The 6 Best Hamster Cages of 2021

Find the perfect cage for your smaller furry friends

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Best Hamster Cages

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Our Top Picks
Best for Dwarf Hamsters:
Ferplast Favola Hamster Cage at Amazon
"Reviewers love that the deep see-through base gives their furry friend plenty of space to burrow and nest."
"This spacious cage comes with a port door connector, so you can easily add on tubes and tunnels."
"Its all-metal wire frame is powder-coated, which makes for easier cleaning and less chewing."
"Reviewers love all the extra accessories that this cage comes with, including tunnels and a "penthouse"."
"At more than 600 sq. ft., this cage gives your hamster(s) plenty of room to exercise and play."
"Full-width double doors let you easily remove the leak-proof bottom pan."

Best for Dwarf Hamsters: Ferplast Favola Hamster Cage

Despite their name and smaller stature, dwarf hamsters still require quite a bit of room to roam, like this 340 square inch cage. The other important consideration is the space between the bars; you’ll want a cage with bars spaced no further ¼-apart, like this one, otherwise, your cute critter may squeeze through the bars and escape. The cage comes with a hamster wheel for exercise, a hamster hide-away for sleeping, a food dish and a water bottle. Reviewers love that the deep see-through base gives their furry friend plenty of space to burrow and nest.

Best for Multiple Hamsters: Kaytee CritterTrail Small Animal Super Habitat

Kaytee Crittertail

Thinking about bringing home a pair of hamsters? It’s okay to keep two same-sex dwarf hamsters in the same cage—as long as they are raised together. (Adult dwarf hamsters and Syrian hamsters of any age should be housed separately as they are territorial.) When picking a cage for two, you’ll want a cage that’s slightly larger, like this one from CritterTrail that has a total of 540 square feet of living space, so they have plenty of room to roam. This cage also comes with a shelf, a ramp, and a port door connector so you can easily add on tubes and tunnels (sold separately).

Best Chew-Proof Cage: WARE Chew Proof Small Animal Critter Cage

WARE Chew Proof Cage

Hamsters naturally like to chew. While you could get a glass aquarium, many people find them hard to clean and, as they’re not well-ventilated, they can tend to get stinky. If you find that your tiny bundle of fur is exceptional at gnawing, you’ll want to invest in a chew-proof cage like this one. The powder-coated, all-metal wire deters chewing as does the chew-proof design—your critter won’t be able to bite the plastic base. The top part comes off for easy cleaning and the access door has a safety lock so you won’t have to worry about your little buddy escaping. The cage has plenty of room for a wheel or sleeping area (sold separately).

Best All-in-One Cage: Savic Hamster Heaven Metro Cage

Buying accessories for your cage can add up quickly. This one may cost more upfront, but as it comes with tunnels, exercise wheel, two houses, a penthouse, a water bottle and more, you may find that you save more than if you had purchased everything separately. Reviewers love that the cage is a roomy 31.5 x 20 x 20 inches and that you can rearrange all the accessories so your hamster will never get bored. The cage has two large handles, which are great if you’ll be toting your hamster from place to place. Note that this isn’t recommended for dwarf hamsters as the wires are spaced .37 inches apart.

Best Extra-Large Cage: Prevue Pet Products 528 Universal Small Animal Home

Some hamster parents worry that their little guys don’t have enough room to roam or space for toys—at over 600 square feet this cage more than solves that problem. In addition to ample room, you’ll find there’s a large base for nesting, a platform with a ladder for exercise and a large door on the top and one on the side. Reviewers note that it’s simple to assemble and doesn’t require any tools to do so and that it’s easy to take apart come cleaning time. With wires spaced ⅜ inch apart, this cage is best suited for Syrian hamsters and not dwarf hamsters.

Easiest to Clean: MidWest Homes for Pets Deluxe Critter Nation

While hamsters are a low maintenance pet, they aren’t a zero maintenance pet. You’ll need to feed them, give them water, play with them and clean their cages regularly. This cage makes that last part easy thanks to full-width double doors that let you easily remove the leak-proof bottom pan for cleaning and freshening up your pet’s bedding. The only downside is that you’ll have to make sure your hamster isn’t planning an escape before you open the doors for cleaning or feeding. The cage is a very large 900 sq. ft. and has four locking wheel casters so you can move it from room to room.

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