The 7 Best Dog Strollers of 2023, Tested and Reviewed

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HPZ Pet Rover

Tamara Staples

Dog strollers are great for taking small dogs, senior dogs, and dogs with mobility issues for a daily outing, but dogs of any age—and most sizes, too—can enjoy a wheel-powered excursion.

We researched top performing dog strollers and hand-picked 20 strollers for testing in our New York Lab. Our testers scored each dog stroller in multiple categories, including ease of use, maneuverability, quality, and overall value. We set up an obstacle course, brought in real dogs, and used weighted props to put each stroller through its paces, simulating casual strolls, jogging over uneven terrain, and even rainy conditions.

Our favorite is the Dogger Dog Stroller, which has large shocks to absorb bumps and three air-filled tires to provide a smooth ride over any road or trail conditions. It also has a mesh canopy so you can watch your dog enjoy the scenery. But we found several other dog strollers that may work better for you and your dog.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall

Dogger Dog Stroller

Dogger Dog Stroller


What We Like
  • Able to handle bumps and uneven terrain with 360 degree maneuverability

  • Storage basket under main carriage

  • Two interior security leashes and can comfortably fit two dogs

  • Padded cushion and rain cover included

  • Adjustable handle

  • Mesh canopy for airflow and view-ability

  • Versatile canopy with two removable zippered panels and 180 degree mobility for shade

  • Large shocks and air-filled tires

  • Front of carriage can be lowered to facilitate a dog's entry and exit

  • Easy to fold for storage

  • Foot brake

  • Ability to purchase replacement parts to extend life of stroller

What We Don't Like
  • Prominent logo placement

  • Potential for tires to deflate mid stroll

While riding in this dog stroller over bumpy terrain, our 8-pound canine tester felt steady and comfortable enough to lay down inside the carriage.

"This stroller has the best wheels and can really move," our tester said.

The Dogger Dog Stroller has large red shock absorbers, a rear suspension, and 12-inch air-filled tires which work together while in motion to stabilize and minimize the impact of uneven surfaces and turns. From jogging to shopping, with 360 degree maneuverability, this easy to fold, lightweight stroller is convenient to take along with you everywhere you go. There are two interior safety leashes to easily secure a duo of doggos, with ample room for each to feel the breeze.

The top of the canopy has two mesh panels, one on the front and one on the back, that can be unzipped and removed. The center portion of the canopy has 180 degree mobility to give your dog shade wherever they need it most. Our tester did find some of the zippers a little difficult to reconnect, but overall felt it was easy to adjust. When the canopy is fully assembled, mesh windows allow for human and dog to keep an eye on each other. There is also a viewport on the carriage for smaller dogs who can't see over the rim, and the front of the carriage can be lowered to help a dog enter and exit.

The handle bar is easy to adjust to the height of your choice with the option to add a cup holder (sold separately). The intuitive foot brake quickly locks the stroller in place, and a large open basket located under the carriage can be used to store essentials like water, snacks, and a leash. You can also keep the custom fit rain cover in the basket to shield your dog from the elements. It attaches with velcro so it will stay in place even if the wind picks up.

Other accessories, like safety lights and an orthopedic memory foam pad, are sold separately. There are evenreplacement parts available for purchase, ensuring easy maintenance and a long overall product life.

Price at time of publish: $325

Dimensions: 27 x 13.5 x 20 inches | Stroller Weight: 28 pounds | Weight Limit: 60 pounds | Color(s): Tan, Green, Orange | Suitable for jogging: Yes | Number of riders: Up to two dogs

Best Budget

Paws & Pals 4 Wheeler Elite Jogger Pet Stroller

Paws & Pals Elite 4 Wheels

Paws & Pals

What We Like
  • Cup holder and tray

  • Easy to fold

  • Suitable for walking and jogging

  • Storage basket under carriage

  • Mesh panel on carriage for airflow and to allow smaller pets to see the outside

  • Moveable canopy for shade with zippered mesh panel on the front

  • Interior safety leash

  • Foot brake

What We Don't Like
  • Minimal padding inside carriage

  • Fabric may start to show wear with use

For dogs up to 50 pounds, the Paws and Pals 4-Wheeler Elite Jogger provides a smooth ride at any jogging speed, at a price suitable for most budgets.

"It's a great value for how well this handled while I jogged, I would have guessed this costs twice the price," our tester said.

They took this stroller for a fast-paced jaunt covering various surfaces including turf, the smooth studio floor, and uneven pavers. They were thoroughly impressed with how easily and steadily the stroller was able to maneuver.

The stroller has a canopy with nylon on top and a zippered mesh panel on the front. There is also a mesh panel on window at the front of the carriage so smaller dogs and dogs laying down can see outside. For humans, a removable tray with a cup holder is located near the handle bars and a storage basket with mesh on the sides is positioned under the carriage. Our tester recommends removing additional storage if you plan to go for a jog to minimize the weight.

Price at time of publish: $71

Dimensions: 15 x 20 x 40 inches | Stroller Weight: 11.2 pounds | Weight Limit: 50 pounds | Color(s): Purple, Red, Black, Navy | Suitable for jogging: Yes | Number of riders: One dog

Dog stroller

Tamara Staples

Best for Large Breeds

Pet Gear Expedition No-Zip Stroller

Pet Gear Expedition No-Zip Stroller


What We Like
  • Can hold dogs up to 150 pounds

  • Adjustable handle bar

  • Lots of window panels

  • Push button entry in the front and back

  • Lower profile

  • Zippered mesh panel on the top

  • Reflective stripe

What We Don't Like
  • No extras like storage pockets or cup holder

  • Security leash attached via hook and loop straps which our tester didn't think felt very sturdy

If you have a large dog the Pet Gear Expedition No-Zip Stroller is equipped to provide a restful ride with a generous weight limit of 150 pounds. The wide carriage is set low making entry and exit easier for senior dogs and dogs with mobility issues. The stroller has mesh on every side and can be opened and closed with a button at the front and the back.

"I Love the 360 degree view for the dog and how the owner can see what they are up to at all times," our tester said.

There is a zippered mesh panel at the very top that can be opened—kind of like a sunroof in a car—and taller doggos can stick their head out. The handle bar is adjustable so you can find a level that works for you. There is also lightly padded liner that can be removed for cleaning. Our tester felt that the stroller could be improved with more cushioning for the pupper passenger and a security leash attached to the frame instead of a hook and loop strap.

Price at time of publish: $246

Dimensions: 32 x 22 x 23 inches | Stroller Weight: 30 pounds | Weight Limit: 150 pounds | Color(s): Fog, Boysenberry | Suitable for jogging: No | Number of riders: One large dog

Large Dog Stroller

Tamara Staples

Best for Small Dogs

Pet Gear No-Zip Happy Trails Lite Pet Stroller

Pet Gear Dog Stroller No Zip

Pet Gear

What We Like
  • Easy to close canopy with secure clasp

  • Interior security leash

  • Easy to fold for storage in closet or trunk of car

  • Lightweight and compact design

  • No zippers which could potentially get caught on fur

  • Water resistant carriage

  • Mesh panels for airflow and viewing on all sides and top

  • Removable, waterproof interior liner

  • Foot brakes at rear and front shock absorbers

  • Elevated paw rest so your small dog or cat can enjoy the ride

  • Tray and cup holder at handle bars and ample storage basket under carriage

What We Don't Like
  • Pricing varies among retailers

  • Pets closer to weight limit of 25 pounds may find the carriage a little snug

The Pet Gear Happy Trails Lite No-Zip Pet Stroller provides perks for pawrents and pups. Its got an easy-to-fold, lightweight design, with a tray and cup holder built-in to the handle bar. There's even an elevated paw rest for small dogs (under 25 pounds) to enjoy the ride and the view.

"Wheels ran smoothly over turf and cement curbs, and it is easy to keep an eye on your dog through the mesh windows at the top and behind," our tester said.

The carriage cover of this stroller pops down easily and closes securely in place with a clasp. In our testing, zippers could at times get stuck on fabric which also made us think it could possibly get stuck on fur, so we like that this carriage doesn't have any zippered panels. Before setting out on a stroll, an interior security leash makes it easy to attach your dog via their harness or collar.

"The stroller feels sturdy and I think it would be able to offer some protection from the elements without showing wear and tear too quickly," our tester noted. The exterior fabric is water-resistant and the interior of the stroller comes with a removable, waterproof liner to make it easy to clean up any accidents. Our tester also shared that the storage basket under the carriage felt secure, even when folded up.

Price at publish: $87

Dimensions: 21.5 x 11.5 x 17 inches | Stroller Weight: 11.5 pounds | Weight Limit: 25 pounds | Color(s): Boysenberry, Pine Green, Jaguar | Suitable for jogging: No | Number of riders: One small dog or cat

Dog Stroller no zip

Tamara Staples

Best for a Pack

ibiyaya Double Decker Bus Dog & Cat Stroller

ibiyaya Double Decker Bus Dog Stroller

Courtesy of Chewy

What We Like
  • Slimmer profile than other dual pet strollers

  • Interior safety leash in each compartment

  • Can be folded for storage using one hand

  • Foot brake

  • Roll-up curtains for privacy on demand

  • Mesh panels throughout for airflow

  • Adjustable handlebar with tray and cup holder

  • Elastic top storage pocket

  • Front wheels have 360 degree rotation

  • Front and rear zippered opening on lower compartment

What We Don't Link
  • Our tester felt proper folding of the stroller took a bit of trial-and-error

  • Top pet compartment doesn't have front view

  • Zippers slightly difficult to manuveur on corners

If your taking two dog out for a stroll, this double-level stroller gives each furry rider their own comfortable carriage. The Ibiyaya Double Decker Bus Pet Stroller has a slimmer profile than other multi-dog strollers, which made it surprisingly maneuverable.

"Omnidirectional front wheels make it easy to make sharp turns, and the stroller glides against lawn and hard surfaces," our tester said. They found the stroller to be sturdy, but experienced difficulty pushing it over a paved curb.

The basket positioned slightly higher and closer to the handle bars is designed for pets up to 13 pounds (can also be used for groceries), and the other basket can hold up to 33 pounds. Each compartment has a safety leash attachment to keep your pet in place, a zippered mesh panel on top to easily open or close, and a roll-up curtain so you can give your pups privacy as needed.

The handle bars are adjustable and equipped with a cup holder and tray. There is also a storage pocket with an elastic top on the lower basket. The foot brake works quickly and the stroller is designed to be folded using only one hand. Our tester felt the instructions for folding were unclear and required trial-and-error to learn and familiarize with.

Price at time of publish: $194

Dimensions: 19 x 37.8 x 38.8 inches | Stroller Weight: 17 pounds | Weight Limit: 33 pound for lower level, 13 pounds for upper level | Color(s): Red violet, Silver gray | Suitable for jogging: No | Number of riders: Up to two dogs

Best Jogger

Petique All Terrain Dog & Cat Jogging Stroller

Petique All Terrain Dog & Cat Jogging Stroller

Courtesy of Amazon

What We Like
  • Large tires for superior traction

  • Supports dogs up to 60 pounds

  • Adjustable handle

  • Includes tire pump

  • Foot brake

  • Two storage pocks

  • Reflectors

  • Easy to fold and remove wheels for storage

  • Front mesh panel, back mesh window, and plastic window on top for viewing

  • Interior safety leashes

What We Don't Like
  • Our tester felt the fabric would likely show wear with use and plastic windows may dent

  • Potential for tires to deflate mid stroll but air pump included

  • Fur may get caught in zippers

Stray off the beaten path with your pup inside with the Petique All-Terrain Jogging Stroller. This vessel is designed to keep your dog enclosed, secure, and comfortable as you pick up the pace. "The ergonomics felt good, I could handle it with one hand, and my dog was very comfortable in it," shared our tester.

For maneuverability and a smooth ride, this jogger stroller is equipped with three inflatable tires, two 15-inch wheels on each side at the back and a smaller 9-inch wheel in the front. The stroller can hold one or two doggie passengers up to 60 pounds total with zippered entrances located at the front and back.

The height and angle of the handle bars can be adjusted to find what works for you. An air pump is included and easy to keep on-hand in one of two exterior pockets conveniently positioned on the carriage directly under the handle bars for easy access. Our tester found it easy to secure the carriage via zippers and was able to monitor their dog inside through a plastic window, but did feel that the fabric construction would start to show wear with use.

Price at time of publish: $260

Dimensions: 30 x 20 x 35 inches | Stroller Weight: 24 pounds | Weight Limit: 60 pounds | Color(s): Sailboat, Blazin’ Berry | Suitable for jogging: Yes | Number of riders: Up to three dogs

Jogger stroller for dogs

Tamara Staples

Best Multi-Use

HPZ Pet Rover Prime Pet Stroller

HPZ Pet Stroller


What We Like
  • Two interior security leashes and can comfortably fit two dogs

  • Car seat, carrier, and dog stroller

  • Adjustable handle bar with hand strap along with an adjustable and removable handle for carrier use

  • Lifetime warranty from manufacturer and three years of wheel replacements

  • Three storage pockets and larger basket under carrier

  • Foldable for storage in closet or trunk of car

  • Cup holder

  • Foot brake

  • Water-resistant canopy and rust-resistant aluminum frame

  • No-pump needed rubber wheels

  • Spring shocks and swivel lock on front wheels

What We Don't Like
  • Expensive but tested well and comes with warranty from manufacturer

  • Folding requires disassembly

  • Our tester found the faux leather handle cover to be uncomfortable, but it can be removed

The 3-in-1 HPZ Pet Rover Prime Pet Stroller will help you transport your pup in comfort as a dog stroller, car seat, or basket-style carrier.

"This is a very high quality product, with heavy-duty components and a very good break bar," our tester said. They found the carrier to be surprisingly light, despite the boxy design and large frame, which is made from lightweight, rust-resistant aluminum. They also liked the rubber wheels, which don't need to be inflated. The front wheels can be locked in place or allowed to swivel for maneuverability, and are paired with spring shocks to absorb bumps in your way.

A safety leash inside the carriage will keep your pet securely in place. The nylon covered canopy can be opened in the middle or one of the mesh panels can be unzipped to give your dog more access to the fresh air. The handle bar comes with a faux leather pad, but our tester preferred the feel of the stroller without that piece, which can easily be removed. There is also a conveniently placed cup holder, three storage pockets, and a storage basket underneath the carriage. Folding this stroller was more laborious than other dog strollers we tested, but the versatility of use factors into the process.

Price at time of publish: $287

Dimensions: 37 x 22 x 37 inches | Stroller Weight: 21 pounds | Weight Limit: 50 pounds | Color(s): Black, Ruby Red, Taupe | Suitable for jogging: No | Number of riders: Up to two dogs

HPZ Pet Over 3 in 1 Dog Stroller

Tamara Staples

Final Verdict

Our favorite is the Dogger Dog Stroller. It has two interior security leashes to keep a duo of dogs secure inside while providing a smooth ride over common surfaces encountered inside and outdoors. If you are looking for a more affordable model, the Paws and Pals 4-Wheeler Elite Jogger dog stroller impressed our testers with its stability and offers pawrents useful extras like a cup holder and built-in storage compartments.

How We Tested

We purchased and tested 20 dog strollers in our New York Lab, setting up each and then running them through several tests to rate and compare features and functionality. Our methodology guided testers through multiple scores while also gathering subjective impressions along the way.

We brought in two real dogs, used props, and weighted sandbags to challenge claims made by manufacturers. Our testers scored each dog stroller in multiple categories, including ease of use, maneuverability, quality, and overall value. They were also asked if they would recommend the dog stroller they tested.

Equipped with this first-hand information, we ranked and categorized our top picks to simplify your search for the right dog stroller.

Testing the Best Dog Strollers for Weight Limit, Size, and Safety Features

What to Look for in a Dog Stroller

Weight Limit

All dog strollers have a weight limit that dictates the size of dog that can be safely transported inside. It’s important to find a stroller that can accommodate your dog’s weight. If you get one that is too small, you risk injuring yourself or your pet. If your dog is on the cusp—for instance, the weight limit is 30 pounds and your dog is 28 pounds—you may want to size up, just to be safe. 


Depending on the model you choose, dog strollers can be quite large, so you’ll want to look at the dimensions of each product before you buy. Check that the pet compartment is large enough to accommodate your dog comfortably and that the unit will fit in your car, if needed. Many strollers do fold flat for storage, which is another factor to take into account.

Safety Features

There are a number of safety features you may want to look for in a dog stroller. Common features include a built-in leash to prevent your dog from jumping out, a safety brake on the back wheels, and safety clips that stop zippered compartments from opening while you’re moving.

  • Is it safe to put a dog in a baby stroller?

    It is not safe to push your dog in a baby stroller, as these products lack the features necessary to keep your dog secure. Most dog strollers have a fully enclosed compartment to prevent animals from jumping out, and many even have a built-in leash for back up. Baby strollers, on the other hand, generally have open fronts, which do not provide sufficient protection for your pet.

  • Can you bring a dog stroller on an airplane?

    If you’re planning to travel via airplane with your pet, a stroller is a great way to keep them secure, and it saves you from having to carry around a traditional carrier, which can get heavy. Most airlines allow you to check a pet stroller at the gate before boarding, the same way you would with a baby stroller (you’ll want to double-check with your particular airline to be sure), but when going this route, keep in mind that you may also need an airline-approved carrier to put your dog in during the flight. 

Why Trust The Spruce Pets?

This roundup was updated by Anna Mejorada, a writer for The Spruce Pets, who shares her home with a happy pomeranian named Gidget who also participated in testing. Before researching and writing about pet products for a living, Anna embarked on a self-mandated, ongoing quest to find the optimal items for her dog. She is now delightfully devoted to helping humans discover and select the most favorable products for their pets.

A previous version of this article was researched and written by Camryn Rabideau, a lifelong animal lover who currently owns two dogs. To select the best products to include, she looked at the weight capacity, size, and safety features of each stroller, also taking into account additional features, such as adjustable canopies and handles, storage compartments, and more. She selected highly rated products that real pet owners like using, including options at different price points.