Top 8 Cages for Pet Rats

When it comes to pet rat cages, the larger the better. Aim for a minimum of 2 cubic feet of space per rat. The wire spacing is important too—no more than 1-inch by 2-inch spaces for adults, and smaller for babies. Avoid wire-bottomed cages. Most of the cages here have wire second floors or balconies, and it would be preferable to cover any wire with wood or another solid material to create a surface easier on rat feet (wire floors have been implicated as a cause of bumblefoot).

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    Martin's Skyscraper (R-695)

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    This is a good-sized cage at a decent price. At 30 inches by 18 inches by 36 inches it is a large cage and a ton of extra space is provided by two balconies and a full middle floor (three ramps total). All Martin's cages feature a drop in plastic pan. They are available in galvanized or powder coat finishes and most are now available with a handy flip top lid. However, most of Martin's cages have balconies are made of wire mesh which should be at least partly covered for foot comfort.

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    Martin's Cages Rat Tower (R-690)

    At 24 inches by 14 inches by 36 inches this cage is as tall as the Skyscraper but is a little smaller in length and width. However, it also features a full middle floor and two balconies (and three ramps) so provides lots of additional space. Like other Martin's cages, it is available in galvanized or powder coat finish and with a flip top lid.

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    Martin's The Rat Retreat (R-685)

    At 30 inches by 18 inches by 24 inches, this is a good-sized cage, made roomier by a full second level. The ramp is designed with a landing so as not to be too steep. The cage has a full flip top for access to the top level, and a 3.5-inch drop in style plastic pan. It is available in galvanized or powder coated, but not in a flip top.

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    The Rat Highrise (H-600HR)

    While this cage has smaller overall dimensions (18 inches by 11 inches by 24 inches), it features two balconies as well as a full middle floor to make up for it. This gives your rats more extra space vertically while not taking up too much room—a bonus if you have a small home. Like other Martin's cages, it is available in galvanized or powder coat finishes and has a drop in plastic pan. It is also quite inexpensive.

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    Martin's Rat Lodge (R-680)

    At 30 inches by 18 inches by 24 inches with two balconies and two ramps, this cage is a decent size at a fair price. It is not as large as some of the other cages but still more than adequate for a couple of rats.

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    The Ruud Cage (R-699)

    This is the roomiest cage intended for rats—virtually a palace at 30 inches by 18 inches by 60 inches. It features seven levels, six ramps, four balconies, and two full floors. A solid black pan forms the floor of the cage. It is available in galvanized and powder coated metal. While more expensive, it is quite reasonable for such a huge cage.

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    Martin's Aquarium Toppers

    These are a unique way to convert old fish tanks into great rat cages. The unit sits on top of aquariums with a ladder to connect the aquarium to the levels of the wire cage. The two-story toppers (available for either 10- or 20-gallon tanks) would convert relatively small tanks into spacious three-story cages. A major advantage to this style is that you can provide a nice thick layer of bedding that your rats will have a hard time kicking out all over your floor.

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    The Rat Cabin (R-670)

    Another inexpensive selection from Martin's, this cage is getting a little on the small size for a pair of rats at 24 inches by 14 inches by 24 inches. However, there are two small balconies with ramps that help provide extra floor space and exercise opportunities. A 3-inch drop-in pan helps contain the bedding. The cage is available in galvanized or powder coat finishes, with an optional flip top lid.