The 8 Best Dog Training Clickers of 2021

Reward dogs for good behavior, and they’ll do it more often!

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Our Top Picks
"This set has everything you need to start training your dog, including a clicker, whistle, and bells for your pup to ring."
"If this is your first time clicker training a pet, you'll appreciate the addition of a how-to book and flashcards to help."
Best for Noise-Sensitive Pets:
Good2Go Soft Dog Training Clicker at PETCO
"This budget-friendly option has a softer, gentler clicking sound that's meant to avoid startling skittish pets during training."
"Having the leash and clicker in one hand means that you can dole out treats with your other hand for successful training on walks."
"This whistle is the perfect training tool for getting your dog to return to you, even from a distance."
"The pouch has space to store everything you’d need on a walk—and comes with a collapsible dog bowl and a training clicker."
"A finger holder on this clicker makes it easier to hold, so you have it at the ready during walks or during training sessions."
"With this four-pack, you’ll always have a clicker available when it’s time to acknowledge good behavior."

Best Overall: STARROAD-TIM Dog Training Set

This set provides a lot to get you through training your dog. First, there’s a sturdy, loud clicker, which comes with a wrist strap. The kit also comes with a metal whistle that can be used to teach commands, while bells can be used to train dogs to ring them when they need to go out to use the bathroom. 

Plus, the kit comes with a small linen bag that holds poop bags, training tools, treats, and so on, for when you’re on the go and don’t have enough pockets. This bag can be attached to a belt (for a fanny pack look) or slung around a shoulder. 

Reviewers praise this training set for its quality and value—each item is well made and helpful, making it a great starting point for training a dog.

Best with Dog Training Book: Karen Pryor Getting Started: Clicker Training for Dogs Kit

Karen Pryor, Getting Started: Clicker Training for Dogs Kit

Are you new to clicker training? This kit can help: In addition to a clicker on a carabiner, it comes with a small bag of treats to get you (and your dog) started, flash cards with an overview of the method, and a book that goes in depth into the training methodology. 

The book is full of helpful information and easy to follow. And, the cards provide basic information, as well as making the training process fun—in fact, several reviewers mention having kids get involved in the training with help from the cards.

Best for Noise-Sensitive Pets: Good2Go Soft Dog Training Clicker

Good2Go Soft Dog Training Clicker

For some dogs, the loud sound of a clicker can be startling. Since the goal is for it to be associated with rewards and praise, scaring a dog isn’t helpful. Enter the Good2Go Soft Dog Training Clicker, which has a softer, milder click noise than other clickers. 

This budget-friendly option has a finger strap so you can easily hold it. Reviewers note that the softer click sound is still effective, and great for their noise-sensitive pets. One reviewer notes that the sound is so soft, you may need to get close to your dog in order for the pet to hear.

Best Leash Attachment: PetSafe Clik-R Dog Training Leash Attachment

Clik R Clip

For a lot of people, training happens frequently on walks, as you teach your dog to heel and not pull you along with the leash. That’s where this clicker, which clips right on to your dog’s leash, comes in handy. 

As the manufacturer's point out, having the leash and clicker in one hand means that you can dole out treats with your other hand to make you walk training a success. Training instructions are included along with clicker to help you get up to speed on the method.

Best Whistle: Acme 210 Orange Whistle

Acme Dog Training

If the one major thing you want to accomplish is having your dog return to your side, a whistle can be helpful. The strategy works the same as a clicker: You want your dog to associate the sound with a treat. Then, even when you’re outside, the dog will return when you whistle. No more frantic yells that annoy neighbors! 

Reviewers describe the sound the whistle makes as high-pitched (but not too shrill). Humans can hear the sound it emits, and the whistle really grabs a dog’s attention. But, at the same time, it’s not so loud and piercing that it annoys neighbors—or hurts your ears to use.

Best Wearable Training Kit: Magicfly Dog Treat Training Pouch Bag

Magicfly Dog Treat Traning Pouch Bag with Collapsible Pet Bowl & Dog Clicker, Adjustable Belt With Dog Treat Pouch

Want to bring your clicker, treats, and a whole lot of other stuff anytime you go on an adventure with your pooch? This training pouch has you covered: It comes with a collapsible dog bowl and training clicker, and has space to store everything you’d need on a walk (treats, foods for longer adventures, toys, poop bags, and so on). 

The clicker comes with a wristband, so you won’t need to fish through the pouch when you pooch displays award-worthy behavior. The pouch can be slung over your shoulder, or worn around your waist like a fanny pack. Reviewers appreciate that this kit includes just about everything you need, making it an all-in-one training go-bag.

Best for Puppies: PetSafe Clik-R Trainer


Clicker training a new puppy doesn’t have to be a complicated process. The budget-friendly PetSafe Clik-R trainer comes with a training manual to introduce you to the basics of this training philosophy. 

A finger holder on this clicker makes it more comfortable to hold, so you have it at the ready during walks or training sessions. Reviewers note that it’s comfortable to hold (and that a lanyard can be attached if you want the clicker to be around your neck or wrist, or attached to a leash). 

Many reviewers praise the click sound in general—it’s audible and distinctive, but not too loud. It's also brightly colored, so you can spot it easily when you need it. As well as using this clicker to train puppies, many reviewers also take advantage of it with other pets: Bunnies, cats, and even birds.

Best Multi-Pack: EcoCity 4-Pack Dog Training Clicker with Wrist Strap

With training, consistency is key. So you’ll appreciate this four-pack of clickers—all the clickers are the same, except for their color (red, black, white, and blue). That means you, your partner, and your kids can have a clicker at the ready. Or, stash one in every room so you’ll always have the clicker available when it’s time to acknowledge good behavior. 

All the clickers in the set have an elastic coil band, which can be worn around a wrist, or attached to a belt loop or key chain. Reviewers appreciate the construction of the clickers, which is sturdy and durable. Plus, they also single out the sound the clicker makes for praise—it’s not too loud, but not too soft, either.

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