Bubba's Rowdy Friends Pet Stain & Odor Terminator Review

Eliminate urine spots and animal smells

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Bubba's Rowdy Friends Pet Stain & Odor Terminator

Bubba's Rowdy Friends Pet Stain & Odor Terminator

The Spruce Pets / Danielle Directo-Meston

What We Like
  • Effectively removes old and new stains and odors

  • Light mint scent isn’t overpowering

  • Approved by the Carpet and Rug Institute

  • No carpet cleaning machine needed

What We Don't Like
  • Gallon size doesn’t include a spray nozzle

We found Bubba's Rowdy Friends Pet Stain & Odor Terminator very effective and liked its light mint scent.


Bubba's Rowdy Friends Pet Stain & Odor Terminator

Bubba's Rowdy Friends Pet Stain & Odor Terminator

The Spruce Pets / Danielle Directo-Meston

We purchased Bubba's Pet Stain & Odor Terminator so our writer could put it to the test. Keep reading for our full product review.

As pet owners of a cat and a dog who are both older and set in their ways, my husband and I have long given up on expensive area rugs that eventually become giant smelly pee pads. We are also parents to little humans who are prone to making big messes, including occasional potty accidents. We’ve been in the market for a more effective urine destroyer to replace our longtime go-to, which is where Bubba’s Rowdy Friends Pet Stain & Odor Terminator comes in. Read on to see if this enzyme cleaner earns permanent shelf space in our home cleaning arsenal.

Process and Ease of Use: Simple instructions

According to Bubba’s Rowdy Friends, the Pet Stain & Odor Terminator is a commercial formula that’s safe for home use on hardwood floors, upholstery, and indoor and outdoor textiles. Though the product comes in a 32-ounce spray bottle, we got the gallon-sized version. Eco-friendly pet owners shouldn’t mind the large container (which minimizes the need to buy multiple plastic bottles), but the downside is that it doesn’t include a spray nozzle. We poured it into a smaller spray bottle to make it easier to spot-treat minor stains.

Bubba's Rowdy Friends Pet Stain & Odor Terminator
The Spruce Pets / Danielle Directo-Meston

The cleaning process is pretty standard. The company suggests blotting the stain with a towel before applying “a liberal amount” to the affected area and letting it sit for 5 to 10 minutes. For older stains or messes that have penetrated the carpet pads, Bubba’s Rowdy Friends recommends soaking the area with more liquid, covering the area with a folded towel, using a weighted object to absorb residual liquid, and vacuuming the area once it’s dry.

Another plus is that this product doesn’t require a professional carpet cleaning machine or steaming appliance to do its dirty work.

Effectiveness and Scent: Minty fresh and strong on stains

I have a very sensitive nose, so the first thing I noticed was the product’s mouthwash-like minty scent. Unlike other cleaners that my husband and I tested, the fragrance wasn’t overpowering. Since it was understated, I wouldn’t mind using the spray on clothing and other stained textiles.

Bubba’s Rowdy Friends cleaned up nicely, too. According to the company, the product’s dormant enzymes activate when they touch organic sources like blood, urine, human and animal waste, and vomit. Enzyme cleaners work by “eating up” bacteria, ammonia, and other matter that makes urine stain and stink.

Bubba's Rowdy Friends Pet Stain & Odor Terminator
The Spruce Pets / Danielle Directo-Meston

We’re no chemists or biologists, but we can attest that the cleaner eliminated the old and new urine stains on our low-pile patterned carpet. We also couldn’t detect any residual spots when we used a UV blacklight to examine the rug—front and back. Our treated rug passed the smell test, and the cleaner didn’t damage the rug’s fibers or color pattern, either.

Bubba's Rowdy Friends Pet Stain & Odor Terminator
The Spruce Pets / Danielle Directo-Meston

We couldn’t prove or disprove the company's claim that this solution prevents your pets from remarking those areas of your floor or carpeting—time will tell.

Ingredients: Safe for pets, kids, and surfaces

According to the ingredient list, the product contains water, an advanced biological blend, non-ionic surfactant, fragrance, and polystyrene. At first glance, these ingredients seem safe. This company also makes food chews, body washes for pets, and carpet shampoo.

We like that the company is cruelty-free and doesn’t test on animals. It’s also safe to use on all upholstery, wood flooring, Berber or wool rugs. Bubba’s Rowdy Friends’ formula has the Carpet and Rug Institute seal of approval.

Price: Worth the money

This product is made in the U.S. by a small, family-owned business that makes its product in small batches, which means it doesn’t sit on the shelf or in big vats on an assembly line. Retailing for $58 for a one-gallon bottle (or $14.50 for 32 ounces), Bubba’s Rowdy Friends Pet Stain & Odor Terminator is relatively affordable compared to some of the other products we tested. Regular-strength products go for about $6 to $15, and “advanced” formula specialty products are priced between $20 to $40. If you’re not happy with your purchase, the company offers a 100-percent satisfaction money-back guarantee.

Competition: Something for every budget and scent preference

Bubba’s Rowdy Friends Pet Stain & Odor Terminator was our second favorite of the four enzyme-based urine cleaner products that we tested due to its light scent and effectiveness. See how the other three formulas fared below: 

Angry Orange Pet Odor Eliminator: Our favorite of the group for its scent and small but potent size, is Angry Orange, a pleasant, citrus-scented cleaner that comes in an 8-ounce concentrated bottle ($23 MSRP). The concentrate makes one gallon of the solution after water is mixed in. This “natural, non-toxic” cleaner successfully got rid of urine odors and stains both old and new on our washable rugs as well as a passenger car seat that we tested it on.

Sunny & Honey Pet Stain & Odor Miracle: This “advanced” bio-enzymatic spray ($40 MSRP) came in third place simply because it was pricer than the rest and it had an overpowering mint scent, which might be bothersome to sensitive noses. Despite those factors, the 32-ounce spray bottle was successful in banishing pesky pet odors and stains on all of the washable rugs that we tested it on.

Rocco & Roxie Pro Strength Stain & Odor Eliminator: The CRI approves of this natural, bio-enzymatic cleaner ($20 MSRP), which comes in a 32-ounce spray bottle. While it did make pet urine smells and stains disappear from our rugs, we weren’t big fans of the product’s overpowering scent, making it our least favorite.

Final Verdict

 Yes, we would buy it again!

Pet owners with sensitive noses may enjoy Bubba's Rowdy Friends Pet Stain & Odor Terminator’s mild minty-fresh smell, not to mention the urine-free carpets. It effectively erases odors and stains, and it wasn’t a deal-breaker to us that the one-gallon bottle didn’t include a spray nozzle.


  • Product Name Pet Stain & Odor Terminator
  • Product Brand Bubba's Rowdy Friends
  • SKU 738759877290
  • Price $57.99
  • Weight 128 oz.
  • Guarantee Money back guarantee