These Are the 71 Best Pet Names of 2022


Kirill Gorshkov / Getty Images

Our pets' names can share a lot about their personalities—and maybe a little bit about how weird we are. Naming a new dog or cat is both one of the greatest joys and one of the most painstaking challenges of pet ownership. If you’re seeking inspiration, look no further than our roundup of some of our favorite pet names of 2022.

Best Pop Culture Pet Names of 2022

From Yellowstone ranchers to Euphoria drug dealers, there were plenty of hit TV and movie characters who made their way off screen and into our homes. Some pop culture names are tributes (Did anyone name their pup Lilibet after Harry and Meghan's baby daughter?), but if you’re one of the people who named their cat Vecna this year, we might be a little worried. 

  1. Fezco (This name is up 2,385% in 2022, according to Rover
  2. Twyla
  3. Vecna 
  4. Dutton 
  5. Mirabel 
  6. Lilibet
  7. Daemon 
  8. Bluey
  9. Stormi 
  10. Maverick 
  11. Priscilla 

Best Food Names of 2022

For the pets who are just so cute, you could eat them right up. 

  1. Baklava 
  2. Ham
  3. Toast
  4. Peanut 
  5. Sashimi
  6. Noodle (RIP to the famous “bones or no bones” pug)
  7. Tater Tot
  8. Pinot
  9. Crumpet
  10. Matcha
  11. Tequila 
  12. Peaches 
  13. Fig

Best Human Names for Pets in 2022

From Chad to Karen, there’s nothing like a good ol human name to capture a pet’s persona. We love people names for the pets who look like grandpas, babies, or Uncle Kennys. We also love human names for that delightfully awkward moment you have to shout “Get over here, Jeff!” at the dog park. 

  1. Craig 
  2. Tony
  3. Anita 
  4. Jenna
  5. Britney 
  6. Josh
  7. Kathy
  8. Steve
  9. Paul

Best Animal Names for Pets of 2022

We don't know what it is, but there's just something about an animal named after a different animal.

  1. Goose
  2. Bird
  3. Bear
  4. Lizard (Liz for short)
  5. Moose
  6. Beaver
  7. Dragon
  8. Dolphin (Finn for short)
  9. Bunny
  10. Wolf

Funniest Pet Nicknames of 2022, According to TikTok

One of our favorite TikTok trends this year was the pet nickname progression. Owners shared their dog’s given name before outlining its evolution to an entirely different nickname. The creativity of some of these is just *chef’s kiss.*

  1. Lucy → Louisiana Purchase
  2. Chuck → Charles → Charles Xavier → Professor X → Professor Finnesor  
  3. Chucky → Chuckislovakia 
  4. Mabel → Maybe → Maybe it’s Maybelline 
  5. Twiggy → Twigathy → Twigathy Chalamet 
  6. Penelope → Penny → Penny from the Block → P.Lo
  7. Winston → Winstonian National History Museum 
  8. Augustus → Auggie → Augster → Aux Cord 

Most Basic Dog Names of 2022

They might be basic, but these beloved dog names top the popularity charts year after year for a reason. Here are the names that made Rover’s annual most popular dog names ranking. 

Girl Dogs

  1. Luna 
  2. Bella 
  3. Daisy
  4. Lucy 
  5. Lily
  6. Zoe
  7. Lola 
  8. Sadie
  9. Bailey
  10. Stella

Boy Dogs 

  1. Max
  2. Charlie
  3. Cooper
  4. Milo
  5. Buddy
  6. Rocky
  7. Bear
  8. Teddy
  9. Duke
  10. Leo