanut butter on the rim of the frisbee or feeding your dog its meals from the frisbee for a week or two. Once your dog learns to associate the frisbee with good things, it will be more driven to chase it down.

    The next step is to introduce your dog to grabbing and releasing the frisbee. Depending on the size of your dog, crouch or stand at a level where the frisbee is about even with your dog's muzzle. Hold the frisbee parallel to the ground and close to your dog's mouth. When the dog grabs it, ask them to release or 'give' the frisbee. Respond with praise and/or a treat when your dog releases the disc. You may need to repeat this step and the following steps many times before the dog understands each phase of the training and can play with a frisbee successfully.

    Once your dog has mastered grabbing the frisbee, teach them to do this on the move. Starting in the same position, swivel your body and the frisbee away from the dog's mouth, encouraging them to walk or run to catch up to the frisbee in order to grab it. Again, ask for the release immediately and praise your pet.

    Next, encourage your dog to grab the frisbee in the air. As with the first two steps, hold the frisbee parallel to the ground, but this time move the frisbee higher as you circle away from your dog. This should encourage them to jump for the disc. When they successfully grab it from the air, ask for the release and provide plenty of praise.

    Finally, begin throwing the frisbee short distances. Be sure you have your dog's attention before releasing the frisbee and encourage your dog to run after the disc immediately after the release. Once your dog catches the frisbee, call him back and ask for the release.

  • Is it OK if dogs chew on frisbees?

    Most people experienced with training dogs to play with a frisbee recommend that you do not let your dog chew on the frisbee. This can distract from the dog's focus on catching and returning the frisbee to you. In addition, if you're not using a frisbee made specifically for dogs, the material of the frisbee may harm your dog's teeth and gums, or be harmful if swallowed. When using a frisbee for dogs, you may not need to worry about any harm to your dog if he chews on it, but a preoccupation with chewing on the disc could distract your pet from the game of frisbee.

  • Do all dog breeds like to catch frisbees?

    Some dog breeds are more likely to enjoy playing with a frisbee, but the personality and ability of each dog—along with how much training you've invested in your pet—will determine how much your dog likes to catch frisbees. Typically, dog breeds that are known for their agility, athletic ability, retrieving instinct, and work ethic are the most natural fit for frisbee. Dogs of other breeds, however, can be taught to enjoy the game, too.

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