Best Dog Movies for Grown-Ups

Greatest Films About Dogs

Looking to watch a great dog-themed movie? In addition to animated dog films and live-action dog movies, there are some flicks made for grown-up dog lovers too. Certain dog-themed movies are not necessarily geared towards young viewers. Some of these movies contain strong images and cover sensitive subjects, but they also tend to provide important messages. Others are simply of little interest to younger children. While some of these films may be considered appropriate for certain children,...MORE it's up to the parents to decide.

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    The Plague Dogs Movie Poster
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    The Plague Dogs is an animated film for grown-ups that makes a statement about animal testing. The film centers around two dogs that escape from an animal testing facility. Enduring the hardships of the outside world is hard, and they take some extreme measures to survive. The misunderstood dogs are hunted down, first because of the trouble they cause, and later because they are suspected carriers of bubonic plague. Featuring the voice of John Hurt and other well-known British actors.

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    To Dance with the White Dog Movie Poster
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    This made-for-TV movie presented by Hallmark Hall of Fame is a bittersweet story of love and loss based on a book of the same name. Starring the beloved real-life couple Hume Cronyn and Jessica Tandy, To Dance with the White Dog is the touching story of an elderly man struggling with his grief over the loss of his wife. When Sam feels he simply cannot go on without his beloved wife Cora, a white dog suddenly comes into his life. Soon, Sam begins to relive the beauty of his relationship with Cora...MORE and knows that the white dog has come into his life for a reason. This is a touching film about love that is better than the average TV movie - especially for those with a sentimental side.

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    Best In Show Movie Poster - Dog Movies
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    To prove that not all great dog films are Walt Disney productions, this Christoper Guest mockumentary is definitely an adults-only affair with a wicked sense of humor. The world of dog shows and dog breeding is the focus of the movie, as the story follows several participants in the fictional Mayflower Kennel Club Dog Show. The human characters are colorful and eccentric, and the dogs are just plain adorable. As with most of Guest's films, most of the film's script was improvised, though...MORE the dogs were so well-trained that, according to IMDB, only one unscripted bark made it into the film.

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    wendy and lucy dog movie

    This touching independent film about is about the struggles of a young woman and her faithful dog. Wendy is trying to stay afloat and even turn her life around when things just seem to get worse, leading to separation from her from her beloved dog Lucy. This quiet and moving film beautifully demonstrates the bond between a woman and her dog and brings to light challenges many of us can identify with. Wendy and Lucy stars Academy Award-nominated actress Michelle Williams.

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    Dog Films - Mine Movie Poster
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    This documentary reveals the sad truth about the fate of pets in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. It's sad enough to remember the thousands of lives that were lost or destroyed by Katrina, not to mention the many displaced individuals and families. Now, we as viewers are faced with the reality of hundreds of thousands of pets affected by the devastation. Mine follows a handful of New Orleans residents who have had to fight to get their missing dogs back after they were...MORE found by rescue groups and later adopted out to new families. This interesting and thought-provoking documentary explores several sides of the social issues involving pets after this major disaster.

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    Dog Movies - Shelter Dogs Movie Poster
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    This compelling documentary realistically explores the experiences of one animal shelter and its staff in Upstate New York. Being faced with difficult everyday decisions about the lives of homeless animals is no easy job. Focusing on quality of life issues and animal welfare, Shelter Dogs offers the viewer an almost-too-intimate look into the lives of these innocent homeless creatures. It's a deeply emotional and heart-wrenching film that is sure to touch any animal lover.