The 8 Best Dog ID Tags of 2021

Keep your pup safe with one of these stylish picks

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Our Top Picks
"Both sides of the stainless steel tag can be engraved with up to four lines of text using permanent laser engraving."
"Aside from traditional bones and hearts, there's also the option to have the tag in the shape of you or your dog's home state."
"Reviewers note that while these tags are lightweight, there are also quite sturdy."
"Unlike regular metal tags, these come with rubber grips—meaning less noise and nuisance."
"This two-in-one adjustable leather option comes with a customizable stainless steel nameplate."
"If you take your dog on lots of late-night walks, this glow-in-the-dark option can help keep you safe."
"If you're wanting to avoid metal, these sturdy silicone tags are a great alternative."
"These hand-stamped tags come in your choice of copper, brass, or nickel and they can be customized with paw print, heart, or star designs."

Best Overall: GoTags Stainless Steel Pet ID Tag

If a long-lasting, sturdy tag, is what you're after, stainless steel is one of the best metals to choose. This two-sided stainless steel ID tag from GoTags is available in two sizes: 1.1 and 1.4 inches. 

Both sides of the tag can be engraved with up to four lines of text using permanent laser engraving. Per the manufacturer, this engraving method ensures that the text won’t rub or scratch off. 

Reviewers appreciate the high-quality construction of the tags, and note that lettering is large, deeply engraved, and legible even from a distance. The last is especially helpful in the event your dog is lost and skittish as strangers will have a better chance reading it from a distance.

Best Custom: Murphy and Max Custom Pet ID Tag

Murphy and Max

If you want a dog ID tag that’s made entirely to your specifications, Murphy and Max, a North Caroline-based Etsy seller, has you covered. You can choose from eight different metals and a dozen or so shapes. Aside from your traditional bones and hearts, there's also the option to have the tag in the shape of you or your dog's home state. Plus, you can add personalized designs as well as the name and contact information for your pup. 

Reviewers appreciate the attractive look of the hand-stamped tags, as well as the sizing. They also praise the Etsy shop's customer service. Orders are generally shipped in one to three days, so your pup will be outfitted in no time.

Best Budget: Dr. Fremont's Custom Pet ID Tag

This budget-friendly option comes in two sizes and is available in several colors. The anodized aluminum tag can be laser engraved on both sides, and reviewers note that the tags remain readable even after months of use. Several noted that even though the tags are lightweight, they are quite sturdy.

Many reviewers have gone on to order more tags, so that all their pets—cats and dogs—are outfitted in these custom ID tags. There is an option to request sealant (for a minimal extra fee) to prevent the text from fading but several pet owners report that they applied clear nail polish in place of this option.

Best Design: ROAD iD Jingle-Free Peace of Mind Dog Tag

One pitfall of dog ID tags can be their sound. Metal tags often knock against one another, making a clinking sound every time your dog moves. While that may be fine during the day, it can pose a problem at night if your dog is ambling around the house while you're trying to sleep.

If this is a known issue in your home, give the Jingle-Free Peace of Mind Dog Tag a go. The ID tag is available in two sizes and it slides smoothly onto your dog's collar via two rubber grips. Once on, it’ll rest in place which means no sound from the tag as your dog moves about. Reviewers note that it’s easy to move the ID tag from one collar to another thanks to the stretchy band and that the tag is easy to read and has ample space for text.

Best ID Collar: Vcalabashor Custom Leather Collar

Shopping for a collar and a tag? This two-in-one adjustable leather option comes with a customizable stainless steel nameplate. The color is available in a handful of bright colors like fuchsia, teal, and violet, and the laser-etched tag has room for your pet's name and your contact info.

Before ordering, you'll want to measure your dog's neck to make sure you get the right size. The seller suggests doing this by wrapping a piece of string around your pet's neck and then measuring its length. The collar is available in sizes small through extra-large; if you find your dog is in between sizes, it's best to go up a size.

The lining of the collar is padded, making it comfortable for all-day wear. Since the laser-engraved nameplate is attached directly to the collar, it's also a noise-free option.

Best Visible: LuckyPet Glow-in-the-Dark Pet ID Tag

If you take your dog on lots of late-night walks, this glow-in-the-dark option can help keep you safe. It’s available in several shapes—circles, dog bones, and heart, for example—as well as three sizes. Both sides of the plastic tag can be engraved so you have plenty of room for your full address, as opposed to just a phone number. 

When there’s light, the tag is a light yellow/beige color, but in the dark, it turns to a bright green. Reviewers who have dogs with dark-colored fur particularly appreciate the tags high visibility. Others also note that the tag is sturdy and that the engravings—which are done in all capital letters—are easy to read.

Best Metal-Free: QALO Custom Silicone Dog ID Tags

Want to avoid metal? These silicone dog ID tags are available in several themes including mountain, floral, and ocean sunrise. Because there’s no metal, you can avoid the jingle-jangle sound of tags, too. Just like their metal competitors, these scratch-resistant tags allow for customization. You can print up to six lines on the double-sided tags so you'll have plenty of room for your pets name, your contact info, and a note about whether they're microchipped.

Reviewers appreciate that they’re sturdy, high quality, and attractive. Since they’re lightweight, dogs may not even notice they’re wearing the tag (that’s helpful for dogs prone to chewing on their tags).

Best Mixed Metal: The Mad Stampers Personalized Pet Tag

Pet Tag

Not interested in cookie-cutter tags that come in basic bone and circle shapes? Take a look at this mixed-metal tag from Etsy seller The Mad Stampers. The two-piece tag features a 3/4-inch disk (with a soldered-on metal heart) stacked on top of a larger one-inch disk. You can choose between copper and nickel for the smaller tag, and copper, brass, or nickel for the larger tag. The tags are hand-stamped with your pet’s personal details, as well as small designs like paw prints, stars, or hearts. While the front of the tags only have space for a name and phone number, the back can accommodate a full address.

Reviewers note that the tags are high quality and the seller was quick to communicate and ship their items. They also mentioned that while the tag makes a slight jingling noise, it isn't distracting.

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