The 8 Best Dog Leashes of 2019

Keep your pet tethered and safe, but comfortable with these options

Leashboss Original - Heavy Duty Dog Leash
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Daily exercise is a must for dogs of all shapes, sizes and ages. Finding a well made, durable leash that’s comfortable for both you and your pet is key to keeping your dog active and happy. Even if you have a large, fenced-in backyard, walking your pup around new places gives him a chance to explore and helps to socialize him to other humans and other dogs. While you may consider a leash a simple purchase, finding a leash that best suits your dog’s needs can be a tall order. Whether he’s a puller or a runner, we’ve sifted through the options and found the best products for every type of dog. 

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    Best Overall: Pets Lovers Club Heavy Duty Dog Leash

    This two-layer leash is tougher than typical nylon leashes, but light enough to be comfortable for everyday use. We think this product stands apart from its competitors because it’s priced right, comes in five different colors and even has a money-back guarantee. It comes in two sizes, a one-layer version for smaller dogs and the standard two-layer for medium to large. We love the soft padded handle that’s built in for comfort, helping you avoid burns from pulling and lunging.

    For the price, the reviews are outstanding, with many owners agreeing that the Pets Lovers Club leash is the best they’ve ever owned. One owner says it’s even eliminated the wrist pain associated with strong-willed dogs. All in all, we think the Pets Lovers Club leash is a great heavy duty leash for nearly every dog and every situation — at a great price to boot.

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    Best Budget: Blueberry Pet Classic Solid Color Dog Leash

    If you’re looking for a leash that’s easy on the wallet, safe and durable, the Blueberry classic leash is a great choice. We love that it comes in 12 different colors and five sizes (ranging from four to five feet in various widths) so that it can work with nearly any dog. If your dog is easy on the leash and doesn’t require a lot of control or guidance, a standard nylon leash will do the job. We recommend this leash for dogs 75 lbs and under, as larger pups may need a stronger version.

    Owners say it’s durable and longlasting, and love the various color options the Blueberry leash features. If you need a standard, well-made and affordable leash, the Blueberry is a great choice.

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    Best for Pullers: Leashboss Heavy Duty Dog Leash for Large Dogs

    If your dog is an extreme puller, you will want to opt for a leash designed specifically for control and guidance. The Leashboss has a handle built-in that curbs tugging and pulling, and gives the walker more control and strength over a headstrong dog. The leash comes in four different colors and is five feet in length, with a sturdy handle at 18". The company also provides a five-year “no hassle” warranty against wear and tear, or if it simply doesn’t work for your dog. Though this leash can work for any size pup, it works best for dogs over 40 lbs.

    Reviewers say it works to stop pulling with dogs as large as 120 lbs, with many owners agreeing it’s the most control they’ve ever had over their strong-willed pups. Some owners recommend pairing this leash with a heavy duty collar to get the most benefit.

    If you're looking to invest in a new collar to keep your pooch comfortable and safe, see our guide to the best dog collars.

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    Best Splurge: EzyDog Handy Dog Leash

    With a padded glove-like handle, the EzyDog offers ultimate comfort for every pet owner. It’s a great choice for runners and joggers who don’t want to focus on gripping a standard leash. It has a shock-reducing bungee that takes some of the strain away if a dog lunges or pulls incessantly. The EzyDog is adjustable from 36" to 48" and the glove fits any size hand. It’s also a great choice for dog owners who suffer from arthritis or other hand conditions, as it reduces the need to grip tightly around a thin nylon leash.

    Owners say it even works well for large and strong dogs, but note that the glove may not fit extremely small hands. If you want to upgrade your leash and give yourself a break during your daily walks, the EzyDog leash is a comfortable and convenient choice.

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    Best Retractable: TaoTronics Retractable Dog Leash

    A retractable dog leash is a great choice for well-behaved dogs who want a bit more freedom to explore. The TaoTronics retractable dog leash expands to 16 feet, perfect for giving Fido more room to smell the roses, while still giving you control. With the push of a button, you can lock the leash to keep it at a safe distance. It’s best for dogs up to 115 lbs, and is made from durable nylon so it won’t get tangled like some of its competitors.

    Owners say it’s one of the best retractable leashes they’ve owned, stating that the leash feels far sturdier and more durable than similar products. The leash also comes with an attached roll of doggy bags, making for convenient and easy pickup.

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    Best Leather: Leatherberg Leather Dog Leash

    Leather is a great option for a long-lasting, attractive leash, and the Leatherberg is the best one you can buy. At a great price (under $30), the Leatherberg is constructed from real cowhide leather with a zinc-alloy snap hook, and comes with a full one-year warranty for any reason. It’s made in both black and brown and measures six ft long, perfect for medium to large dogs. This leather leash is treated to stand up to the elements, and won’t attract dust and dog hair the way a nylon version might.

    Owners say the Leatherberg is extremely well made, noting the double stitching and premium grade leather feels far more expensive than it is. While the Leatherberg is a bit pricier than other options on our list, it’s a great value for a leash that will last a dog’s entire life.

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    Best for Multiples: Vaun Duffy Double Dog Leash

    If you’re a pet parent to more than one pup, you probably know the struggle of tangled leashes and wishing you had more than two hands. The Vaun Duffy double leash is a great alternative to a traditional leash, offering a pet owner the ability to hold only one leash for two dogs. The Vaun Duffy attaches to a traditional leash and features a swivel clasp that’s designed to keep your dogs from getting tangled up. Each leash also has a neoprene padded handle so you can have more control over one or both dogs during lunging or pulling episodes.

    Reviewers say this leash has made walking multiple dogs much easier and more pleasant, remarking that the leash accommodates different sized dogs easily with an adjustable clasp. Pair it with a sturdy nylon leash for the most control.

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    Best Rope: Phydeaux’s Mountain Climbing Rope Dog Leash

    If your dog is the type who has broken through many a leash, a climbing rope may be the best choice. Made from durable kernmantle mountain climbing rope, the Phydeaux leash is one even the strongest dog cannot tear apart. It comes in 12 colors and in both four feet and six feet options, and is tested to hold up to 1000 lbs. It also comes with a one-year warranty if your dog gains superpowers and somehow manages to break it. Reviewers love how lightweight the Phydeaux leash is considering its durability and strength. If you’ve tried other options and your dog keeps breaking through, the Phydeaux is guaranteed to secure even the strongest canine.

    Some prefer a plastic stand because of its lightweight and portable makeup. For apartment dwellers especially, a product made of this material is great for toting up and down staircases or on cross-country moves. When it comes to the best plastic stand to go with, the Jack Post Handythings model is an excellent choice since it only weighs a total of three pounds.