Bird Health and Wellness

Keep your bird happy and healthy with our advice on diet and nutrition, preventative care, diseases and disorders and other health related issues.
Pigeon in boy's hand
What Kind of Diseases Can Pet Pigeons Get?
Macaw parrot
What You Need to Know About Parrot Fever
Pet parrot in a cage climbing on the bars.
Bird Poop Chart: How to Monitor Your Bird's Droppings
Dodo the Monk bird
Are Essential Oils Safe for Birds?
Black-footed albatross regurgitating food
What to Do if Your Pet Bird Is Vomiting or Regurgitating
Close-Up Of Hand Holding Parrot
Does Your Pet Bird Need to Gain Weight?
Veterinarian Treating Bird's Wing
What to Do if Your Bird Breaks a Blood Feather
Top view of Vibrant red holiday Christmas pointsettia leaves
10 Common Plants That Are Toxic to Birds
what to know about female birds and eggs illustration
What to Do When Your Pet Bird Lays an Egg
Cockatoos perched on man in park
Causes of Regurgitation in Pet Birds
Flu Risk Sees Call For Ban On Bird Trade
Watch Out For These Common Diseases in Pet Birds
Parrot standing outside a cage.
These Are Signs That Your Bird Is Depressed
Girl holding bird
Avian Flu in Pet Birds: Should You Be Concerned?
How That Lump Above Your Bird's Nose Can Indicate Illness
A hand feeding a banana to a parrot
Human Foods From the Refrigerator: Feeding the Pet Bird
Close-Up Of Parrot Perching
Signs Your Pet Bird is Sick
Cockatiel, couple
Basics of Cockatiel Breeding
Parrot feather plucking
Help! My Pet Bird's Feathers are Falling Out
Budgerigars Against White Background
What Is a Color Mutation in Parrots? Learn More
Cropped Image of Woman Stroking African Grey Parrot
How to Maintain Your Bird's Beak Health
Funny Budgerigar. Budgie parrot sitting on rope and plays
How to Give Your Pet Bird a Proper Workout
Veterinarian doctor is making a check up of a parrot.
Discover 5 Bird Health Issues You Should Know About
Rainbow Lorikeet
5 Signs Your Bird Needs a Nail Trim
A blue-yellow macaw scratching itself
Here's What You Need to Know About Parrot Lice
Handsome Beak
Flaky Beak in Pet Birds: Why It Happens
Young happy veterinarian with a parrot on her shoulder.
Should You Take Your Pet Bird to the Vet Annually?
Vet examining bird
How to Choose a Qualified Avian Vet
Close-Up Of Parrot Perching
Tell If Your Bird Is in Good Body Condition