The 7 Best Dog Vests to Buy in 2018

Keep your furry friend safe and happy

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Every dog lover knows that only the best is good enough for our furry four-legged friends. There are many reasons you may need a dog vest — and there are plenty of options out there, but some rise above the rest of the pack. From hunting to swimming to running, you probably take your dog along on countless adventures every year, and a perfectly fitted vest can help keep him safe and happy.

No matter what your needs are, we’ve rounded up some of the best dog vests you can buy right now. Now zip up, get out there and spend some quality time with your pup.


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    Best Harness Vest: OneTigris Tactical Dog Training Vest

    A harness vest is one of the most versatile products for keeping your dog active. It allows your pup to join you wherever you go, whether that means helping a spritely young dog traverse a mountain trail or aiding your senior pup by giving him a little more stability. The OneTigris vest is made from a breathable nylon with mesh padding to help regulate your dog’s temperature no matter where he is. It has a front and back handle as well as metal leash clips, so you can decide where you focus control when you’re out and about. You can adhere patches or storage to the side and front loops, making it perfect for support animals. It comes in medium, large and x-large, and in an array of neutral colors such as black, brown and green.

    Owners use the OneTigris vest for everything from hiking to service. Some mention the straps are too weak for extremely strong dogs, but for most owners, it works perfectly.

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    Best Reflective: Noxgear LightHound Vest

    Whether your dog joins you on early morning runs or you let your pup run free in the evening, a reflective vest is an essential tool for keeping him safe. The Noxgear LightHound is a harness that illuminates eight different colors visible from half a mile away. The vest is made from Cordura fabric (the same material used in luggage and military accessories) so it’s plenty durable and comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 12 hours. Our favorite feature is the 360-illumination​ so that your pup can be spotted from any angle. It comes in small through x-large sizes (large fits a standard labrador). It also includes a leash attachment — and though it’s not strong enough for dogs who pull (you can combine it with a standard harness for more support), it’s a great accessory for keeping your dog safe at night.

    Amazon owners rave about the Noxgear technology, saying that it’s “nearly perfect” and is the best you can buy.

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    Best Life Vest: EzyDog Doggy Flotation Dog Life Vest

    If you take your dog swimming or boating, a doggy life vest is an absolute must — and our pick is the EzyDog Doggy Flotation Device. It’s a lightweight neoprene and foam vest that keeps your dog in a natural swimming position whenever he’s in the water. It comes in red, yellow and green camo designs, and is designed not to impede the pup’s natural movement in the water. It includes a handle on the top so you can help your dog get in and out of the water. The vest is available in x-small up through x-large, and it’s important to measure your pup’s girth before purchasing to ensure a great fit.

    Owners love the EzyDog Doggy, remarking that it allows for more buoyancy and floatation than many competitors’ products.

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    Best Hunting Vest: DOGOC Dog Hunting Vest

    Every hunting dog needs a safety vest to keep him visible in the field, and the DOGOC Hunting Vest does the job beautifully. This reflective, waterproof vest is designed to not only keep him visible to other hunters but also protect against skin abrasions and other injuries. It also has a layer of flannel that will keep him warm during cold temperatures, but won’t cause overheating.

    When picking a vest for your hunting dog, it’s essential to choose one with reflective capabilities so he’s easy to spot. The DOGOC not only keeps him visible, but owners say it’s the only vest that’s prevented skin injuries when at work.

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    Best Support Dog Vest: Petjoy-Wiredog Classic Service Dog Harness Vest

    There’s a variety of routes a dog can take to become a support animal, but marking him or her is a good way to help with training and taking your companion dog out in public. The Petjoy-Wiredog Classic Service Dog Harness Vest is a reflective vest with “emotional service dog” patches you can sew on the sides. It works for dogs with 26” to 42” girth, and comes with a rubber handle to help lift them up. The outside is waterproof, while the inner foam layer has an odor-eliminator to reduce the build-up of smells, allowing your pup to wear it as long as he needs.

    Amazon reviewers say the Petjoy-Wiredog helps control dogs that pull while letting them remain comfortable all day long. If you’re on the hunt for a vest for your support animal, you’ll be happy with this classic harness vest.

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    Best for Winter: SILD Reflective Fleece Vest

    Just because it’s cold outside, doesn’t mean Fido doesn’t skip a romp in the snow — the SILD Reflective Fleece Vest helps keep your furry friend going all winter long. It’s waterproof and snow-proof, so your pup won’t be cold and wet, and has a fleece lining for added warmth. It comes in six different colors, all with reflective strips great for evening walks. Whether your pup is x-small or xx-large, there’s a vest that will fit him or her (just make sure to measure before you buy).

    Though your dog has a built-in fur winter coat, ice and snow can still cause his temperature to drop, even during short walks. Reviewers say the SILD Reflective Fleece Vest keeps their pups warm and dry even during the depths of winter.

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    Best Hiking: Pettom Dog Saddle Backpack

    You bring gear on your hikes, so why shouldn’t your four-legged buddy? The Pettom Dog Saddle Backpack is a hiking vest with removable storage bags so you can pack everything you need for a fun-filled adventure with your best friend. The vest is made from waterproof polyester and gives you the flexibility to make sure the pack weight is evenly distributed — keeping your pup comfortable. It also includes a helpful handle and reflective material to give it a high level of visibility.

    Owners rave about the Pettom Dog Saddle, praising its quality and customizable aspects, like being able to add or remove bags. Some do note that it runs large, so size down if your dog is in between a small and medium or a medium and large. Lastly, make sure your dog is carrying less than 25% of its body weight when you strap on the pack.