Common Cat Behaviors & How to Train Your Cat

Get advice on common cat behavior issues, such as meowing or clawing and tips on training your cat or kitten, including litter box training.
where cats like to be pet
Where Do Cats Like to Be Pet?
why cats like to be pet
Why Cats Like Being Pet
Calico Cat on Table Knocking a Flower Petal Around
This Is Why Cats Love to Knock Things Over
Cats can have aggression problems and bite and scratch their owners
What to Do When Your Cat Has a Behavior Problem
Cat over grooming
Can Cats Have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?
Photo of Cat Cat Seeking Attention by Meowing
7 Reasons for Attention-Seeking Behavior in Cats
Maine Coon kitten jumping from couch to ottoman
Reasons Why Cats Act Crazy and How to Stop It
cat grooming
Why Do Cats Groom and Lick Themselves So Often?
Brown and white cat with light green eyes
What Are My Cat's Eyes Telling Me?
Woman with pet carrier
Make Traveling Easier on Your Cat
Black cat meowing
What Do Your Cat's Meows Mean?
Portrait of tabby cat hiding under wardrobe
Why Do Cats Get Stressed and What Can You Do About it?
cat looking away
Why Do Cats Show Their Butts?
Black cat laying on kitchen counter top
How to Keep Your Cat Off the Kitchen Counters
Close up of a hissing cat
Learn Why Your Cat Is Meowing Loudly and How to Stop It
cat playing with water
Reasons Why Cats Spill Water and How to Stop It
Cat in paper bag
Help Your Scaredy Cat Overcome Its Fear
Tabby cat stretching on backrest of a couch
Behavior Changes to Watch out for in Cats
White cat playing with mirror reflection.
Cat Bummed out by Mirrors? You Can Help
Cat on grassy field by buildings against clear sky
Learn How to Clicker Train Your Cat
Brown and white cat scratching corner of couch
Does Disciplining a Cat Work?
High Angle View Portrait Of Ginger Cat Sitting On Street
Is Feliway Effective in Modifying Cat Behavior?
Cat walking outside on a leash on bricks
Yes, You Can Walk Your Cat on a Leash
Tabby cat snigging ladies face
Why Does My Cat Bite My Chin?
Maine coon kitten playing with toy on bed
Tips for Teaching Your Kitty to Fetch
Woman holding cat
How To Solve Cat Litter Box Behavioral Issues
Gray striped American Shorthair cat laying down and looking at camera.
Reasons a Cat Doesn't Meow
Happy Indoor Cat
What Do Your Cat's Eye Blinks Really Mean?
Woman kissing an orange cat
How to Keep Your Cat Calm When You Leave on Vacation
Ginger domestic cat in sunshine
How to Make an Anti-Social Cat Friendly
White cat in a carrier
Low Stress Cat Travel Tips
Cat sniffing woman
Is Your Cat Making Faces at You? What It Really Means
Cat owner discusses prognosis with vet in an office.
Why Classical Conditioning Is Important to Cat Behavior
Pushy cat guarding toys from other cat
Do You Have a Pushy Cat? Find Out How to Deal With Dominant Behavior
cat eating litter
Why Is My Cat Eating Litter?
Domestic short-haired cat perched on its owners shoulder
Help! My Cat Keeps Urine Marking
Siamese in a bath tub.
How to Stop Your Cat From Pooping in the Sink or Bathtub
Persian cat sniffing litter box
Why Is Your Cat Not Covering His Poop?
Cat in Living Room
How Quick Absorbing Litter Can Make Your Life Easier
Calico cat scratching nails on carpet floor stairs steps staircase inside indoor house, home, destroying it
How to Stop Destructive Scratching in Cats
Cat chewing plant stem
How to Curb Your Cat's Chewing Habit
A Scratching Post or Two is Essential for Cats' Claws
How to Stop Your Cat from Scratching Unwanted Surfaces
Brown and tan cat holding on to a scratching pole
How to Stop Your Cat From Scratching the Carpet
Brown and white cat biting a person's hand
How to Stop Your Cat From Biting
Aggressive house cats
How to Deal with Aggression Between Family Cats
cat laying down on floor
Why You Should Not Scruff a Cat to Discourage Bad Behavior
Bombay cat, Black cat
Learn How to Make Your Mean Cat Nicer
Brown and white cat biting owner's hand
Help for Curbing Your Cat's Aggressive Biting and Scratching
Domestic Cat Snarling
Learn How to Stop Your Feline's Petting Aggression
Photo of Two Tabby Cats Fighting
Learn How to Train Your Queen Cat to Avoid Aggression
Scared cat hiding around a corner.
Use These Ways to Soothe Fear Aggression in Your Cat
Cute gray cat standing on hind legs on the grass
Understanding Cat Aggression or Hyperesthesia
Brown and tan kitten laying on rug and playing with small mouse toy
How to Prevent Your Cat From Playing Aggressively
Cats fighting
10 Tips for Stopping Aggression Between Cats
Cats fighting
Learn How to Calm Your Cat After a Trip to the Vet