The 10 Best Dog Harnesses of 2023

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A harness is fitted around a dog’s torso, instead of around their neck like a collar. By distributing pressure from a leash across your dog’s body, a well fitted harness provides several advantages. A dog in a harness is less likely to pull on a leash and easier to control during a walk, which makes them ideal for training, running, hiking, and walks in high-traffic areas. 

Our favorite dog harness is the Blue-9 Pet Products Balance Harness, which fits better, on a wider range of dogs, than any other harness we've considered. It has multiple points of adjustment, lots of color options, and won't chafe or impede your dog's movements. But there are other harnesses we also love that might work even better for you and your dog.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall

Blue-9 Balance Harness

Blue-9 Pet Products Balance Harness


What We Like
  • Six points of adjustment to fit any dog body type

  • No chafing, no restricted movement

  • Front and back leash attachments

  • Buckle on neck, so you don’t have to pull harness over dog’s head

  • Nine color options

  • Top strap identifiable by color

What We Don't Like
  • Thin webbing is vulnerable to chewers

  • No reflective portion

This harness is the best pick for most dog owners because it’s designed to fit any dog, and has six points of adjustment so you can find a configuration that won’t chafe or impede your dog’s movement. The relatively minimal design of the Blue-9 Balance Harness does a fantastic job of conforming to a dog’s body without getting in the way, including only the straps necessary for achieving an effective and comfortable fit. This includes a “Y-neck” design at the front, which fits higher up on your dog’s neck (though still below the collar), so that it doesn’t impede their front legs. 

The Balance Harness has attachment points for a leash in either the back or front (or you can use a double-ended training leash to attach to both at once), making it useful for no-pull training and other adjustments to your dog’s leash etiquette. It’s also a good pick for nervous dogs, since it has a buckle for the neck portion of the harness, which means you’ll never have to pull it over your dog’s head. 

While the Blue-9 Balance Harness has the most adjustable and versatile fit of any harness we’ve evaluated, its minimal design has some minor downsides. For one, while the harness’s nylon webbing has a test strength of thousands of pounds, it’s vulnerable to a heavy chewer. Blue-9 recommends against leaving your dog unattended in a harness, and its harnesses come with chew prevention tips. Blue-9 also offers a 90-day chew warranty, where you can replace a chewed and damaged harness for half price.

We also wish the Balance Harness had some reflective elements for better visibility in low-light conditions. But other than that, the Blue-9 Balance Harness is very nearly perfect. If you’ve never used a harness before, then the Balance Harness is more likely than any other we’ve researched to fit your dog well.

The Blue-9 Pet Products Balance Harness is available in five different sizes to accommodate any dog breed. It also comes in nine different color configurations.

Price at time of publish: $45

Sizes: Extra small, small, medium, medium/large, large | Materials: Nylon, plastic, metal leash rings | Colors: Black, blue, camo, hot pink, hunter green, orange, purple, red, sky blue

Best Budget

Rabbitgoo No Pull Dog Harness

Rabbitgoo Dog Harness


What We Like
  • Affordable

  • No-pull

  • Well-padded

  • Adjustable

  • Fast-release buckles

  • Comes in many colors

What We Don't Like
  • Less adjustability than some models

  • No extra accoutrement

With a comfy, well-padded design and sturdy clips on the front (no-pull) and back, this harness works for a variety of outdoor excursions. With four points of adjustment, it will also fit most sizes and breeds of dogs. Fast release buckles make taking the harness on and off easy.

In addition to its adjustable fit, the Rabbitgoo harness has other features to enhance your dog's comfort, including an airy, mesh lining and enough padding that it won't chafe. We really like the sturdy top handle for those times when you need to keep your dog extra close, and the reflective stitching helps make nighttime walks safer.

The Rabbitgoo No Pull Dog Harness is available in four different sizes and 14 different colors.

Price at time of publish: $17

Sizes: S-XL | Colors: Baby blue, bright pumpkin, classic black, cherry pink, honey wheat, lemon yellow, light gray, mint green, modern violet, navy blue, Passion Red, Rose Red, Tranquil Teal, Vibrant Lime | Material: Polyester, nylon

Best Minimalist

Harness Lead No Pull Dog Harness

Harness Lead No Pull Dog Harness


What We Like
  • Lots of color options

  • Easy Fit

  • Machine washable

What We Don't Like
  • Only available in two sizes

This combination harness and leash is as simple as it gets. One loop goes around your dog’s neck, then you take the leash length and wrap it across their chest and back through a slit opening. You now have a leash emerging from your dog’s back, attached to two loops. Rubber stoppers can be moved to capture the right adjustment lengths.

The clever design of the Harness Lead keeps the pressure across your dog’s chest, instead of on their neck. Plus, it’s made of double-braided polyester for thousands of pounds of pulling strength (but as with many harnesses, it’s vulnerable to chewing).

The Harness Lead comes in multiple color combinations, including several reflective versions. While you’re more likely to ensure your dog’s comfort with a harness made of flat straps, with more points of adjustment, the Harness Lead is a good minimalist introduction to the harness concept, which does an excellent job of avoiding pressure points or impeding your dog’s natural movements.

The Harness Lead is available in two sizes and ten colors. It’s even machine washable (hang to dry).

Price at time of publish: $30

Sizes: Small/medium, medium/large | Material: Double-braided polyester, rubber stops at adjustment points | Colors: Purple/green/yellow, red reflective, blue/turquoise, black reflective, orange reflective, pink/purple, blue/lime, purple, purple/turquoise, pink

Best for Training

PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness

PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness


What We Like
  • Effective no-pull design

  • Time-tested product

  • Colored belly strap to make dressing easier

  • Fits comfortably across chest

  • Very wide range of sizes

What We Don't Like
  • Narrow design, not good for wider dogs

For owners who need maximum control over their pup, this staple of the PetSafe catalog will easily steer your dog back toward you whenever they start pulling or misbehaving. The harness is acutely adjustable, designed to offer a safe and snug fit without any chafing or discomfort. The Martingale loop on the front of the vest—patented by PetSafe—will stop your canine from twisting as well as pulling.

Another major element that distinguishes the Easy Dog Harness is its colored belly strap, for easy access when applying the harness to your pup. It is also designed to sit across your dog’s chest instead of near their throat, providing an additional layer of comfort that is not indicative of many no-pull harnesses on the market.

The only thing to be aware of with the PetSmart Easy Walk Harness is that its cut is fairly narrow. For larger—and especially wider—dogs, the harness may be uncomfortably tight or not give the owner enough control.

Price at time of publish: $23

Size: Petite, small, small/medium, medium, medium/large, large, petite/small, x-Large | Colors: Apple green/grey, black/silver, deep purple/black, fawn/brown, raspberry/gray, red/black, royal blue/navy blue, teal | Material: Nylon

Best Padded

Hurtta Casual Padded Y-Harness

Hurtta Casual Padded Y-Harness


What We Like
  • Ergonomic padding

  • Prevents against rubbing and chafing

  • Don’t need to lift your dog’s legs to put it on

  • Reflectors for night walking

What We Don't Like
  • Neck is not adjustable, so buying the right size is crucial

Hurtta’s Padded Y-Harness adds enough padding to keep your dog extra comfortable, without adding too much for them to stay maneuverable. The combination of this back-clip harness’ adjustable chest strap and ergonomic neoprene padding means that the harness will fit your dog comfily and securely.

The harness also distributes pressure easily when pulled, preventing chafing, and includes reflectors for evening walks and jogs. 

Price at time of publish: $27

Sizes: 16 sizes based on your dog’s measurements | Colors: Ash, cinnamon, heather, lingon, raven, river | Material: Neoprene

Best for Hiking

Ruffwear Web Master Dog Harness with Handle

RUFFWEAR Web Master Multi-Use Support Dog Harness


What We Like
  • Rugged padding

  • Sturdy aluminum v-ring on the back

  • Lift handle on the back

  • Five points of adjustment

  • Reflective

What We Don't Like
  • No front clip

Ruffwear are the leading purveyors of dog accessories for outdoorsy owners and pulls. This dual-clip harness is designed to be worn for extended periods of time, with a secure, comfortable construction and durable padding. Your leash attaches to the aluminum v-ring on the back. Designed for trail conditions, the Web Master does not include a “no-pull” leash attachment on the front.

The Ruffwear harness is designed to be easily put on, and features five points of adjustment. There are additional safety features, too, including bright fabric with reflective trim lines for visibility at any time of day and in any weather. it also includes a big handle on the back, so you can lift your dog’s out of harm’s way, or pull them in close if necessary. 

Price at time of publish: $55

Sizes: XX-Small, x-small, small, medium, large/x-large | Colors: Aurora teal, blue moon, campfire orange, hibiscus pink, purple sage, red clay, red sumac, twilight gray

Best for Car Rides

EzyDog Drive Dog Car Harness

The EzyDog Drive Dog Car Harness


What We Like
  • Crash tested by internationally-recognized Automotive Safety Engineering body

  • Can be used for walks too

What We Don't Like
  • Only available in black

  • Difficult to fit

The EzyDog Drive Dog Car Harness is a secure, padded harness that has two handles on the back designed for your car’s seat belt. The EzyDog has a contoured and padded chest plate, which distributes any tugging across your dog’s body. We tested it alongside a dozen dog car seats and carriers in our search for the best automotive safety equipment for dogs. Our testers selected it as their favorite car restraint harness.

The EzyDog uses beefy components for maximum safety, though it can make it tricky to fit to your dog initially. But once you’ve fit the EzyDog to your pooch you can lock in the strap configuration, and then it’s straightforward to take it off and put it on again using the magnetic clasp. 

While the EzyDog is usable as a walking harness, its complex fit, bulky straps, and padded front is geared toward keeping your dog safe on car rides. The EzyDog Drive Dog Car Harness was independently crash tested and certified by the Automotive Safety Engineering in Australia.

Price at time of publish: $125

Sizes: Small, medium, large | Color: Black

Best for Small Dogs

Wild One Harness

Wild One Harness

Wild One

What We Like
  • Multiple loops to choose from on back

  • Choice of front and back clips

  • Stretchable material

  • Well-padded

  • Easy to put on with snap closure design

What We Don't Like
  • Designer brand pricing

Wild One offers a classy, lightweight, stretchable, and extremely safe dual-clip harness that is an ideal starter harness for puppies. Owners can get a sense of their little one’s comfortability on a leash by experimenting with one of two plastic loops on the harness’ back. If they are acting up, the ring on the front may be your best recourse, to provide them with some important training. 

Make sure this medium harness is a fit for your pup: it can fit 12"-18" around the neck and 18"-28" around the chest, with plenty of adjustability to make the fit both secure and comfy.There is also padding across the entirety of the harness to prevent chafes, burns, pains, and so on. Another major point of recommendation: its snap closure design makes it really simple to put on even the most skittish little ones.

Price at time of publish: $48

Size: XS-L | Colors: Black, butter yellow, cosmopolitan, hudson, tan | Material: Nylon with flex-poly strap

Best for Large Dogs

2 Hounds Design Freedom No Pull Dog Harness

2 Hounds Design Freedom No Pull Nylon Dog Harness & Leash


What We Like
  • Can accommodate very large dogs

  • Extra-strength belly strap

  • Rip-resistant fabric

  • Heavy-duty stainless steel rings

  • Choice of front and back clips

  • Lots of color options

What We Don't Like
  • Has to be dropped over dog’s head

In recent years, 2 Hounds’ No Pull Dog Harness has become a standout harness option for big and hyperactive dogs on the market. It is appropriate for dogs weighing 14 to 250 pounds or with chests between 14 to 44 inches wide. Especially in regards to that weight range, it is difficult to find a no-pull harness that can handle dogs with those kinds of measurements.

How does this harness handle these big boys and girls? Its extra-strength belly strap restrains pups from behind the armpits to their lower chest, allowing pet owners a great deal of control over their dog’s movements without a significant rise in discomfort for your pulling canine. The materials it is made out of also accommodate this blend of safety and luxury: the hardware on the harness is made of stainless steel, while the body of it is a rip-resistant, industrial-grade nylon. But a velvet lining keeps it soft and comfortable against your pup’s skin. 

Note: the 2 Hounds Harness is not only outfitted to be a no-pull item; you can also hook your leash to a ring on the back for more relaxed walks.

Price at time of publish: $42

Sizes: XS-XXL | Colors: Red, royal blue, purple, brown, rose pink, raspberry, turquoise, teal, burgundy, hot pink, navy, neon green, neon orange | Material: Nylon

Best Design

The Foggy Dog Dog Harness

The Foggy Dog Dog Harness

The Foggy Dog

What We Like
  • Beautiful design options

  • Made of natural fabric

  • Adjustable

  • Comfortable

  • Machine washable

What We Don't Like
  • Not as resilient as more strictly functional harnesses

For the fashion-conscious owner and the glamorous pup, The Foggy Dog’s print-covered harnesses may be the perfect addition to your dog’s spread of walking accessories. This back-clip harness is light and breathable, adjustable in four places, and made of natural fabric. The printed designs include Peaches and Cream, Petite Pedals, Lemon Zest, and Coming up Daisies (the latter, of course, being covered in daisies). There’s also a denim variation: the Indigo Mud Cloth harness.

Designed for a comfortable walk or jog, these strap-style harnesses will evenly distribute pressure across your dog, with nylon webbing to reduce potential discomfort at pressure points. This is all to say, your dog can be a bit ostentatious and look good without sacrificing safety or comfort with Foggy Dog’s harnesses.

Price at time of publish: $59

Size: XS-L | Colors: Peaches and Cream, Petite Pedals, Lemon Zest, and Coming up Daisies | Material: Nylon (interior), Cotton (exterior)

Final Verdict

Our favorite dog harness is the Blue-9 Pet Products Balance Harness, which has everything you need and nothing you don’t. Its comprehensive adjustability makes it most likely to comfortably fit your dog. For a budget option that will let you test out how your dog handles a harness, check out the Rabbitgoo Dog Harness instead.

What to Look for in a Dog Harness

Harness Types

The essential types of harnesses are:

Back clip harness: This is the most common type of harness on the market, designed for dogs with basic needs who can get through walks or jogs without pulling. It features a metal D-ring attached to the back of the harness.

Front clip harness: These are also known as “no-pull harnesses,” because they are designed to train dogs not to pull their leash. In this case, the D-ring is attached to the front of the harness, positioned across the dog’s chest.

Dual-clip harness: These adaptable harnesses include both front and back clip options. Several of our favorite options on the product list, including our top picks, feature dual-clip designs.

Step-in harness: If your dog is finicky when it comes to getting strapped into a regular over-the-head harness, they may prefer a step-in design. When using these, the dog steps into two large loops that form the harness, and then the harness is pulled up and buckled behind them.

Safety harness: These are generally used in vehicles, attaching to the seatbelt to keep dogs safe and secure.

Day-pack harness: If your dog needs to carry some provisions or accessories around with them, a day-pack harness will allow them to wear everything they need on their back.

Sizing / Fit

Finding the right harness for your pup is often a process of trial and error. It is important to pay close attention to the specific recommendations of the manufacturer before selecting the size of harness. The most important indicator will be the dog’s girth, which means that you’ll need to measure your dog’s chest diameter. Weight is also usually a factor in sizing, so it is important to get an accurate weight measurement. 

Most harnesses are easy to adjust, which allows room for a dog to grow into them. To check the fit, the best litmus test is to make sure you can stick two fingers between the harness and your dog. Harnesses that are tighter than that can create chafing and discomfort.


Since the point of harnesses is usually to keep dogs safe, secure and in control, good dog harnesses are made of durable, rip-resistant material—usually nylon and polyester. Additional padding can help with the comfort of the harness, as well as protecting against breakage or other damage. In terms of D-rings, stainless steel or another fail-safe metal is the ideal make, to assure that the weight of your dog does not pull the harness and leash apart.

Training / Use

If you have a rambunctious dog who needs some corralling, it is wise to start them out with a no-pull harness, which are sometimes referred to as training harnesses. With their front-clip design, these are intended, over time, to teach your pup not to pull or try to tear away during walks or jogs.

  • Is a dog harness better than a collar?

    Harnesses are a better choice than a collar for most dogs. Because they go around the dog’s chest and behind their front legs, they won’t choke or strain a pulling dog's neck like a collar can. Harnesses also provide you with better leverage to control a large dog or a dog who likes to pull.

  • How do you measure a dog for a harness?

    The most important measurement area is their chest, which means the broadest part of your dog’s chest. You will also need to measure their neck circumference, and cross-reference these measurements with their weight to get all the information you need to pinpoint the correct fit.

  • How do you put on a dog harness?

    This depends on the type of harness. Most of the basic types of harness (front, back, and dual clip designs) are put on over the dog’s head. Step-in harnesses allow the dog to step into the harness’ two loops while it is lying on the ground. The harness is then pulled up and buckled by the owner behind the dog.

  • How should a dog harness fit?

    It should be tight and secure, but not uncomfortably so. As mentioned before, you can check the fit of a harness by sticking two fingers between the vest and your pup.

  • How do you prevent pulling with a harness?

    If you’re purchasing a harness to stop your pup from pulling on a walk, you’ll definitely want to select one with a chest loop attachment for the leash. The placement helps to gently correct by pulling your pup to the side if they get too far out ahead of you.

Why Trust The Spruce Pets?

This article was written by Winston Cook-Wilson, a freelance writer and product tester for The Spruce Pets. This list was compiled after taking a broad survey of the options available on the market for all the major types of dog harnesses. It incorporates information from reviews by product testers and dog safety experts. The list is designed to take into account the needs of different types of dogs, The Spruce Pets’ team considered each product’s safety features, durability, and size, among other factors.

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