11 Bunnies Who Are Hoppy It's Easter

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    Hoppy Easter!

    It’s Easter time! Whether you participate in Easter’s religious ceremonies or just love the traditions, we can all agree: Any day that combines candy, cute and fuzzy animals and delicious, traditional dinners is a good one. 

    Get ready (and excited!) for Easter Sunday by checking out these bunnies participating in everyone’s favorite Easter activities.

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    First: When Exactly Is Easter?

    Peter Jung/Publicdomainpictures.net/CC0 Public Domain

    Clearly this bunny did not realize Easter is coming up quick. Yeah, bunny, Easter Day always sneaks up on us, too!

    The more you know: Easter never has a fixed date, which can make stockpiling calories for all the candy you’re going to eat difficult. Oh, and planning that huge dinner for your entire extended family. But the Sunday Easter is observed isn’t just chosen at random—it’s celebrated on the first Sunday after the full moon or just after the vernal equinox.

    Now that we’ve covered the technicalities, let’s move on to cute bunnies partaking in Easter activities.

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    Housing Your Entire Easter Basket...

    webandi/Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain

    This is the face you make when you sprint downstairs before anyone else wakes up, round the corner and spot the dope Easter basket your mom—err, the Easter Bunny—put together for you.

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    ...Or Finding Healthy Treats in Your Basket

    Orlandkurtenbach/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 4.0

    Alternately, this is the face you make when you discover healthy things, like raisins or granola bars, in your Easter basket. What’s somebunny gotta do to get some Peeps and malted eggs around here?

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    ...Or Trying to Sleep for 20 More Minutes

    While you were tearing through your Easter basket, your mom was trying to get another 20 minutes of shut-eye, like this bunny. Prepping baskets of candy and hiding Easter eggs all over the house is exhausting, after all! 

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    Participating in Easter Egg Hunts...

    MikeBird/Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain

    This bunny may look super serious, but he’s really just getting ready to participate in his town’s annual Easter egg hunt. Never let ‘em see you sweat, bunny.

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    ...Or Being a Force to Reckon With in the Easter Egg Hunt

    CC0 Public Domain/MaxPixel

    Even if you take Easter egg hunts very seriously—and let’s be honest, who doesn’t?—there’s no guarantee you’ll win. But if you gather the whole bunny squad and combine forces, you may be able to absolutely crush the competition.

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    ...Or Winning It All

    Heike Huslage-Koch/Wikimedia Commons/CC0 1.0

    Is there any feeling better than reigning champion at your town’s egg hunt? Yes: Knowing you’re the winner while feasting on chocolate and malted milk eggs.

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    Posing in Your Easter Outfit

    CC0 Public Domain/MaxPixel

    This is exactly how it feels when your mom makes you wear a festive Easter outfit and then pose for photos with your siblings and Easter baskets. Except this version is actually super cute and way less awkward than your pre-pubescent brother.

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    Debating at the Dinner Table

    PublicDomainPictures/Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain

    During holidays, you may argue with relatives about politics, finances or the latest episode of The Bachelor. This bunny just accidentally told her uncle her favorite candy is Peeps and had to deal with the fallout. Who knew a marshmallow treat could be so polarizing?

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    ...And Then Having to Take a Break

    Benson Kua/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 2.0

    This bunny gets it: Spending hours upon hours with extended family can be exhausting! Sometimes, you just need to find a spot to be alone for a minute or two—perhaps with a chocolate bar.

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    Regretting Everything You Ate

    CC0 Public Domain/Maxpixel

    That feeling when you spend the whole morning eating candy, the whole mid-morning eating pastries and drinking mimosas, the whole afternoon eating ham, potatoes and green beans and the whole evening eating more candy. Yeah. This bunny gets it.