35 Black and White Dog Names

Beyond Patch or Spot

Black and white collie dog outside

The Spruce / Kristie Lee

When you think of black and white dogs, no doubt the beautiful Dalmatian will spring to mind. They don't come in any other colors, and their iconic turn in the Disney movie 101 Dalmatians will be forever etched in many dog lovers hearts.

There are, however, many more breeds and mutts that can have black and white markings. Some other common examples include the Border Collie, Boston Terrier and Great Dane.

Selecting a name that corresponds with a dog's distinctive coat markings and hues isn't uncommon. Black and white coat patterns can vary considerably. Some may have freckling, others small splashes of color, some might even have mixed roan flecks.

Whatever markings your dog has, hopefully, you can gain inspiration from the list of 35 black and white dog names we have gathered together below.

Top Black and White Dog Names

  • Patches
  • Spot
  • Oreo
  • Marble
  • Dot
  • Domino
  • Harlequin
  • Dice
  • Chess
  • Badger
  • Panda
  • Freckles
  • Yin Yang
  • Tux (Tuxedo)
  • Pie (Piebald)

Tips for Naming Your Dog

Stick with short and straightforward names where possible. It makes it easier for your dog to pick up and it's much less embarrassing than shouting out a long and convoluted name in the park. If you do want to pick something longer because of the personal significance, make sure it's something that can be easily abbreviated.

Don't make a name choice in haste. Make sure everyone in the family is on board and that you're sure it's appropriate and that you like it. You're, hopefully, going to be using this name for many years to come, and the last thing you want to do is change it a few months down the line. Your dog could easily become confused or unsettled if you make a sudden change once they're used to their name.

If you have another pet in the house, make sure the name is distinct enough that they won't get easily muddled, and try not to go for something too common. This could cause mayhem in the local dog park!

Whatever you go for, you'll want it to be something that makes you smile, and that easily rolls off the tongue.

More Inspiring Black and White Dog Names

Listed below are ten more names that could work for your black and white dog. Some relate to other animals that have these colorings, others to famous black and white dog characters from movies or books.

We couldn't resist including Snoopy on this list. He is the smart pet dog of Charlie Brown in the famous comic strip Peanuts. Snoopy is meant to be a Beagle, and it's worth mentioning that black and white is not recognized as a true hound color. Beagles are usually tri-colored, including tan markings.

  • Moo Cow
  • Magpie
  • Zeb (Zebra)
  • Dodie (in honor of Dodie Smith, the author of 101 Dalmatians)
  • Pongo
  • Perdita
  • Speck
  • Snoopy
  • Pen (Penguin)
  • Puffin

Foreign Language Black and White Dog Names

If the likes of Patch, Spot or Dotty are just too predictable or obvious for your liking, you could opt for a foreign version of some of the commonplace choices.

We've provided a few ideas, making sure the words are not too complicated and won't sound too odd when you recall your dog in the park.

  • Saikoro (meaning dice in Japanese)
  • Toppa (meaning patch in Italian)
  • Mancha (meaning spot in Spanish)
  • Pinyin (meaning panda in Chinese)
  • Shirokuro (meaning black and white in Japanese)
  • Échecs (meaning chess in French)
  • Dachs (meaning badger in German)
  • Adhela (meaning magpie in Hindi)
  • Namash (meaning freckle in Arabic)
  • Tochka (meaning dot in Russian)

Other Dog Names

If none of the name ideas provided above takes your fancy, why not have a look through these other dog name compilations for inspiration.