12 Cats Who Just Can't Monday

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Jenny Ondioline / Flickr

Cats: they’re just like us. Studies have shown that they can pick up on their owners’ emotions, whether it be happiness, sadness or—of course—dreading Monday-ness. If that’s the case, they’re probably just as bummed out about Monday as you are (and they may even tell you with their purrs). But the good news is, having a cat can be paws-itively good for your health, and may even help get you through your next rough workweek. We'll walk you through exactly how to survive the post-weekend blues with the help of these 12 Monday-hating kitties.

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    Mondays Are Really Depressing

    Eje Gustafsson/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

    Oreo spent the whole weekend frolicking around with her owners, but all that good fun had to come to an end sometime. She just can’t believe it’s Monday already, and while her “catmom” picks out her work outfit, she reminds herself that, unlike her unlucky humans, at least she can snooze the week away.

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    Have a Good Strategy

    Aloiswohlfahrt/Pixabay/Public Domain

    Some folks deal with Mondays by making lists of things to do or waking up early to hit the gym. But Boots Jr. decided that if you can’t put your shoes on, you can’t Monday—period. Using his good looks and subtle charm, he knows how to keep his owner from kissing the weekend goodbye. Guess the boss will have to wait until Tuesday.

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    The Weekend Never Feels Long Enough

    LucasBouillon/Pixabay/Public Domain

    Sure, Monday comes every 6 days, but it’s always a shock when it finally arrives. Dusk the cat was just going about her business, enjoying a lazy Sunday, when nasty old Monday decided to creep up on her. She’s still flabbergasted. Just like you, she knows the initial surprise will subside and soon she'll be basking in all of the weekend's glory. Let the countdown begin...

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    First You Must Get Out of Bed

    William Crochot/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 4.0

    That 7 A.M. alarm is still ringing in your ear and it’s time to face the music—Monday is here. Whiskers knows he needs to get out of bed, but it’s just so much easier to pretend that if he doesn’t move from this incredibly warm spot, it’s still technically Caturday. Maybe Whiskers just needs some tips to force himself to get out of bed.

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    When You’d Rather Be Inside


    The worst part of Monday is when you step outside and realize you won’t be back home for 9 hours. Pete knows he should go be a productive member of society, but all he wants to do is loll around on his sofa, flip through cartoons and eat tuna. He tried to leave home 15 minutes ago, but can't stop gazing through his window, wishing Monday was already over. We feel you, Pete.

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    Well, This Didn’t Work

    Alexas_Fotos/Pixabay/Public Domain

    Mittens hoped that if he hopped into his suitcase and wished really, really hard, that he would magically appear in Jamaica and hit the beach. Instead, he’s just an angry kitty sitting in a suitcase on a Monday. How many days until vacation?

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    A Little Help From My Friends

    Unsplash/Pixabay/Public Domain

    Studies show that most people don’t crack a smile on Mondays until after 11 A.M. That’s a lot of frowning. Instead of mourning the weekend, these two buddies decided to take a quality nap and cheer each other up while patiently waiting for Tuesday to come. Take their advice and find a friend to help you get through this rough day.

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    Pretend You’re Someone Else

    Petful/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

    A wise friend once told Snowball that you can be anything you put your mind to. She’s decided if she pretends to be a bear, maybe Monday won’t recognize her and will simply pass her by. We think you’re a genius, Snowball.

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    When All Else Fails, Drink

    davebloggs007/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

    When it comes to Mondays, never underestimate the power of wine. Lots of wine. This regal kitty knows where it’s at. After a long day of work, Muffin decided to pour himself a glass of Pinot Noir and sit down to his favorite sitcom. (Note to cat owners: Do not let your cat drink wine.)

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    Let Your Emotions Out

    Tambako/Flickr/CC BY-ND 2.0

    When that 3 p.m. lull hits and you realize it’s still not the weekend, it’s okay to take a walk around the block until you no longer feel like punching your coworkers. After 4 hours of dull Monday meetings, Tobias simply cannot take it anymore—this Monday is simply claw-ful!

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    Try Yoga

    Jonathan Leung/Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0

    We've all heard it before; working out is good for your body and your mental health. Rather than laying around sad, Snickers does yoga every single Monday morning. He would tell you that you should try it too, but he's too busy holding his cat pose.

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    A New Perspective

    Derek Bridges/Flickr/CC BY 2.0

    In the end, Monday is going to come around, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Rather than focus on how much you're dreading that Monday morning meeting, try to see things from a new perspective. Tiger decided to take this  very literally... He's now looking at Monday upside down. He recommends it.