The 5 Best Dog Sunglasses of 2023

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best dog sunglasses

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The main reason to get your dog sunglasses is so they can look really cool. But there are some concrete benefits, such as protecting your dog’s eyes—useful when playing around brush or in a forested area. Well-fitting sunglasses are also great for dogs that ride along in motorcycles or hold their heads out of the car window. In certain circumstances, dog sunglasses can even be medically advisable, such as for dogs who suffer from pannus, a canine cornea disorder exacerbated by exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun.

We looked for dog sunglasses—sometimes called "doggles"—that provided the best combination of comfort, easy fit, and protection. Our top pick offers complete UV protection, is easy to adjust, and comes in multiple colors. We have other recommendations for small dogs and other specialized needs dogs.

Here are the best dog sunglasses.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall

Rex Specs V2 Dog Goggles

Rex Specs Dog Goggles

Rex Specs

What We Like
  • Great build quality

  • Removable lenses, with two included

  • Multiple size options

  • UV Protection

  • Wraparound lenses for the widest field of view

What We Don’t Like
  • Expensive

Rex Specs combine fantastic protection with a large, single lens that provides your dog with the maximum possible field of view. They use the same UV 400 protection as high-quality human sunglasses, blocking nearly 100 percent of UVA and UVB radiation. They're also durable, with shatterproof polycarbonate lenses. Rex Specs have been tested and can take a beating, passing the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Z87.1-2010 impact resistance test—the same test used to certify safety glasses.

A great pair of doggles are only useful if your dog will wear them, making comfort and fit a primary concern. The Rex Specs V2 uses multiple straps to fit behind your dog's head and under their chin, with an adjustable, harness-like system that won't get in the way of your dog's ears. They're the best-fitting dog sunglasses we've ever reviewed. The foam edge has a low profile, sealing the goggles comfortable against your dog's face while keeping close enough not to impede their vision. Breathable mesh vents keep Rex Specs from fogging up.

The lens itself is huge, with a spherical design modeled after snowboarding goggles to provide a maximum field of view and accommodate your dog's wide peripheral vision. Each V2 comes with two different lenses: a clear one and a black, sunglass-shaded lens. Rex Specs also sells replacement lenses, with additional color options, like pink and green mirror lenses.

Rex Specs also makes acclimating your dog to wearing sunglasses easy, with training tips and videos that will help you ease your dog into cool sunglasses life. But the most helpful aspect when it comes to training your dog to tolerate sunglasses is the removable lenses. Beginning with no lenses in the glasses makes it much easier for your dog to adjust. Then, once they're used to wearing the straps, you can begin with the clear lenses and work your way up to the UV protection provided by the shaded lens.

Rex Specs V2 Dog Goggles are available in five sizes and seven colors.

Best Budget

QUMY Dog Goggles

QUMY Dog Goggles

Source: QUMY

What We Like
  • Full UV protection

  • Padded eyecups

  • Fun color options

  • Highly adjustable

What We Don’t Like
  • Not suitable for small dogs

  • Separated lenses provided narrower field of view

QUMY Dog Goggles offer full UV protection and act like wraparound goggles, protecting your dog's eyes from gritty winds or poking branches.

QUMY's Dog Goggles are held in place by two separately adjustable straps, with one sitting behind your dog's head and another under their chin. They're comfortable on the face and designed with a folding bridge that sits across your dog's snout (this makes them easy to pack), plus foam pads lift them off your dog's eyes and help the goggles sit comfortably. Crucially, they have big side vents, ensuring air circulation and preventing them from misting over with water vapor.

The lenses in the QUMY Dog Goggles are made from polycarbonate, which effectively blocks both UVA and UVB radiation. They're also shatterproof, providing excellent protection for your dog's peepers.

QUMY dog sunglasses are available in six colors: black, white, pink, red, blue, and yellow. The flexible band means that QUMY's dog sunglasses well fit a wide range of medium-sized dogs. They also come with a storage bag for easy traveling.

Best for Small Dogs

Enjoying Small Dog Sunglasses

Enjoying Small Dog Goggles

Source: Enjoying

What We Like
  • Cool style

  • Affordable

  • Two separately adjustable straps

What We Don’t Like
  • More color options would be nice

  • Anti-UV coating only adequate

While our top pick Rex Specs is available in an extra small size suitable for small dogs, sometimes you don't need doggles designed for high-impact outdoor adventuring. Anyone in search of affordable and stylish shades for their chihuahua or miniature poodle should begin with the Small Dog Sunglasses from Enjoying.

While these sunglasses do offer some protection, they're mostly all about looks. Rather than UV 400 polycarbonate, these only have an anti-UV coating, so while adequate for casual beach days, any dog with a medical need should look elsewhere.

Employing separately adjustable head and chin straps, Enjoying Small Dog Goggles have a 4-inch adjustable range, making them suitable for a variety of small dog breeds. Their design incorporates a broad, bean-shaped lens that imparts a surprising expressiveness.

Enjoying Small Dog Sunglasses are available in five colors, including one with clear lenses.

Most Stylish

Doggles Sidecar Eyewear

Doggles Sidecar Eyewear

Source: Doggles

What We Like
  • Cool style

  • Faux Leather Straps

  • Anti-Fog

  • Adjustable

What We Don’t Like
  • Only two color options

  • Only fit dogs that weight more than 15 pounds

Doggles Sidecar sunglasses are downright stylish, with faux leather padding and an old-school design. If your dog has a black leather jacket and a seat on your motorcycle, then Doggles' silver chrome Sidecar Eyewear will complete their look. If your dog instead flies a WWI-era biplane in an open cockpit, check out the copper Sidecar dog sunglasses instead.

Sidecar sunglasses also have exceptional features, including UV 400 lenses for maximum protection from sun damage. While they may not be as adjustable as our top pick, Doggles has perfected the two-strap design across a wide range of doggy sunglasses.

With shatterproof lenses, anti-fog solution, and broad lens cups, Sidecar sunglasses are a good compromise between features and style.

Best for Long Snout Dogs

Namsan Dog Sunglasses

Namsan Dog Sunglasses

Source: Namsan

What We Like
  • Large Frame

  • Built for dogs with large snouts

  • Fully enclosed

  • UV Protection

What We Don’t Like
  • Distinctive style might not be for everyone

These strikingly designed frames have an angled, flattened silhouette that's designed to sit better on dogs with long snouts, such as German shepherds, huskies, and dobermans. While using a fairly standard two-strap system, the shape of the frames include an arch designed to fit snugly over the top of your dog's nose. Instead of PVC or other hard plastics, the Namsan Dog Sunglasses are made from TPE, which has a more flexible, rubber-like feel that helps with fit and comfort.

These dog sunglasses are made up of a soft TPE frame and two adjustable elastic straps. Lenses are ultraviolet rays resistant. Sunglass vents can send out vapor to your dogs.

The Namsan Dog Sunglasses are a great option for dogs with a larger snout. They feature a larger plastic frame than more options, protecting more of the face from anything harmful. They feature UV protection and a bendable plastic design for comfort. They’re also snowproof and a great option for winter excursions. The lenses are large and curved ensuring your dog’s view won’t be too restricted.

Final Verdict

Our top pick for dog sunglasses is the Rex Specs V2 Dog Goggles, which offer comprehensive protection and the widest possible field of view for your dog. If you're looking for something more affordable, or want a starter pair of doggles, check out QUMY Dog Goggles for a great combination of price, safety, design, and color options. If your dog is smaller than 15 pounds, Enjoying Small Dog Goggles boast great protection and are engineered with smaller dogs in mind.

What To Look For in Dog Sunglasses

UV Protection

The best indication that your dog sunglasses block the most UV radiation possible is to look for a pair offering UV 400 protection. Ultraviolet radiation from sunlight is a portion of the electromagnetic spectrum between 100 and 400 nanometers, which includes the UVA and UVB radiation sunglasses are designed to block. Sunglasses with a UV 400 rating block the full spectrum. Some sunglasses will use the label "100 percent UV protection" instead of UV 400.

Lens material is another strong indicator of how much protection a pair of dog sunglasses will offer. Polycarbonate, for example, filters UV very effectively and is often used as a lens material. If the sunglasses you are considering have a UV-protective coating instead, then they are likely not suitable for dogs with a medical need for doggles. Coatings can scrape off and are often a sign of dog sunglasses that are less suitable for direct sunlight activities.


If you are looking for dog sunglasses to protect your dog's eyes during risky outdoor activities, then you'll likely want polycarbonate lenses. Not only are they flexible and durable, but they are also shatterproof.


Sizing dog sunglasses in advance is an important step in ensuring your dog's comfort. Using a soft tape measurer (alternatively, use floss and measure it against a ruler or yardstick) will ensure that you can match your dog's measurements to the correct size. Different brands offer different sizing and fit on different parts of your dog's head. Generally, you'll be taking two measurements: First, measure around your dog's chin to behind their ears, and then around the top of their muzzle.

  • Do dogs with blue eyes need sunglasses?

    Older dogs often develop blueish or hazy eyes, in a process known as nuclear sclerosis. It's the most commonly diagnosed condition in dogs over the age of 10. While nuclear sclerosis is not a danger in itself—and won't affect your dog's vision—dogs with the condition are more likely to develop cataracts. If your dog's eyes appear hazy and blue, make sure to have them regularly evaluated by a veterinarian for preventative care. There's also a good chance that your dog could benefit from UV-protective doggles.

  • How do you get a dog used to wearing sunglasses?

    Sunglasses make the world seem darker; this is true for dogs as well. Do your initial trials outdoors in the daytime because if suddenly they can barely see, they might get scared. When you put them on, walk around with your dog, or maybe play a game, you want to distract them from the new sensation and help them realize they can still see with sunglasses on. As with anything new with a dog, accompany this with praise. Start with short trials and slowly try leaving them on longer and longer until your dog is acclimated. 

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