63 Clever Celtic Dog Names

Names for your pet inspired by the ancient Celtic nations

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For anyone that is a fan of Celtic history, culture, or language, there are an abundance of dog names that give a nod to this ancient people who left their mark on Ireland, Scotland, and the surrounding countryside. Popular Celtic dog names are often found in the unique words of the Celtic language, or from names and places frequently associated with this era.

The ‘Celtic nations’ include Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, the Isle of Man, and Brittany. These regions have a rich history, beautiful countryside, and a number of native dog breeds associated with the area. If you’re bringing home an Irish setter, Welsh corgi, Brittany terrier, or any one of a number of other breeds that hails from this part of the world, then a Celtic dog name would most definitely be a fitting choice!

Give consideration to these top Celtic dog names based on the language or heritage of the ancient people. In many instances, we’ve included a general definition of the Celtic words to help you find a name that is rich in both history and meaning. 

Top Celtic Dog Names 

  • Quinn: Wisdom, intelligence
  • Keegan: Little fire
  • Winnie: White, fair
  • Blair: Field
  • Ronan: Little seal
  • Duff: Dark, peace
  • Sloane: Fighter
  • Avalon: Island of apples
  • Kane: Warrior
  • Keene: Wise
  • Blaine: Blonde
  • Kerry: Dark, dusky
  • Merlyn: From the hill over the sea

Tips for Naming Your Dog

If you're thinking about what to name your dog, there are a few different factors to consider. You might start by considering your dog's breed, looks, or personality. What if you don't have your new puppy yet or haven't found the perfect pet to adopt? Well, you can wait until you've found your new best friend or you can start brainstorming now and pick your favorite potential names.

For fans of Celtic culture, there are many versatile names found in the language and history of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and other areas of the region. You might choose a name for your dog that is rich in meaning in the dialects of one of these places, or a name that was popular among the ancient Celtic people.

A key factor to keep in mind when naming your dog is whether the name is clear and understandable–for your sake and the dog's! A name that has many syllables or is unclear might be harder for your pup to learn, and equally difficult to give to the veterinarian, the dog walker, your friends, or others in the neighborhood. Don't let this discourage you from picking a unique Celtic dog name. Just keep in mind that this name will be an important identifier for your pooch for years to come.

Celtic Names for Male Dogs

For male dogs, Celtic names often revolve around masculinity, strength, and valor. The names below were popular options during Celtic times, but today make a great option as a dog name.

  • Aiden
  • Alan
  • Angus
  • Barden
  • Baird: Poet
  • Barry
  • Bevan
  • Boyd
  • Brenton
  • Car: Little champion
  • Declan
  • Doyle: Dark stranger
  • Kerwyn
  • Killian
  • Lincoln
  • Mac: A surname
  • Neil: Champion
  • Nels: Chief
  • Weylin
  • Winsor: White, fair

Celtic Names for Female Dogs

A Celtic name for your female pup might be drawn from nature, the history of the Celtic nations, or strong and beautiful names popular with the Celts.

  • Aina
  • Cara: Friend
  • Gwenn
  • Isolde
  • Ionia
  • Maeve: Irish queen
  • Nareen: Contented
  • Nola
  • Reagan
  • Selma
  • Wynter: White, Fair

Dog Names from Celtic Languages

Celtic languages include Gaelic, Welsh, Briton, and Irish. While you might not be fluent in all (or any) of these languages, you can certainly borrow the right word to describe your dog with a fitting Celtic name.

  • Adair: From the oak tree ford; surname
  • Aine: Fire, Joy
  • Aina: Joy
  • Alina: Fair
  • Alma: Good
  • Argyle: From the land of the Irish
  • Ansgar: Warrior
  • Arleen: Oath
  • Attie: Strong as a bear
  • Berit: Splendid
  • Brenna: Raven
  • Cai: Lord
  • Cari: Comforter
  • Egan: Fiery
  • Etain: Little fire
  • Floyd: Grey
  • Ferris: Rock
  • Maddox: Champion
  • Vala: Chosen

Other Dog Name Ideas

Did you find the Celtic dog name with the perfect meaning for your pup? If not, check out these other naming lists of popular dog names from Ireland, Scotland, and more.