Plants That Are Safe for Pet Birds

The fresh air of your home
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The houseplants we use to brighten our homes aren't always safe for those who have pet birds, as many plants are toxic to our feathered friends. Depending on the size of the bird and how much of the plant the bird ingests, a toxic plant can cause anything from mild illness, such as temporary digestive upset, to sudden death. Fortunately, there are several houseplants bird owners can enjoy without having to worry about their pets.

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    Spider Plant

    Spider plant on windowsill

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    These exotic-looking plants are both easy to grow and safe for birds. A spider plant in a hanging basket can be an attractive decoration in any home.

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    A jade plant on a windowsill

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    Jade plants (also known as money plants) are a succulent variety that is safe for birds and adds a unique touch to any room. Easy to care for, they are a popular choice as low-maintenance houseplants.

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    Boston Fern

    Boston fern near a window

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    These lush, hardy plants can offer a natural touch to your decor. As a bonus, there's no need to worry if your pet parrot finds them as beautiful as you do. Boston ferns are completely safe plants for birds.

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    Aloe Vera

    Close-up of aloe vera plant

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    Not only is aloe vera safe and nontoxic, but it also has medicinal qualities that can help both sick birds and people. Throw in the fact that it's a snap to take care of, and it's easy to see why aloe has been a popular houseplant for many years.

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    Bamboo Plants
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    Bamboo is a striking plant that is also quite hardy and safe for birds. Bamboo can be incorporated into many beautiful arrangements to give any space an attractive touch of nature.

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    African Violet

    African violet plant with blooming purple flowers

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    Feel free to keep these small but beautiful flowers anywhere inside your home. They are completely safe plants for parrots and other pet birds. African violets are known to flower several times a year, so add one of these little jewels to your collection for an enduring splash of color.

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    Hen and Chicks

    Overview of several pots of succulent plants

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    The appropriately named hen and chicks is a bird-safe plant that thrives in direct sunlight. If you'd like to enjoy one of these unique little succulents, make sure you have a sunny window for it.

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    Purple and white orchids

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    Known for their beautiful blossoms, orchids have enjoyed great popularity as houseplants for some time. They are a good choice for bird owners who are experienced in keeping plants. These flowers may be safe for birds, but they are notoriously hard to grow.

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    royal sunset roses

    Ryan Somma / Flickr / CC By 2.0

    While roses aren't normally grown indoors, they are popular in indoor cut-flower arrangements. The good news for bird owners is roses are safe for birds as long as they haven't been treated with chemical sprays. If you love having freshly cut flowers in your home, try growing some of your own roses to make arrangements. This way you can be sure the flowers are free of pesticides and other chemical residues.