The 6 Best Places to Buy Dog Food

Find the best food for your four-legged friend

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Amazon at Amazon

"Amazon has hundreds of dog food options—from high-end brands to budget-friendly (but still healthy) brands such as Purina."

Walmart at Walmart

"Even if you live down the road from your nearest Walmart, it’s often just as easy to make your next dog food purchase on its website."

Petco at

"You’ll find all manner of dry food, wet food, puppy food, and grain-free options, with all of the well-known brands."

Chewy at Chewy

"It’s a great source for grain-free, vegan, and organic dog foods, with unique brands you won’t find anywhere else."

Target at Target

"Pick from over 20 brands, from wet to freeze dried, and set up an automatic order so it's impossible to forget your pup’s food."

Petsmart at

"Petsmart’s digital storefront offers over 1,500 options in the dog food category and includes the most popular brands."

When it comes to your pet, you want to juggle convenience with quality. And while you love your dog, you don’t love lugging that heavy bag of dog food from your cart to your car every month. But through the magic of the internet, that 50-pound bag of high-protein dog food can land on your doorstep every single month without your ever lifting a finger. Whether you have a toy poodle or an extra-large breed, you can find the right dog food with the click of a button.

Here, we’ve rounded up the best online stores to keep your pup happy and well-fed. And if you plan it right, you’ll never have to pay a penny on shipping either.


Courtesy of Amazon.

If you have an Amazon Prime account, you probably already order all of your essentials from the comfort of your own home. With the click of a button, you can order your favorite novel and replenish your pup’s food. Amazon has hundreds of dog food choices—from high-end protein-rich brands such as Taste of The Wild to budget-friendly (but still healthy) brands such as Purina—so you can easily find what you need and tack it on to your next big order. The Amazon interface also allows you to sort through options based on rating, price, brand or even product type (think all-natural, organic, raw, etc). Plus, whether you like to shop in bulk or you want an easy-to-carry bag for your fifth-floor walk up, you can even break it down by bag size.

Amazon offers a wide variety of premium brands in dry food, wet food, and even raw food. Plus, next time you forget to pick up your pup’s food you can get it delivered in just 48 hours with Amazon Prime.


Courtesy of Walmart.

Sure, you could head to your local Walmart to pick up your dog’s food, but why deal with the hassle when you can order it instead? The retail giant’s website has a formidable selection of dog food, ranging from popular, mass-market brands like Purina to more specialized options from Blue Buffalo and Nutro. You can also place an order for pickup at your nearest Walmart location, but it’s usually possible to get free two-day shipping on deliveries when you spend over $35. Like Amazon, the Walmart site’s search interface also makes it easy to sort and refine by categories like bag size and flavor, but it also allows you to filter by dietary need—saving time when you’re looking for the perfect wheat-free, high protein, all-organic food for your pup.

Even if you live down the road from your nearest Walmart, it’s often just as easy to make your next dog food purchase on its website. At the very least, you’ll save yourself a trek to the pet aisle in the far reaches of the store’s enormous footprint.


Courtesy of Petco.

Petco is one of the premier retailers of pet products, so it’s no surprise that its website is stocked with a wider variety of dog foods than you’ll find at most other sources. You’ll find all manner of dry food, wet food, puppy food, and grain-free options, with all of the well-known brands along with offerings like Spot Farms, which focuses on whole-food ingredients sourced from small family farmers. While the site features in-store pickup, one notable feature is the ability to set up repeat deliveries of your food of choice, at intervals ranging from every two weeks to once a year. The option comes with the benefit of free shipping, along with a 20% discount of your first order.

The Petco site also makes finding the right dog food simple thanks to its robust search system, which allows you to filter by everything from flavor and brand to your dog’s life stage. The wide range of products available from Petco makes it one of the go-to places to buy dog food online.


Courtesy of Chewy.

Chewy is one of the newer players in the pet supplies world. And while this online-only retailer offers a broad array of dog foods (including the big names), the focus is on a more curated, specialized product selection. It’s a great source for grain-free and organic dog foods, with brands you won’t find elsewhere. Check out the all-vegan V-Dog, for instance, which is ideal for canines who struggle with food allergies—or Tylee’s, which is made with “human-grade” ingredients (including recognizable pieces of broccoli and sweet potato) and designed to match the benefits of a home-cooked meal.

If your dog has special dietary needs and you’re struggling to find the right food at the larger stores, try browsing around Chewy to find one that works for them. It’s easy to search and sort through various types of foods, and the site also features an auto-ship option that lets you select your delivery schedule (and tends to have a discount incentive on your first order). But even on standard deliveries, many products have free 1-2 day shipping.


Courtesy of Target.

Whether you want to ship straight to your door or you want to order online for pickup, Target is a great option for any of your pet’s needs, including his chow. Target offers a similar selection of dog food to Walmart, including most major brand names you’ve heard of. Pick from over 20 brands, with options ranging from dry, wet, to freeze dried. The biggest perk of Target is the ability to select a dog food for in-store pickup, making it impossible to forget your pup’s food on your next inevitable Target run.

If you’ve found a dog food brand your furry friend knows and loves, setting up an automatic order can make life endlessly easier. Target Restock is a box you fill with essential items (think diapers, shampoo, Clorox and, yes, dog food) and set up for delivery on a set schedule. Add up to 45 pounds of product and get it as soon as the very next day right to your front porch.


Courtesy of Petsmart.

Another major pet retailer with a great online selection of dog food is Petsmart. Petsmart’s digital storefront offers over 1,500 options in the dog food category and includes the most popular brands. An easy-to-use search system allows you to sort by many different options including life stage, kibble size, flavor and many more. This makes picking your dog’s next meal easy and customizable because–of course–no two canines are the same.

While Petsmart will deliver any dog food to your door within a few business days, they also offer a 5% discount for buying online and picking up in store. And when you’re splurging on that premium, grain-free, all-natural bag of kibble, every little bit counts. 

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