The 9 Best Dog Wipes of 2021

Simple solutions for keeping your pup clean

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Our Top Picks
"These bamboo-based wipes use aloe vera and vitamin E to clean and moisturize your dog's coat."
"While it's best to brush your dog's teeth, these wipes use baking soda to target plaque and tartar between brushes."
"Whether your dog has excessive eye goop because of their breed or seasonal allergies, these sterile eye wipes will keep them fresh,"
"These large wipes dissolve ear wax and help eliminate odors with just a simple swipe."
"Rid your pup's paws of dirt and dander by using these all-natural wipes with coconut, lavender, and grapefruit essential oils."
"These fragrance-, paraben-, and alcohol-free wipes use baking soda to neutralize even the strongest odors."
"These deep-cleaning wipes removes dirt and odor while added conditioners leave your pup’s coat shiny and clean."
"Glandex's wipes have vitamin E and aloe vera plus other conditioners which safely moisturize your pup's rear."
"Bulldogs, pugs, and other wrinkle-prone breeds will benefit from these gentle wipes which prevent infections between your pup's folds."

Best Overall: Pogi's Fragrance-Free Grooming Wipes

Pogi's Grooming Wipes

Pogi’s Grooming Wipes are powerful yet gentle and can be used to thoroughly clean paws, coats, and bums. The sustainable, bamboo-based wipes contain soothing, moisturizing aloe vera and vitamin E which cleans and moisturizes your dog’s coat without being overly drying.

The hypoallergenic wipes—which come in packs of 100—are free of fragrance, parabens, and alcohol, so they won’t irritate even the most sensitive pooch’s skin. Reviewers report that the wipes are hefty and durable and one wipe is enough to fully clean a labrador retriever. Just remember—like wipes for humans, these grooming wipes should never be flushed down the toilet.

Best Dental: PETKIN Fresh Mint Dog & Cat Plaque Tooth Wipes


While it’s best to brush your dog's teeth with a toothbrush, sometimes that's much easier said than done. That’s where these teeth wipes from Petkin come in. The pre-moistened wipes are infused with baking soda which targets plaque and tartar, and mint which freshens your pup’s breath.

To use, you simply grab a wipe, open your dog’s mouth, and gently wipe around their teeth and gums. While the wipes aren't a substitute for regular brushing, they are better than doing nothing. Reviewers say they like the scent and the wipes work for cats, too. Note that they are safe on pets 6 weeks and older.

Best for Eyes: Miracle Care Sterile Eye Wash Pads for Dogs & Cats

Miracle Care Sterile Eye Wash Pads for Dogs & Cats

Brachycephalic dog breeds—like shih tzus, pugs, and bulldogs—naturally tend to have more eye discharge because of their face shape. But whether your dog's eye goop has to do with its breed or just seasonal allergies, your furry friend doesn't have to suffer with Miracle Care's Sterile Eye Wash Pads.

Squeeze the excess liquid off these sterile eye wash wipes into your pup’s eye (don't worry, they're non-stinging), then gently swipe the pad along the outside lids to remove debris, staining, and any gunk that’s there. Reviewers note that the pads are thin, but they hold up well. Miracle Care is safe to use up to four times a day.

Best for Ears: Well & Good Large Dog Ear Wipes

Well & Good Large Dog Ear Wipes

No matter what breed of dog you have, it's important you keep their ears clean. If your pup has large droopy ears—we're talking about basset hounds and cocker spaniels—or goes for frequent swims, you'll need to be extra vigilant.

Regular cleanings can help prevent ear infections and using a wipe is one of the easiest and quickest ways to clean their ears. Well & Good's Large Dog Ear Wipes quickly dissolve ear wax and make it easy to wipe away. When cleaning your pup’s ears, start at the innermost point and work your way outward. The non-toxic wipes come in packs of 50 and Well & Good notes that you should use a new one for each ear. Not only will they clean up your dog's ears, but they'll keep them odor free, too.

Best for Paws: TrueBlue Pet Products Super Fresh Body & Paw Wipes


While you might be tempted to use a regular baby wipe on your pooch—especially if you have some lying around already—it’s not the best idea. For one thing, dogs lick themselves, which means there’s a good chance they’ll ingest whatever it is your wiping on them. TrueBlue's Super Fresh Body & Paw Wipes take that into account with an all-natural formula containing coconut, lavender, grapefruit essential oil, macadamia nut oil, and chamomile.

The ingredients in TrueBlue's extra-large wipes are not only safe for your pup, but they also clean away mud and gunk without stripping away any natural oils. If you have other pets in your household, it's also helpful that they work on cats.

Best for Sensitive Skin: Frisco Hypoallergenic Grooming Wipes

Frisco Hypoallergenic Grooming Wipes

If your pet has sensitive skin, you likely already know to look for unscented products, but Frisco's Hypoallergenic Grooming Wipes take things a step farther. In addition to being fragrance free, they’re also free of parabens, alcohol, and harsh chemicals, plus, they're completely hypoallergenic.

So what do the wipes contain? Well, a coconut-derived cleanser, baking soda to neutralize even the strongest odors, and soothing, certified-organic aloe vera and pro-vitamin B5. Use the wipes to clean your dog’s paws after a walk or rid them of head-to-toe dirt and dander before your next grooming appointment.

Best for Grooming: Nature's Miracle Deodorizing Bath Wipes

Nature's Miracle Deodorizing Bath Wipes

Let’s say your dog loves to dig in the dirt or roll around in the grass, but you don’t have time to give them a daily bath. First, don't feel about that, as frequent baths with dry out their skin. Second, Nature's Miracle Deodorizing Bath Wipes are just the solution for you.

The alcohol-free wipes are mild enough for daily use, but don't think that means that aren't powerful. The deep-cleansing formula is strong enough to remove dirt and foul odors while added conditioners will leave your pup’s coat looking shiny and clean. A quick wipe down also helps to remove dander, which is great if you or someone in your home has allergies.

Best for Behinds: Glandex Anal Gland Hygienic Pet Wipes

Glandex Pet Wipes Cleansing & Deodorizing Anal Gland Hygienic Wipe​s for Dogs & Cats

With a tag line of “boot the scoot,” these wipes are safe to use on your dog’s rear, especially around their anal glands. Regular wiping can help keep them healthy and thanks to the brand's odor-eliminating Deoplex (AKA natural deodorant), wiping after an expression will help reduce funky smells.

Glandex's wipes have vitamin E and aloe vera plus other conditioners which safely moisturize this delicate area. Since it's free of alcohol and parabens, you don't have to worry about irritation, either. Though these are labeled for use on/around anal glands, they're also safe to use on your pet’s paws, ears, and coat.

Best for Wrinkles: Petpost Bulldog Wrinkle Wipes

Petpost Bulldog Wrinkle Wipes

No, we aren’t suggesting your adorable pooch needs an anti-aging cream. These wipes are used to clean in, under, and around the wrinkles on bulldogs, pugs, shar-peis, and other dogs with ample skin. The soft cotton pads are infused with coconut oil and aloe vera which cleanse and soothe the sometimes sensitive and irritated skin in between folds.

To prevent skin infections, Petpost recommends using their wipes every five to seven days and ensuring your pooch's skin is completely dry after use. The wipes have a light floral fragrance and are safe to use on puppies and mature dogs, too.

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