15 Best Names for Toy Dogs

chihuahua dog running

Purple Collar Pet Photography / Getty Images

Bringing home a newly adopted dog or puppy can be a super exciting time. It can also be overwhelming, making sure you have considered everything from all the gear you need, to vets and insurance, to training and dog sitters.

With all these important things to think about, trying to be creative and come up with a good name for your new family member can prove a challenge. You want to pick something that all family members agree on, and something that won't cause embarrassment or offence when you are calling it in the park.

If you have just brought home a little dog and are struggling to agree, then maybe some of these ideas for toy dog pet names will help provide some inspiration!


Do you want a unique name, with a bit of continental sophistication, and that also refers to your dog's diminutive size? Bijou is a French word that refers to something small and elegant. Perfect, right?


This is a popular small dog name. It is often used endearingly when referring to a small child. Perfect for the little dog in your life too then.

Tich, without the extra 't', was also the name of a famous military service dog who was awarded the Dickens Medal for Gallantry after her service in the Second World War. A good choice if you want your dog to be associated with greatness.


Who doesn't remember this feisty fairy from the Peter Pan stories? If you have a sassy little dog that is fiercely loyal, prone to jealousy, curious, courageous and sometimes a little grumpy, then this could be a very fitting name.


If you want to go with a touch of irony, why not name your small dog after a big animal. Bear could be a good choice. You couldn't get a more opposing creature in terms of size, but they are also fluffy and cute.


Are you a fan of cheesy nineties fantasy television? If you are, you will no doubt remember Xena: Warrior Princess. This name may suit your little dog if she has a fiery and brave personality.


If you are looking for something truly unique that also has a deeper meaning, you couldn't get more quirky than this name, if you can manage to pronounce it. Sohwakhaeng means 'small but certain happiness' in Korean, and it is a term that is trending at the moment. So if you have a little dog that is full of joy, maybe shortening it to 'Sohwa' could be an excellent idea.


Do you have a small dog that thinks he is the toughest pooch on the block? Does he try to step in to protect his doggy companions whenever there is the sniff of trouble? Okay, maybe some extra training will be helpful, but they could also suit the name Bruiser.

This was also the name of the Chihuahua owned by Elle, in Legally Blonde. So, if you are a Reese Witherspoon fan, it could also be perfect.


Do you have an itty bitty dog that is a little shy? Why not name them after one of the world's smallest, and possibly cutest, mammals; the Shrew. The Etruscan Shrew weighs a mere 1.8g, on average.


This is a popular name for humans and dogs alike. This sweet, small flower is found all around the world, and they are said to represent purity and innocence. Perfect for your sweet-natured little pup.


Pip is another unisex name suited to a small dog. Pip was one of the much-loved Hobbits from Lord of the Rings, and it is also a term used to describe a person or object that is highly regarded.


An unusual name that would fit if you love the great outdoors is Wyche. Naming your tiny dog after the world's smallest mountain, Mount Wycheproof in Australia is pretty unique.


This is another popular dog name, perfect for a confident and spunky little dog that forgets his size. It often appeals to owners of little rescue dogs that might have had a tough start in life but have fought their way back to good health.


If you are a history buff and want to name your spirited little dog after a warrior woman, you can't get much better than Boudica. This female Celtic Leader led a famous uprising against the Romans in ancient times. You could always shorten the name to Bodi for calling in the park too.


If you are a fan of classic children's literature, then naming your little dog after Arrietty Clock, the main, tiny character in the book the Borrowers may appeal. If your dog is clever, inquisitive and brave, they will be well suited to the name.


Do you have a white or light colored dog with pink spots or a pink nose? Piglet could be the perfect name. It is also ideal if you are a fan of Winnie the Pooh characters.

Don't Forget The Name You Pick Will Stick!

Keep it short: it can get tiresome calling out a long name. It will also be more of a challenge for your dog to understand unless you want to use a nickname.

Keep it pronounceable: it could confuse your dog when others are calling them by the wrong name at daycare or in the dog park.

Be decisive: It is okay to change it after a few days.  It is not, though, fair or sensible to keep chopping and changing, or renaming your dog after a few months or even years.

Keep it inoffensive: You and your family may find it endearing to call your dog Poopy Pants, but not everyone will share your humor. Be mindful of accidentally culturally or racially offensive names too.