Guide to Cat Breeds

Learn about the characteristics and behaviors of your cat's breed or, if you're planning on adopting, which breeds may be best suited for you and your family.
Devon rex hypoallergenic cat sitting on brown seat
10 Best Cat Breeds for People With Allergies
Siamese cat with blue eyes closeup
10 Best Cat Breeds With Blue Eyes
Short-haired cat with blue colored coat and yellow eyes
10 Cat Breeds That Have Blue-Colored Coats
Tabby cat with brown and white fur sitting on gray couch
Tabby Patterns Found in Different Cat Breeds
longest living cat breeds
10 Cat Breeds With the Longest Lifespans
Black cat sitting on a gray couch looking away
5 Pawsitively Fascinating Facts About Black Cats
Calico cat with white fur and black and brown fur on face sitting on couch
Sassy, Spunky, and Sweet: All About Calico Cats
Brown Burmese cat with light blue eyes laying on white seat
The Most Intelligent Cat Breeds
Side profile of a Japanese Bobtail cat outdoors
Learn All About the Japanese Bobtail
Closeup shot of a ragdoll cat's face
Meet the Cool and Confident Ragdoll Cat
Orange and black cat sitting on folded clothes
10 Best Cat Breeds for Apartment Living
Tan and white domestic cat sitting on armrest of couch
How to Determine Your Cat's Breed
A blue British Shorthair cat snoozing on a bright yellow couch.
14 Cute Cat Breeds Anyone and Everyone Will Love
white cat
The Best White Cat Breeds to Keep as Pets
Two British shorthair kittens, one gray and one tabby
10 Best British Cat Breeds
Exotic shorthair cat resting on floor
10 Popular Cat Breeds for Many Types of Households
Maine coon cat breed portrait
15 Best American Cat Breeds
Siamese cat on a bed
10 Best Cats With Big Ears
Russian blue cat looking up
10 Best Russian Cat Breeds
Myths and Superstitions About Black Cats
Myths and Superstitions About Black Cats
Devon rex small cat breed portrait
10 Top Cat Breeds That Are Smaller-Sized
Black and brown striped cat sitting on a gray couch
Why Feline Breeds, Domestic Shorthair Cats, and Color Patterns Are Not Interchangable Terms
A long-haired Norwegian Forest Cat walking in the snow.
10 Cat Breeds That Are Rare to Find
An American Bobtail cat laying on the floor
Meet the American Bobtail, a Wild-Looking Cat with a Sweet Personality
Devon Rex cat with big green eyes
15 Top Cat Breeds With Big Eyes
Munchkin cat standing on a table
The Short-Legged Munchkin Cat Is Long on Charm
Pixie bob cat standing
The Mysterious Origin of the Pixie-Bob Cat Breed
Tabby cat with yellow eyes and brown and white fur leaning against window
The Origin of the Popular Tabby Cat
Photo of Brother and Sister Maine Coons
Is Your Cat a Purebred or a "Mutt?" Find Out Here
Woman cuddles cat in kitchen
What Is a Domestic Cat?
Black Cat on Tree Stump
Why Do Black Cats Appear to Have a Different Color in Sunlight?
lynx point siamese
Meet the Lynx Point Siamese
Egyptian mau cat
Meet the Egyptian Mau, the Mini Cheetah of the Cat World.
British Shorthair cat
Meet the Sweet and Loving British Shorthair
Siamese cat laying on gray and pink blanket
7 Mysteriously Beautiful Siamese Cats and Kittens
Calico cat on its side
9 Beautiful Calico Cats and Kittens
Black and white tuxedo cat sitting on countertop
The Dapper Tuxedo Cat Is Always Dressed to Party
Black and white tuxedo cat standing on rattan chair surrounded with plants
7 Pawsitively Fascinating Facts About Tuxedo Cats
Tortoiseshell cat laying down with black and brown patterned coat
Examine These 7 Pretty Tortoiseshell Cats and Kittens
Oriental Shorthair Cat laying on a bed in the sun
Meet the Elegant and Playful Oriental Shorthair
Bengal Cat laying down and yawning
Bengal Cats: The Beautiful Wild Cat Hybrid
Chausie Cat
The Wild-Looking but Sweet Chausie
Kurilian Bobtail cat
The Sweet and Outgoing Kurilian Bobtail Will Steal Your Heart
Khao Manee
Meet Thailand's Rare Treasure: The Khao Manee Cat
Light tan Burmese cat with yellow eyes on brown leather couch
The Affectionate and Athletic Burmese Cat
Black Bombay cat sitting on a kitchen rug
The Bombay Cat Looks Like a Pet Panther
Havana Brown cat
Meet the Sweet Havana Brown Cat
Side profile of an ocicat on a plain yellow background
The Exotic and Dog-Like Ocicat
Gray Scottish fold cat with orange eyes sitting on light blue couch
The Affable and Owl-Like Scottish Fold Cat
begal cat
7 Striking Pictures of Spotted Bengal Cats and Kittens
Standing side profile of a Savannah Cat outdoors
The Savannah Cat Has the Look of the Wild
Snowshoe cat with distinct pointed markings
Meet the Affectionate, Chatty, and Smart Snowshoe Cat
Purebred korat cat posing on a table indoor and looking at camera
Meet the Korat, a gorgeous, silvery cat that brings good luck.
A red, ginger, or orange tabby cat laying down on the ground outside
How Do Red Tabby Cats Get Their Color?
An Abyssinian cat laying on a blanket.
Meet the Athletic and Social Abyssinian Cat
Person petting Devon Rex cat under chin
The Active, Playful, and Personable Devon Rex Cat
Chocolate Point Siamese Cat
Meet the Smart and Vocal Siamese Cat
Domestic Mixed-Breed Cat - Full Profile, History, and Care
The Mixed-Breed "Moggy" Cat May Be the Best of All Breeds
An exotic shorthair cat sitting on a cat tree.
Exotic Shorthair: Cat Breed Profile
Gray striped American Shorthair cat laying down and looking at camera.
Meet the Gentle American Shorthair Cat