Cat Health and Wellness

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Close up of a tabby and white cat looking away from the camera
How to Identify Cat Eye Infections
Cats Playing in Living Room
Exciting Enrichment Ideas for Your Cat
heatstroke in cats
How to Protect Your Cat From Heatstroke and Sunburn
Vet Exam
Have a Financial Plan When Your Pet is Sick
Orange cat with lentigo
What Are the Black Spots on My Orange Cat's Mouth & Nose?
Closeup of a calico cat
What to Know About Calico Cats
Cat At Vet
Heartworms in Cats
Brown cat overgrooming by licking paw
Reasons Why Cats Overgroom and How to Stop It
Two Cats
Cat Health For All Stages of Their Life
Dog and Cat
What to Know About Phenobarbital Seizure Treatment for Cats
Cat with tail in the air
How Can You Tell if Your Cat Is in Heat?
Photo of Two Tabby Cats Fighting
Reasons Why Your Cat Might Be Stressed
Cat Ear Exam
How to Tell if Your Cat Has an Ear Infection
Street cat catching grasshopper, Santorin, Cyclades, Greece
Insects That Are Toxic to Cats (And Ones That Are Safe)
Orange and black sipping water from bowl with microscopic struvite crystals
How to Prevent Recurrence of Struvite Crystals
Black cat walking in grass with tail up and exposed back legs
Why Does Your Cat Fart So Much and What Can You Do About It?
Gray and black cat being brushed with dematting comb
How to De-Mat Your Cat
cat ate dryer sheet
What to Do if Your Cat Ate a Dryer Sheet
Vet giving cat a pill
How to Safely Give Your Cat a Pill
Determine If Your Cat's Head Is Healthy
cat scratching itself
Treating "Walking Dandruff" on Your Pet
Cat scratching at ear
How to Recognize and Treat Ear Mites in Cats
Black cat with green eyes wearing a cone around head while laying down
5 Alternative E-Collars for Cats After Surgery
Cat having chin scratched
What You Should Know About Your Cat's Acne
Fat Red Cat
Why a Healthy Weight is Important for your Cat?
cat constipation
What To Do if Your Cat is Constipated
A Ginger Cat Walking Out of a Covered Litter Box
What Is a Perineal Urethrostomy?
Cat sitting on scratching post
What is Cyproheptadine and How is it Used in Cats?
Lady owner bandages dog leg
What Is Vetericyn Used For?
Best Cat Food Delivery Services
Best Cat Food Delivery Services of 2022
Woman cuddling with cat
How Can I Tell If My Cat Is Pregnant?
Cat Sitting On Rug By Desert
What to Do if a Scorpion Stings Your Cat
Photo of Ragdoll Cat Casper
How Old Is Your Cat in Human Years?
Man stroking pet dog on sand dunes, Constantine Bay, Cornwall, UK
How Can Gabapentin Can Ease Pain and Treat Seizures in Pets?
how to reduce anxiety in cats
How to Reduce Anxiety Levels in Your Cat
Cat Anesthesia
What You Need to Know About Anesthesia for Your Cat
Walking cat
Learn How to Determine If Your Cat's Rear Quarters Are Healthy
Checking Fur
3 Simple Rules for Knowing When to Call Your Cat's Vet
A cat cleaning itself
What Can I Do to Prevent Bezoars in Cats?
Dog with swollen ear
Why is My Dog's Ear So Swollen and What Should I Do?
Cat check-up
Why Do Some Cats Drool and Have Bad Breath?
Savannah F6 Shorthair Cat
Signs Your Cat Has a Healthy Upper Body
Close-Up Of Ginger Cat Eating Food At Home
Could Your Cat's Health Be in Danger From Urinary Tract Crystals?
A female cat
Learn What to Expect When Your Cat Is in Heat
Brown and white cat in heat licking its body on white rug
Here Are 6 Ways to Tell If Your Female Cat Is in Heat
Cat crossing paws
What Happens When a Cat is Spayed?
Cat At Vet
Should You Spay a Cat In Heat?
Cuddling cats
Guide to Cat Mating and Reproduction
Illustration on facts about cat reproduction
Your Guide to Mating and Conception in Cats
Mother cat and kitten
Cat Pregnancy Stages: Fetal Development Through Birth
Photo of Pregnant Cat Standing
The Issue of Spaying Rescued Cats
Pregnant cat laying down on the ground
How to Care for a Pregnant Cat
cat labor
How You Can Help a Mother Cat During Birth
Mother cat feeding her kittens
How Soon Can a Cat Go Into Heat After Having Kittens?
Black and white kittens on quilt
How Many Litters Can a Cat Birth in One Year?
A newborn kitten
How to Raise Newborn Kittens
Germany, Newborn kittens sleeping on blanket, close up
What Happens to Kittens During Their First Week of Life?
What to Expect in the First 6 Weeks of Your Kitten's Life
Close-Up Of Ginger Cat
3 Ways to Determine the Gender of a Kitten
Om Feeding
Learn How to Bottle Feed a Newborn Kitten Properly