The 7 Best Dog Kennels You Can Buy in 2018

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Whether you’re trying to potty train a new puppy, safely transport your dog during travels or just looking for a place for her to cuddle up indoors, a dog kennel can be a versatile item for your pet.

Some dog owners don’t like to keep their dogs in kennels because they feel confining their pet is wrong. If you choose the correct kennel, however, it can provide your dog with a sense of security, a place to kick back and relax and enjoy some downtime. Plus, it can make traveling with your pet by car, train or airplane much more manageable — especially if your kennel is permitted to carry on board.

With so many different kennels available for purchase, choosing the right one may be overwhelming. It’s important to choose a kennel that’s big enough for your dog to feel comfortable inside, but easy enough for you to transport. And you should always consider your dog’s behaviors when shopping for a kennel: Is he an escape artist? Is he destructive? If so, you’ll want a sturdier kennel that isn’t so easy to escape.

Here, we’ve rounded up the best dog kennels you can buy in a range of styles, materials and prices.


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    PetMate Two-Door Top-Load Pet Kennel

    With over 3,000 reviews, it’s clear that pet parents love PetMate’s two-door dog kennel. Real-life reviewers say it’s a great price, extremely easy to transport and super sturdy.

    Made from steel and plastic, this kennel provides strength, safety, ventilation and visibility for your pet. Its two doors make placing your pet inside the kennel simple — and offers her visibility from different angles.

    This kennel can be an excellent tool in potty training your pooch, and it’s approved for most domestic and international flights. Its comfortable carrying handle makes it easy for you to transport it, too.

    One warning for potential buyers: Several reviewers said the kennel was too small for their dog, so be sure to check the measurements before placing your order.

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    SportPet Designs Travel Dog Kennel

    If you and your furry family member are regular globetrotters, you may want to invest in a kennel that makes traveling with your pet safe, simple and comfortable.

    Enter, SportPet Designs’ rolling plastic kennel. It’s approved by the International Air Transportation Association (IATA) for use on planes, comes with a water dish and four “live animal” stickers (which are required by most airlines) and has bungee holes, so it can be secured during the flight. Plus, its removable wheels make it easy to transport this kennel from your home to the airport — no more lugging across the terminal!

    Available in six different sizes, ranging from small (which doesn’t have wheels) to extra, extra, extra-large, this kennel can accommodate even the largest dogs. Made with strong plastic, metal and interlocking slats, this kennel is durable enough for daily use — and will keep your dog safe and secure during travel.

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    PetsFit Portable Pop-Open Kennel

    If you’re looking for a light, portable and extra cushy kennel for your dog, check out this pick from PetsFit. Featuring three entries (on the front, side and top), mesh windows for ventilation and a soft, washable mat for your pet’s comfort, this kennel is ideal for indoor use or travel. Because this kennel is made from fabric, it’s super lightweight for easy transport and can fold up for storage.

    Although the manufacturer recommends this kennel for dogs up to 25 pounds, several reviewers said their 30-pound dog fit comfortably inside. The manufacturer also recommends this product for potty trained dogs. The inner cushion is washable, but will absorb any accidents.

    Heads up: This kennel does not have a handle, so it can’t be used as a carrier.

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    AmazonBasics Two-Door Pet Kennel

    In the market for a no-frills kennel to transport your dog (or cat) to the vet or on road trips? For under $30, this plastic, two-door kennel from AmazonBasics might be your best bet.

    This kennel is made from extra durable plastic and features a steel wire door, so your dog has plenty of visibility and ventilation. Its two doors— on the front and top of the kennel — make it easy to load and unload your pet, or give her a little extra space if she’s feeling cramped. Want to make your kennel extra secure? Use the included screws to further secure the top of the kennel to its base.

    Real-life reviewers love this kennel because it’s lightweight, easy to load and affordable. Several customers, however, recommend reinforcing the side latches with heavy-duty tape — they can sometimes unlatch on their own.

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    Arf Pets Soft Kennel

    Made for indoor or outdoor use, this soft, fabric kennel from Arf Pets is ideal for pet parents who travel, go camping or just want a comfortable, easy-to-store place for their dog to hang out at home. Available in two sizes, this kennel can be used for dogs weighing up to 40 pounds.

    Featuring a water-resistant base and machine washable fabric cover, this kennel is super easy to clean and maintain despite lousy weather or the occasional bathroom accident. Its heavy-duty, steel frame construction makes it extra durable for years of use. And despite their strength, the frame’s bars are collapsible, making set-up and storage simple.

    This kennel has three entrances covered with breathable, mesh material, and a carrying strap for easier transportation.

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    ESK Collection Exercise Kennel

    Want to give your pooch a comfortable place to relax—and maybe even get a little exercise? This kennel, from ESK Collection, can help you do both. Made from waterproof oxford cloth and breathable mesh, this kennel can be used indoors or outdoors. Its mesh screens make it easy for you to monitor her activity and behavior, too.

    This kennel is composed of eight foldable panels for easy set-up, breakdown, storage and transport. Set-up, it measures 48” (diameter) x 24” (height), but its convenient, spacing-saving design allows you to store it almost anywhere.

    With exterior storage compartments and an included travel tote, you can transport your dog’s favorite toys, snacks and supplies in one lightweight, easy-to-carry package.

    Over two thousand reviewers recommend this product for its convenient size, durability and wallet-friendly price tag.

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    PetMate Sky Kennel

    PetMate’s Sky Kennel is ideal for pet parents who travel frequently with their dogs. Its heavy-duty plastic construction, 360-degree side ventilation and super secure door latches will keep your dog safe, secure and comfortable throughout your journey. Each kennel also comes with “live animal” labels, a soft, absorbent pad and food and water cups. Although you should always confirm airline travel requirements for pets, this kennel adheres to standards for most flights.

    Available in six different sizes, this kennel can accommodate any dog or cat. Not sure which size is right for your pooch? The manufacturer has some guidelines for measuring him: Measure from the top of his head to the floor, then the tip of his nose to the base of his tail. The height of the kennel should be three to four inches taller than him, so he has space to stand up, sit, turn around and stretch out.