Guide to Pet Bird Species

Learn about bird species and which birds may make the best pet for you. We'll introduce you to breeds including budgies, African greys, all kinds of parakeets and several types of parrots.
Girl holding cockatiel
Cockatiels: Some of the Most Popular Pet Birds
Parrot standing on a branch and looking forward
How to Care for a Pet Amazon Parrot
How to Care for Pet Lovebirds
Jardine parrot up close.
What is a Jardine Parrot and How Do You Care for Them?
Front and back of a red fan parrot.
What is a Red Fan Parrot and How Do You Care For One?
Diamond dove perched on a branch.
What is a Diamond Dove and How Do You Care For One?
Gloster Canary on a perch
What is a Gloster Canary and How Do You Care for One?
Society finch up close.
What is a Society Finch and How Do You Care for One?
Meyer's Parrot sitting on a rock.
What is a Meyer's Parrot and How Do You Care for One?
Male red-bellied parrot perched in a tree.
What is a Red-bellied Parrot and How Do You Care for One?
illustration of the most colorful parrots as pets
8 Top Colorful Parrot Species
Low-maintenance pet birds species
8 Top Low-Maintenance Pet Bird Species
Portrait of a Parrot of French Guiana
The 10 Most Popular Amazon Parrot Species
Illustration of popular pet macaw species
Which Type of Macaw Is Best for You?
Pacific Parrotlet, Forpus coelestis on green grass (forpus is a
8 Top Blue Parrot Species to Keep as Pets
pacific parrotlet
8 Best Birds for Apartment Living
The golden parakeet bird or golden conure
8 Top Yellow Parrots to Keep as Pets
8 Top Red Birds to Keep as Pets
White cockatoo head with gray beak closeup
8 Birds That Will Talk Your Ear Off
Ringneck Parakeet
8 Top Loudest Parrots Often Kept as Pets
Budgerigars Against White Background
What Is a Color Mutation in Parrots? Learn More
Macaw Cracking Nut
8 Worst Pet Birds for Apartment Living
How Can I Get My Lovebirds to Mate?
Macaw (Ara araurana), close-up
Use This Guide to Care for Macaws
Birds Can Be a Great Companion Animal for Seniors
Two budgies kissing on a branch
What You Need to Know Before You Breed Your Parakeets
Cockatiel, couple
Basics of Cockatiel Breeding
Lovely Zebra Finch
How to Breed Your Own Zebra Finches
Cropped Hand Feeding Female Eclectus Parrot
8 Best Large Talking Pet Parrots
talking bird species illustration
8 Best Talking Bird Species to Keep as Pets
Wild Monk Parakeets
8 Top Small to Medium Pet Birds That Can Talk
Green orange faced lovebird standing on the tree in garden
8 Top Green Parrots to Keep as Pets
'Common mynah (Acridotheres tristis) on a branch, Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka'
Mynah Birds: When You Want a Pet That Talks
Pet parrot
How to Choose a Good Bird Breeder
Fluffed cockatiel sitting on a ledge.
Know the Signs of Egg-Binding in Birds
Lutino parakeets
Lutino Parakeet: Bird Species Profile
Budgie birds illustration
Learn Some Fast Facts About Budgies for Pets
Bourke's parakeet sitting on a tree branch.
A Bourke's Parakeet Is a Perfect Pet for First-Time Bird Owners
Illustrated facts about lovebirds.
5 Fast Facts About Lovebirds
facts about indian ringneck parakeets illustration
Discover These 5 Fun Facts About Indian Ringneck Parakeets
A pair of Spectacled Parrotlets in Colombia
Fast Facts About Parrotlets
Zebra Finch
Zebra Finches: Great Pets for Beginners
Little girl holding budgie in her hand
Keeping a Budgie (Parakeet) as a Pet
Zebra finches
5 Fast Facts About Finches
Java Finch
Java Finch Bird Profile
illustration of small pet parrots
5 Popular Types of Small Parrots
Small pet lovebird perched on furniture
8 Top Small Pet Birds
Blue-winged parrotlet sitting on a branch.
They May Be Small, But Parrotlets Have a Big Bird Personality
Lady gouldian finch
Learn How to Care for a Gouldian Finch as a Pet
Red breasted parakeet
The Moustached Parakeet Is a Delightful Talker
Lineolated Parakeet
Learn How to Take Care of Lineolated (Barred) Parakeets
Derbyan parakeet, also known as Lord Derby's parakeet, sitting on perch in roomy cage.
Derbyan Parakeet (Lord Derby’s Parakeet) Species Profile
Indian Ringnecks Make Delightful Companions
What You Need to Know About the Indian Ringneck Parakeet
Plum-headed Parakeet
The Plum-Headed Parakeet: A Medium-Sized Parrot of Striking Beauty
Monk Parakeet in Barcelona
5 Interesting Facts About Quaker Parrots
Pair of Quaker parrots in a tree
The Quaker Parrot Is a Spunky Little Chatterbox
Sun Conure parrot standing at branch
5 Fast Facts About Sun Conures
Two sun conures on a branch
This Vibrant Bird Species Actually Loves You Back
Jenday Conure, Jandaya Parakeet, Aratinga jandaya
What You Need to Know About Jenday Conures
Green cheek conure bird standing.
Green-Cheeked Conures Are Excellent Parrot Pets