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Best Horse Insurance of 2021

Horse insurance may be a specialized product, yet this kind of coverage is crucial if you own a horse. After all, health concerns and problems for horses can be very specific, and veterinarian bills for horses can be much higher than those for a dog or cat. The cost of owning a horse also includes expensive food, boarding, training, and more.

If you plan to own one or more horses, you'll need to find the best insurance option for your needs and your budget. Our research compared the top horse insurance providers; continue reading to learn about our top picks.

Best Overall: Blue Bridle

Blue Bridle

Blue Bridle

Why We Chose It: We chose Blue Bridle as our best overall due to its lengthy history of offering specialized horse insurance. The company offers customized coverage for medical bills, liability, and even your farm, and it is run by a team of horse enthusiasts and owners.

What We Like
  • Long history of offering specialized horse insurance

  • Coverage available for mortality, major medical, liability, accident and illness, air transit, and more

  • You can also purchase surgical coverage only, colic coverage only, coverage for loss of use, and coverage for stallion accident, sickness, or disease

What We Don't Like
  • You cannot get a quote online

  • No online claims process

Blue Bridle was founded in 1982, so this company has been around longer than some of its competitors. It was a pioneer in the development of insurance coverage for horses, including surgical and major medical insurance.

Blue Bridle is mostly run by horse owners and enthusiasts and offers many different coverage options including mortality, liability coverage, coverage for accidents or illness, or insurance for air transit. You can also buy individual coverage for very specific instances, such as loss of use, surgical only, colic coverage only, and more.

Blue Bridle also offers specialized liability coverage for horse owners, and you can even bundle your coverage with special horse farm insurance that can cover outbuildings, farm property, machinery, and more.

Best for Comparing Plans: Broadstone Equine Insurance Agency

Broadstone Equine Insurance Agency

Broadstone Equine Insurance Agency

Why We Chose It: Broadstone Equine Insurance Agency provides horse insurance from multiple providers, but only from companies with excellent ratings for financial stability. You can contact Broadstone for your horse insurance needs and get matched with a policy that works for your budget and specific coverage requirements.

What We Like
  • Get matched with horse insurance from a top provider

  • Purchase various coverage options such as major medical, medical assistance insurance, liability, and more

  • Website has considerable educational materials available

  • Claims department open 24/7

What We Don't Like
  • No way to get a quote online

  • No online claims process

While Broadstone Equine Insurance has more than 15 years of experience as an insurance provider in the horse insurance space, this company focuses its efforts on matching clients with horse insurance policies from other providers. It's a good option if you want to share your information and needs and then see policy options from the best horse insurance companies with strong financial ratings.

If you're comparing plans, Broadstone offers plenty of coverage options, such as major medical and medical assistance coverage for horses with insured values as low as $1,000. You can also buy comprehensive horse insurance, liability insurance, mortality coverage, and surgical-only insurance. Like some other providers, Broadstone Equine Insurance also lets clients purchase accident, sickness, and disease coverage for stallions ages 3 to 14.

Best for Pet Horses: ASPCA



Why We Chose It: Coverage is geared to individual horse owners who love their animals and want to protect their health, yet don't need coverage for breeding-related issues or farm equipment.

What We Like
  • Coverage options available for horses kept specifically as pets by individual owners

  • Colic coverage in every plan

  • Can customize your plan with a preventative care package

  • Get a free quote and see pricing online

  • Online claims submission process

What We Don't Like
  • No coverage for liability or breeding-related issues

  • Cannot buy coverage for outbuildings or farm equipment

While horse insurance plans for pet horses are offered through the ASPCA, these plans are underwritten by the United States Fire Insurance Company, which is a member of the Crum & Forster Insurance family. This company has an A rating with AM Best, which means it has strong metrics for its financial stability.

You can buy a plan just for colic and accidents, or you can add on additional coverage for illness. You can even purchase a preventative healthcare plan to go with your horse insurance coverage, which can cover vaccines, some dental procedures, and an annual wellness exam.

Another major benefit of ASPCA coverage is the free pricing quote online, and the ability to file a claim on your policy using the company's online portal.

Best Unique Coverage Options: Kay Cassell Equine Insurance

Kay Cassell Equine Insurance

Kay Cassell Equine Insurance

Why We Chose It: The range of coverage options includes equine theft insurance, stallion infertility insurance, horse transportation insurance, horse club liability insurance, and more.

What We Like
  • Coverage for liability, mortality, major medical, loss of use, surgeries, and more available

  • Compare policies from multiple providers

What We Don't Like
  • No way to get a quote online

  • No online claims process

  • Minimal information about policies provided

Kay Cassell Equine Insurance was founded in 1981, and like some of its competitors, Kay Cassell helps match clients with horse insurance policies from top-rated providers. This can help you compare policies from different issuers all in one place, and with less time and effort than it would take to get multiple quotes.

You can also use Kay Cassell Equine Insurance to buy coverage for liability, mortality, major medical expenses, loss of use, and more. This company even offers some unique horse insurance add-ons such as equine theft insurance, stallion infertility insurance, horse transportation insurance, and more.

Final Verdict

Horse insurance is crucial if you want to breed horses or keep a horse as a pet, but the insurance product you choose will depend on your individual situation and needs. For example, if you require a customized insurance plan to cover major medical issues, air transit, and even loss of use, Blue Bridle is a good choice. For horse owners whose equine is merely a pet, the ASPCA has plans that will suffice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Horse Insurance Work?

Horse insurance works like most other insurance products. Purchase a policy that includes the coverage options you require, and your insurance will kick in with financial help if you file an eligible claim. You'll be asked to pay a monthly or annual premium for your policy, and you may be able to select an annual deductible and coverage limits.

Can You Buy Horse Insurance Online?

Some providers let you get a free quote for horse insurance online. Others let you fill out a standard form online with information on your horse and your insurance needs. In both cases, you will likely need to provide health information for your horse, including medical records, before your policy can begin.

How Much Does It Cost to Insure a Horse?

The cost of horse insurance can vary depending on the type of horse you have, the animal's age, and the coverage you need. You will pay considerably more for comprehensive horse insurance than you will for a policy that only covers surgery or liability.

Is Horse Insurance the Same as Pet Insurance?

Not all horse insurance is created equally, and some horse insurance policies are uniquely designed for horses kept as pets. Also, note that many of the best pet insurance companies do not offer coverage for horses.

How We Chose the Best Horse Insurance Companies

To come up with our ranking of the best horse insurance companies, we looked for providers with a decade or more of experience in this space. We also compared companies based on their online resources, coverage options offered, reputation, and customer service.