Common Cat Behaviors & How to Train Your Cat

Get advice on common cat behavior issues, such as meowing or clawing and tips on training your cat or kitten, including litter box training.
Tabby cat
Do You Know What Your Cat Is Thinking?
how cats show love illustration
Is Your Cat Trying to Say They Love You?
White and brown cat near blue , yellow and white electrical cords
How to Stop Your Cat From Chewing Electrical Cords
Grey cat
Cats Wag Their Tails for Reasons You Might Not Think
Orange British Shorthair cat lying on couch
7 Things People Do That Cats Hate
a cat curled up in prime sleeping position
Why Your Cat Needs 12-Plus Hours of Sleep
Black and white cat sitting in bed while staring up
Find Out Why Your Cat Is Staring at You
Cat sitting crouched on edge of bathtub
7 Reasons Why Cats Love Bathrooms
Black cat meowing
What Do Your Cat's Meows Mean?
Black kitten held in arms in front of older brown and black striped cat
How to Stop Your Cat From Rejecting a New Kitten
Black, tan and white cat playing with a yarn ball on its back
Why Your Cat Might Be Rolling Around on Its Back
Brown and white cat with light green eyes
What Are My Cat's Eyes Telling Me?
Woman kissing an orange cat
How to Keep Your Cat Calm When You Leave on Vacation
Grooming cat
Here's Why Cats Groom Themselves
Gray cat licking owner's hand
If Your Cat Is Licking You, Consider It an Honor
A cat hiding behind a curtain
Why Is My Cat Hiding?
cat biting owner
Cat Behavior Myths Decoded
A woman holds an orange cat
How Does Your Cat's Color Influence His Personality?
Flame point cat playing with a pink catnip mouse toy in the grass
Why Do Cats Like Catnip?
cat grooming
Why Do Cats Groom and Lick Themselves So Often?
Gray striped American Shorthair cat laying down and looking at camera.
Reasons a Cat Doesn't Meow
Orange and black cat behind a green toy mouse on gray rug
Why Does Your Cat Bring You Dead Animals?
Photo of a sad woman holding a cat
Do Cats Cry When They Are Sad or in Pain?
Black cat walking in grass with tail up and exposed back legs
Why Do Cats Show Their Butts?
why do cats purr? reasons why cats purr
Do We Know the Reasons Why Cats Purr?
Ginger Tabby cat laying in a cardboard box
Why Do Cats Like Boxes So Much?
Pregnant woman petting cat
How to Safely Introduce Cats and Newborn Babies
Photo of Pregnant Woman With Cat
How Pregnancy and Your New Baby Affect Your Cat
why does my cat lie on my chest
Why Does My Cat Lay On My Chest?
Kitten nibbling on shoe
Why Do Cats Like Shoes?
why cats like to be pet
Why Cats Like Being Pet
Happy Indoor Cat
What Do Your Cat's Eye Blinks Really Mean?
Ginger cat starting at red laser dot on wood floor.
Why Do Cats Chase Lasers?
cat garden lawn sprinkler
Why Do Cats Hate Water?
Playful Tabby Cat Indoors
4 Ways to Understand How Cats Use Their Ears to Talk
A cat lounging on top of a high dresser
Why Do Cats Like High Places?
Tabby and White Cat Laying on a Bed
Why Do Cats Stare at Walls?
Tabby cat and great dane
Why Is My Cat Rubbing Her Head on Everything?
Brown and black cat sniffing litter box
How To Solve Cat Litter Box Behavioral Issues
Maine coon kitten playing with toy on bed
Tips for Teaching Your Kitty to Fetch
Ginger domestic cat in sunshine
How to Make an Anti-Social Cat Friendly
Cat licking front paw
Why Do Cats Lick Their Front Feet After Eating?
Back and white cat looking up
How to Find Out If Your Cat Knows Its Name
kitty outside of its litter box
How to Stop Your Cat From Pooping Outside the Litter Box
Brown and white cat scratching corner of couch
Does Disciplining a Cat Work?
a move can be stressful for a cat
How to Move With a Cat
Brown and white cat standing inside brown litter box
Why Is Your Cat Not Covering His Poop?
Cute Balinese cat in basket at home, top view. Fluffy pet
How to Decode What Your Cat Is Trying to Say
Cat in paper bag
Help Your Scaredy Cat Overcome Its Fear
Cat on grassy field by buildings against clear sky
Learn How to Clicker Train Your Cat
cat laying down on floor
Why You Should Not Scruff a Cat to Discourage Bad Behavior
gatto salta
Why Classical Conditioning Is Important to Cat Behavior
Aggressive house cats
How to Deal with Aggression Between Family Cats
Vet examine cat
Breaking the Myth on Scruffing Cats
Scared cat hiding around a corner.
Use These Ways to Soothe Fear Aggression in Your Cat
Cat walking outside on a leash on bricks
Yes, You Can Walk Your Cat on a Leash
White cat smelling a bouquet of flowers
How Cats Use Their Sense of Smell
Cats Playing in Living Room
Exciting Enrichment Ideas for Your Cat
Cat in garden
How to Stop Your Crazy Cat From Eating Dirt
black cat
7 Times Your Cat Acts Exactly Like a Baby

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