The 6 Best Dog Grooming Tables of 2023

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RoomTec 46" Dog Grooming Table


If you have several dogs or just one dog with lots of hair, then you may have tried at-home grooming. While grooming your dog at home presents unique challenges, the right tools—like your own dog grooming table—can make it a lot easier, and sustainable over the long term. 

“Grooming tables are great for keeping your dog in one place and are ergonomic for you,” says groomer Déja Pearson, owner of True Vibes Unleashed, a holistic dog grooming salon in Shaker Heights, Ohio. “When the dog is at hip level, working on them becomes much easier on your body—especially your back. You can get your dog groomed much faster than on the floor.”

According to Pearson, the best at-home dog grooming table should be stable, big enough for your dog, high enough for your comfort, and should feature an arm—a steel pole that holds the dog’s safety loop in place. Our favorite dog grooming table is 

We talked to groomers and dog owners about how to use tables and what features to look for. Our favorite overall is the RoomTec 46" Dog Grooming Table. It has two adjustable loops to hold your pup, a storage basket, and supports up to 300 pounds.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall

RoomTec 46" Dog Grooming Table

RoomTec 46" Dog Grooming Table


What We Like
  • Two loops to hold pets

  • Loop positions are adjustable

  • Storage basket

  • Rounded corners on table

What We Don't Like
  • Heavy and not easy to move

  • Basket sometimes pops out

This large grooming table should fit almost any size dog, with a weight capacity of a whopping 300 pounds. The table has a lot helpful features as well, including an adjustable grooming arm that goes across the entire top of the table, with two available loops. Unlike many tables, the loops can be moved to different positions along the grooming arm, allowing you to adjust based on the length of your dog. The table has rounded corners for safety and there’s a handy basket at the bottom to store your brushes and other tools. There are rubber pads on the feet to keep the table from moving.

The RoomTec Dog Grooming Table comes in blue or black with a waterproof, non-slip top. It closes like a traditional folding table with both sets of legs turned toward the middle, but since it weighs nearly 40 pounds, it's not the easiest to store and set up frequently.

Price at Time of Publish: $130

Dimensions: 46 x 24 x 64 inches | Max Height: 29.3 inches (table) 64 inches (arm) | Weight Capacity: 300 pounds | Accessories: Arm and two loops, basket

Best Adjustable

Master Equipment Adjustable Height Grooming Table

Master Equipment Adjustable Height Grooming Table


What We Like
  • Adjusts from 24 to 34.5 inches

  • Non-slip vinyl top

  • Folds for storage

  • Comes in black or purple

What We Don't Like
  • No grooming arm

You don’t want to have to stand on tiptoes to groom your dog. This Master Equipment table has legs that adjust one inch at a time. The table can be as low as 24 inches or as high as 34.5 inches. The tabletop itself comes in four sizes from 32 to 48 inches long and the whole thing folds relatively easily.

The top has non-slip textured vinyl so your pet won’t slip and the legs lock in place with clamps and screws. The table does not come with an arm and loop, however, so you’ll have to buy a grooming arm separately. The table is sturdy and the top is easy to clean when you’re finished. No matter which size you buy, the tables hold a dog weighing up to 250 pounds.

Price at Time of Publish: $205 (38 inches)

Dimensions: 32 x 21.3 x 34.5 inches, 38 x 26.8 x 34.5 inches, 44.5 x 27 x 34.5 inches, 48 x 5 x 34.5 inches | Max Height: 34.5 inches | Weight Capacity: 250 pounds | Accessories: none

Best Portable

Flying Pig Grooming Mini Portable Table

Flying Pig Grooming Mini Portable


What We Like
  • Blue or black

  • Sturdy

  • Easy to fold

What We Don't Like
  • Not for large dogs

  • Not that lightweight

This foldable grooming table is easy to close up with its X-shaped design, making it convenient to stash away or take with you on the go. Not meant for big dogs, it supports pets up to 50 pounds. The table itself weighs about 26 pounds, so it’s sturdy, but not particularly lightweight.

The slip-resistant top features a pattern of little bones and comes in either black or bright blue. The arm has adjustable height settings and includes a loop to help keep your pet still. For safety, the table also has non-skid feet to keep it from shifting while you’re working on your pet.

Price at time of publish: $95 | Dimensions: 24 x 18 x 28.75 inches | Max Height: 32.25 inches | Weight Capacity: 50 pounds | Accessories: Arm and loop

Best for Small Dogs

Master Equipment Small Grooming Table

Master Equipment Small Grooming Table


What We Like
  • Rotating table

  • Turns slowly

  • Arm adjusts from 15.75 to about 24 inches

  • Comes in black, blue, and purple

What We Don't Like
  • Only for very small dogs

  • Has to sit on a table or counter

This small, rotating grooming spot works best with pretty small pups. You set it on a sturdy table or countertop, place your pet on the surface, and secure them with the attached loop. Then you can slowly spin the table as you work on them. The table turns very slowly, so there’s no chance of it rotating quickly and scaring your pup and it has non-skid feed to keep it in one spot.

The top is non-slip and easy to wipe clean and comes in black, as well as blue or purple. The arm adjusts from 15.75 to about 24 inches to make room for taller dogs. However, because the table is only 18 inches in diameter, your pet can’t be any longer than that.

Price at time of publish: $82

Dimensions: 18 inches (diameter) x 24 inches (height) | Max Height: 24 inches | Weight Capacity: 110 pounds | Accessories: Grooming arm and loop

Best for Large Dogs

Polar Aurora Pingkay 48'' Black Heavy Duty Pet Grooming Table

Polar Aurora Pingkay 48'' Black Heavy Duty Pet Grooming Table


What We Like
  • Rounded edges on table

  • Larger than many

  • Storage basket

What We Don't Like
  • Heavy

  • Shorter than some tables

This huge table is big enough for even the very largest of dogs. It’s 48 inches long and nearly two feet wide and can hold as much as 330 pounds of fur and fluff. Made of heavy-duty stainless steel, the table has strong supporting brackets to keep your pet safe and a rubber, waterproof top to prevent slipping and for easy cleanup.

The table folds easily, but it weighs 40 pounds so it doesn’t move without some effort. There’s an adjustable arm with one loop to keep pets secure while you brush and trim. Anti-slip pads on the bottom of the table’s feet offer extra security and a mesh storage basket holds all your grooming supplies.

Price at Time of Publish: $120

Dimensions: 48 x 23.6 x 26.8 inches | Max Height: 26.8 inches (table) | Weight Capacity: 330 pounds | Accessories: Arm and loop, storage basket

Best Bathtub Wash Station

Furesh Elevated Folding Pet Bathtub and Washing Station

Furesh Elevated Folding Pet Bathtub and Washing Station


What We Like
  • Easily folds up

  • Built-in drainage hose and safety harness

  • Blue or gray

  • Lightweight

What We Don't Like
  • Not for very large pets

For anyone who has hunched over the bathtub trying to wash a squirmy dog, this elevated, folding bathtub might be a genius solution. At only 11 pounds, it’s very lightweight and folds easily to store when you don’t need it. The tub holds 130 pounds (including water), but your pet will have to be small enough to fit inside it in order for it to work.

To use easily, set up the bathtub inside your shower or tub. There’s an attached safety harness to help keep your pet contained while you wash. Fill up the tub with either a hose (not included) or your shower head. There’s a convenient pocket on the side to hold shampoo and a towel. When you’re done, use the built-in drainage hose to empty out the tub.

Price at Time of Publish: $130

Dimensions: 32.3 x 17.8 x 35.5 inches | Max Height: 36 inches | Weight Capacity: 130 pounds (including water) | Accessories: Safety harness, extra drain hose

Final Verdict

Our top overall pick is the RoomTec 46” Dog Grooming Table. It has two adjustable loops to hold your pup, a storage basket, and holds up to 300 pounds of weight. If you prefer something that is adjustable, check out the Master Equipment Adjustable Height Grooming Table, which adjusts from 24 to 34.5 inches and folds for storage.

What to Look for in Dog Grooming Tables


Many tables come with an arm, which is a pole that attaches to the table and holds the safety loop that keeps the dog in place. “An arm is absolutely essential to keeping your dog safe on the table, and should be very sturdy,” says Pearson.

If your table doesn’t come with an arm and loop, you can buy one separately. Or consider something like Pupwell’s suction-cup leash, which attaches to almost any smooth surface. That can turn your kitchen counter or desk into a grooming table.


Most grooming tables come at a set height, and you can typically adjust the grooming arm to fit the height of your dog. But if you are short, tall, or if several people use the same table, it can be helpful to be able to adjust the table to fit. The Go Pet Go Electric Motor Z-Lift Professional Grooming Table, for example, adjusts from 21.5 to 41.3 inches and the Master Equipment Adjustable Height Grooming Table adjusts from 24 to 34.5, one inch at a time.

“Some tables are hydraulic: They allow dogs to jump on top of them when lowered and then you pump a foot pedal that lifts the table to your height,” Pearson says. “The most expensive tables are electric and with the press of a button the table quietly lifts slowly up and down.”

Portability and Comfort

“I'd find one that is foldable so you can easily store it when not in use,” says grooming expert Julia Blackwell, founder of Pupwell, a company that makes at-home grooming products. “Get one with a good grip on the surface to help your pup get their footing under them.”

  • How do you use a dog grooming table?

    “Place the grooming table in a spot with lots of room to move around, preferably near an electrical outlet if you plan on using electric tools,” says Pearson. “If your table lowers and rises, place the height that brings your dog at about hip level.”

  • How do you get your dog on the grooming table?

    First gather all your supplies and have them nearby. Detach the safety loop and place it on your dog.  “Then lift your dog with one arm between their hind legs and the other arm across their chest,” says Pearson. “Use your legs to lift them onto the table. Quickly hook the loop onto the arm of the table and take a few moments to calm them down if they are nervous.”

    For a table that lowers to the ground and then lifts back up, use treats and praise to encourage them to step onto the table. Big dogs can be taught to hop up on the table.

  • What size dog grooming table do I need?

    The table has to be long enough for your dog to stand on it comfortably with some wiggle room. Go by “the length of your dog while standing up, plus another six inches for space,” suggests Kim Flatley, professional dog groomer and owner of St. Louis-based Fitness with Fido

    If your dog is particularly heavy, be sure to check how much weight each table can hold. Some grooming tables, like the Flying Pig Grooming Mini Portable, hold only up to 50 pounds, while the RoomTec Grooming Table holds up to 300 pounds.

    “Typically if your pup is under 50 pounds a 36-inch table is great, but over that, I'd recommend the 48-inch table,” says Blackwell.

  • How do you keep your dog safe on a grooming table?

    The most important thing is to never leave your dog unattended when they are on the table. If you have to step away, pick up your dog and put them on the floor.

    “Make sure the loop has a tiny bit of slack. A dog will usually not try to jump off if they can't lower their head first, so the loop is to prevent that movement,” Pearson explains. “A loop that is too loose will encourage the dog to try to jump, and a loop that is too tight may be too uncomfortable.”

    She recommends always checking to make sure the feet of the table are sturdy and the arm is tightened securely to the table. “If your dog does not look comfortable or keeps trying to jump off, hold off on grooming for a while and take some time to get them used to it with praise and treats,” Pearson says. “Some dogs may need frequent, short sessions to keep it positive.”

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