Guide to Pet Bird Species

Learn about bird species and which birds may make the best pet for you. We'll introduce you to breeds including budgies, African greys, all kinds of parakeets and several types of parrots.
White cockatoo head with gray beak closeup
8 Birds That Will Talk Your Ear Off
Rainbow lorikeets (Trichoglossus moluccanus) perching on branch, Paradise Wildlife Park, Broxbourne, Hertfordshire, England, UK
8 Top Brightly Colored Pet Birds
Two white cockatooes
Do Cockatoos Make Good Pets?
A Jenday Conure (Aratinga jandaya) perched in a tree, also known as jandaya parakeet is a small Neotropical bird found in northeastern Brazil.
The 5 Smartest Birds You Can Keep as Pets
Cropped Hand Feeding Female Eclectus Parrot
8 Best Large Talking Pet Parrots
Black pet chickens with red comb and wattles in cage with straw ground
How to Care for a Pet Chicken
Low-maintenance pet birds species
8 Top Low-Maintenance Pet Bird Species
pacific parrotlet
8 Best Birds for Apartment Living
The 8 Most Popular Species of Pet Birds
cockatiel on a girl's shoulder
These 7 Birds Make the Best Pets for Kids
Green orange faced lovebird standing on the tree in garden
8 Top Green Parrots to Keep as Pets
Blue budgie
Which Breed of Parrot Are Considered the Most Intelligent?
Finch on swing perch
8 Best Pet Birds for Busy People
Green Aracari (Pteroglossus viridis)
These Are the Most Uncommon Pet Birds, Flighted and Flightless
Are Parakeets a Type of Parrot?
Macaw Cracking Nut
8 Worst Pet Birds for Apartment Living
Pionus maximiliani
Maximilian's Pionus as Pet Birds
Young woman holding pet bird indoors
Buying Your First Pet Bird Requires Consideration Ahead of Time
Pacific Parrotlet, Forpus coelestis on green grass (forpus is a
8 Top Blue Parrot Species to Keep as Pets
Illustration of the quietest pet bird species.
8 Top Quiet Pet Bird Species
illustration of the most colorful parrots as pets
8 Top Colorful Parrot Species
baby chick
Cute Baby Bird Photos Never Fail to Brighten Your Day
vasa parrot
Vasa Parrot: Bird Species Profile
Portrait of a Parrot of French Guiana
The 10 Most Popular Amazon Parrot Species
Zebra finch
8 Top Gentle Pet Bird Species
The golden parakeet bird or golden conure
8 Top Yellow Parrots to Keep as Pets
Ringneck Parakeet
8 Top Loudest Parrots Often Kept as Pets
Scarlet Macaw
8 Best Trainable Pet Bird Species
8 Top Red Birds to Keep as Pets
Eclectus Parrot, Eclectus roratus polychloros, green and red parrot sitting on the branch, clear brown background, bird in the nature habitat on Western Papuan Islands, New Guinea in Asia.
8 Worst Pet Bird Species for Kids
Birds Can Be a Great Companion Animal for Seniors
Closeup female Red-breasted Parakeet
8 Top Lesser-Known Pet Bird Species
Close up of a cockatoo eating a tangerine.
What Is the Difference Between the Terms "Domestic" And "Indigenous?
Parakeet Budgie Budgerigar
Learn the Difference Between a Parrot and a Parakeet
5 Tips to Keep Exotic Birds Warm During Winter
5 Tips to Keep Exotic Birds Warm During Winter
Major Mitchell Cockatoo
10 Top Pet Cockatoo Species
Lilac-crowned amazon
The Lilac-Crowned Amazon Parrot Is a Gentle Bird With Quiet Manners
Red Lored Amazon Parrot
The Red-Lored Amazon: A Very Loyal Parrot
Yellow-napped parrot (Amazona auropalliata), Costa Rica
Yellow-Naped Amazon Parrots Make Good Pets for the Right Person
A white sulphur-crested cockatoo sitting on a branch with its left wing spread.
What to Expect With the Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo
Yellow-Headed Amazon parrot
Double Yellow-Headed Amazon Parrots Are Among the Best Talkers
Military Macaw Landing
A Pet Military Macaw Deserves Your Attention
Illiger Macaws
The Illiger's Macaw: The Most Compassionate Parrot
Galah -Eolophus roseicapillus-, adult, on perch, Wilsons Promontory National Park, Victoria, Australia
What You Need to Know About the Galah Cockatoo
Two blue-and-gold macaws perched on a tree
8 Top Large Parrots to Keep as Pets
Eclectus Pair
Do Eclectus Parrots Make Good Pets?
Turquoise-fronted amazon parrot perching on branch
Learn How to Care for a Blue-Fronted Amazon Parrot
Chestnut-fronted macaw
The Severe Macaw Is a Very Talkative Parrot
Wonderful AfricanGreys
African Grey Parrot: Species Characteristics & Care
Illustration of popular pet macaw species
Which Type of Macaw Is Best for You?
Blue and Gold Macaw
What to Know About the Blue and Gold Macaw
Duckling being held by old hands.
What Kind of Care Do Pet Ducks Require and Where Do You Get One?
Cockatoo Pair With Crest Raised
8 Popular Large Birds to Keep as Pets
White umbrella cockatoo with its foot raised.
What You Need to Know About the Umbrella Cockatoo
Major Mitchell's Cockatoo
Major Mitchell's Cockatoos Will Demand Your Attention
White cockatoo
Discover Learn Fascinating Facts About Cockatoos
Hyacinth Macaw
Learn How to Care for Hyacinth Macaws (Blue Parrots)
Hahn's Macaw
The Hahn's Macaw's Big Bird Personality in a Small Body
Red-crowned Amazon parrot staring at the camera.
Learn How to Take Care of a Green-Cheeked Amazon Parrot
Moluccan cockatoo, as seen in the Bahamas.
The Moluccan Cockatoo Is a Long-Lived, Feisty Pet