15 Best Names for Fluffy Dogs

Fantastic Names for Fuzzy Dogs of All Sizes

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Fluffy dogs come in all shapes and sizes, and both large breeds and small breeds can have an abundance of fur. If you’re picking a name for your fluffy dog, you can draw inspiration from his long hair or fuzzy appearance. If you’re looking for simple, silly, or cute fluffy dog names, we have 15 top choices for you here.


Puffy and always on the move, Cloud is a great name for a fluffy dog—especially if he is white or silver in color. Regardless of whether your pet is small or large, Cloud is a versatile name, since they come in all shapes and sizes!


Everyone’s favorite campfire treat is also a great name for a fluffy dog. Marshmallows are puffy right out of the package, but become an even puffier, toasty treat when roasted over an open flame. If your dog is a sweet pal to have around, consider naming him after this special treat.

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Some Old English sheepdogs or other fluffy dogs with long curls almost look like they’re peering out from under a coat of noodles. If that’s true for your curly-coated fluffy dog, then name him Noodles. Plus, this fun name for a fluffy dog is sure to bring a smile to your face every time you call his name.


Some dogs like poodles, Airedale terriers, bichon frises, and Portuguese water dogs have a natural curl to their coat. Name him Ringo, inspired by his ringlets of fur—or if you’re just a big fan of the Beatles.


Taz is short for Tasmanian Devil—a creature that whirls across the Australian Outback at a rapid pace with a cloud of dust in his wake. If your curly dog is an on-the-go ball of fuzz, then Taz might make an appropriate name.


Cool and unexpected, Ziggy fits a fluffy dog that has a unique coat or appearance. If you’re always smoothing your dog’s wayward coat back into place, name him Ziggy.


A play on ‘hairy,’ which probably describes your fluffy dog’s appearance. Harry is a classic dog name that is perfect for pooches with plenty of fur.


A furry dog with long fur sounds like a perfect candidate for the name of Shaggy. A popular TV character, Shaggy was Scooby-Doo’s human sidekick, and the pair were known for their silly antics. If you and your four-legged friend are into mischief and fun, then Shaggy is a great name for your fluffy dog.


If your dog is large and fuzzy all over, then he might appear like a bear—or at least move like one through your house. Bear is a popular name for dogs that have a lot of hair and a big stature.

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If your fluffy dog resembles a little lion, then give him the name Simba. While he may not be king of the jungle, he likely rules over your house! If your furry friend is a girl dog, then name her Nala.

Frizzle (Frizz)

For dogs that are fuzzy all over, Frizzle is a good name to describe your dog. While humans fight frizzy hair, your fluffball is likely to embrace it. Call him Frizz for short.

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Buster (Dustbuster)

If you’re hoping that all the extra fur your fluffy dog has will clean the floors, think again. It’s more likely that your pooch is adding to the dust bunnies roaming under your catch. Even still, you can think positively and name him Buster—short for Dustbuster—and maybe his fluff will keep your floors cleaner.


If you’re a Star Wars fan (and even if you’re not), Wookiee is an out-of-this-world name for a fluffy dog. Wookiees are covered in hair and your dog is too!

Bonus idea: Name your fluffy dog Chewbaca (Chewie for short) after the most famous Wookiee from the Star Wars series.


Does your fluffy dog look like he’s been romping around, having way too much fun? If so, Scruffy is a good name to sum up his look.


With plenty of fluff, your dog might seem to have ruffles of fur. Run your hand through her fuzzy coat and you’ll see why Ruffles is a great name for a fluffy female dog.