5 Cat Friendly Additions for Small Spaces

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    How to Keep Your Indoor Cat Happy and Healthy

    Happy Indoor Cat
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    The great outdoors is riddled with potentially life-threatening risks for cats, from chance encounters with predatory animals to being exposed to Feline Leukemia. Organizations including the ASPCA and the American Veterinary Medical Association say indoor kitties live longer and healthier lives. 

    However, a cat that feels cooped up can develop serious behavior issues including depression. Making your small space more feline friendly will give your pet the mental stimulation it craves. The following five feline friendly products can help.

    FYI: The average life span for an outdoor cat is 5.625 years while the average life span for an indoor cat is 16.875 years, says Catster.com.

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    A Cat Hammock

    The Cat Crib. Catcrib.com

    Cats need a little "me" space, but pet furniture can make a cramped room feel cluttered. The Cat Crib will provide your cat with a spot for napping or perching without taking up valuable floor space. Just wrap the straps of this kitty hammock to any four-legged chair or small square table. Price: $29

    To buy: Cat Crib

    Tip: Does your cat nibble on green houseplants? Then give your kitty something of its own to chew on. You can place a pot of cat grass in its favorite window. Cat grass is an excellent source of fiber that will also satisfy feline cravings for greenery.

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    Give Your Cat a Private Backyard

    A Room With A View Petit. Habitathaven.com

    An outdoor cat den will allow your pet to get a breath of fresh air in a safe and contained environment. Habitat Haven has 13 different DIY kits cat parents can choose from.  The simple window habitat shown here is called, A Room With A View Petit. If you want something larger, they also sell backyard catwalks. Prices start at around $750.

    To buy: Habitat Haven

    FYI: Cats may think people are cats too according to a recent report by National Geographic.

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    A Kitty Bed That Feels Like a Cave

    The Cat Cave. Lollycadoodle

    Cats love to play, hide and sleep according to the humans behind Lollycadoodle, a line of handcrafted pet items made from 100 percent wool. Their Cat Cave provides felines with a place to do all three. Even better, since it’s made of wool fibers, it's resistant to dirt and odors. Price: $59.00

    To buy: Lollycadoodle

    FYI: Here's another reason to keep your cat inside. Less than 5 percent of cats who get picked up by the ASPCA are returned to their owners.

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    A Place to Perch

    The Buddha Wall Perch. squarecathabitat.com

    Cats love to perch and climb. The Buddha Wall Perch will turn any wall into a purrfect spot for a kitty to survey her territory. Install up to six and you can create a vertical playground. Prices start at $75.

    To buy: Square Cat Habitat

    Tip: You wouldn't want to use a dirty, foul-smelling toilet — and neither does your cat. It's important to keep the kitty box clean, or your pet may do its business elsewhere. To keep your cat's box fresh and tidy, scoop twice daily and fill with fresh litter after washing once a week.

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    All Cats are Acrobats

    The Cat’s Trapeze. Shop.hauspanther.com

    If your active cat is destroying your curtains or making you nuts scaling your bookshelves give it something that’s safe and challenging to climb — like The Cat’s Trapeze. It’s a cushy jungle gym for felines that’s perfect for climbing, perching and napping. Prices start at $80

    To buy: Haus Panther

    Tip: Play with your pet at least once a day. Not only will it provide the mental stimulation your kitty craves, but it will also strengthen the bond you have with your cat while helping your feline to maintain or shed weight.